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Perfect for sharing! Makes cooperative upgrades more affordable.
~ BATTD description
Bag of Lollies

Description before potential collecting of the trinket (pre-1.4.1)

The Bag of Lollies is a Uncommon Trinket in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has no character restrictions, letting any character equip it.


It appears to be an assortment of differently colored lollipops inside an almost completely transparent packaging.


The table below outlines all upgrades that are eligible for the Bag of Lollies discount. Characters without combo upgrades will not derive any benefit at all from the Bag of Lollies.

Character Character Required Upgrade Cost (before discount)
Finn Princess Bubblegum/Warrior Bubblegum Bound by Word $1,500
Finn Jake/Tuxedo Jake Bro Fist $1,400
Jake Finn/Dungeon Finn Jake Suit $4,000
Juggernaut Max Princess Bubblegum/Warrior Bubblegum Gumballs $500
Juggernaut Max Ice King Snowballs $620
Juggernaut Max Flame Princess Great Balls of Fire $760
Princess Bubblegum Finn Royal Promise $1,500
Captain Cassie Princess Bubblegum/Warrior Bubblegum Privateer $375
Captain Cassie Supermonkey Treasure Hunter $2,500
Commander Cassie C4 Charlie Mounted Mauler $1,000
Hunter Marceline Princess Bubblegum/Warrior Bubblegum Enhanced Bombs $480
Sam Ice King Student of Ice $550
Sam Flame Princess Student of Fire $550

Version History[]

  • Change Bag of Lollies effect now changed from "increase effectiveness of any upgrades that require a specific character in range" to "reduce the cost of upgrades that require another character in range by 5%".


  • The Bag of Lollies is one of the only items with transparency in its design.

See also[]

  • Peacock Hat, a Rare trinket with the similar function of reducing the costs of combo upgrades (by 10%)