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IMF Loan grants $1000 more and repay rate is 40%.
~ In-game description

Backroom Deals is a Support Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. It increases the amount of money received from the abilities of IMF Loan and Monkey-Nomics by +$1,000, from $9,000 to $10,000, and IMF Loan repayment rate decreases from 50% to 40% of the player's total income. It requires three support knowledge points invested, Bigger Banks, and a one-time payment of BloonjaminsIcon250.



Adds a sizeable boost to the value of IMF Loan abilities, but more importantly so for Monkey-Nomics for a higher amount of free money per use, which equates to a higher rate of income gained.


  • Instead of $5,000 debt, debt is now $4,000 with this MK, but any more IMF Loan ability uses will still be an extra $6,000.

Version History[]

Initial release
  • Released
For sake of consistency we want Monkey Bank to increase in cash generation when used with sources that externally buff generation so everything works as expected, however along with this buff the current power of IMF loan on this path already feels too strong so we are lowering that power for IMF Loan in exchange.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Bank and IMF Loan balance
  • NERF Backroom Deals Loan bonus cash reduced from +$2000 → +$1000
    • NERF Actual reduction is $2000 due to IMF Loan ability nerf.



  • Before the Version 4.0 IMF Loan price buff, the ability would give precisely the same amount of money as the cost of the IMF Loan itself if Backroom Deals is enabled.
  • After Version 35.0, the new BackroomDealsIcon Backroom Deals IMF Loan ability produces the same amount of money as the pre-35.0 IMF Loan ability without the BackroomDealsIcon Backroom Deals Monkey Knowledge.