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Round 673 on Logs (5.0)

Freeplay On Logs

Round 800 On Logs (11.0)

This page contains strategies for Late Game and Freeplay Mode in Bloons Tower Defense 6.


  • Always get paragons first, and as a high degree as possible. Since they cannot be sacrificed, a paragon can be put inside a temple, meaning they take up no effective space. This means that even the Apex Plasma Master, which is weaker than maxbuffed Sun Avatars, is worth getting, since you do not have to take out a stronger tower to use it.
  • Use of the Vengeful True Sun God or, at least, the True Sun God is a near necessity. Due to the fact that paragons do not gain any bonus boss damage, it will have the highest single target damage available. A VTSG is preferred, since the mini sun avatars gain massive bonus damage.
  • Adora is usually the best lategame hero to run, as her Blood Sacrifice doubles the damage of all Sun Avatars, Sun Temples, and the VTSG. Adora herself would also do a lot of damage, even outperforming temples.
  • Ezili would also be quite good due to her ability being able to deal massive damage to BAD bloons, and could even theoretically outperform adora through buying and reselling, although quite time-consuming to do and might not even be affordable if BAD bloons spawn too often.
  • If neither of those two heroes are available, Brickell can be used as a weaker adora that can only buff temples and the VTSG with lower uptime. Geraldo can also be used, although the differences from degree 100 paragons to degree 91 paragons are mostly minimal.
  • Since Sun Temples can only accept sacrifices in 3 categories, to optimize VTSG/Temple sacrifices, have two or three 1-0-1-1 temples to cover the entire map, and have the rest of the temples being 1-1-1-0, with the VTSG being 2-2-2-1. Temple buffs cannot stack, and a 2-2-2-1 VTSG misses out on the temple buff and gives the VTSG buff.
  • A chinook is very important for setting up lategame runs, due to the utility of moving towers around. Additionally, there is a small trick in which when you upgrade to a temple, you can actually chinook a tower far to close normally before upgrading to temple, and while the chinook is in the air and not in range of the temple, upgrade to temple then. This will place the chinooked tower much closer than possible, saving space.
  • Buffing towers are critical to extending lategame runs. These include: Ultraboost, Overclock, Perma-Brew, Villages, Carrier Flagship, and Energizer.
    • To maximize ultraboost effectiveness, during the paragon farming phase, after the main damagers for the paragons have been fully ultraboosted, keep tier 5s in the corner to start ultraboosting. Then, once the temples have been placed, you can use a Chinook to move them next to the temples, fully buffed and saving time. Keep in mind that once 10 ultraboost stacks have been applied on a tower, further ultraboosting will only give the normal overclock effect, so unless all towers have been ultraboosted, start ultraboosting another tower and use an Overclock for the now fully ultraboosted one.
      • Make sure that there is an overclock for each damage tower.
    • To maximize permabrew, all it needs to do is be on screen. Once a tower has been permabrewed, it will keep both the brew and the AMD until the perma-brew is sold. Simply buff all towers with it, and then chinook it to a very useless spot to allow the useful spots to be used for better damage towers.
    • To maximize Villages, you would use one Primary expertise and one Homeland Defense, and then 1-2 Call to Arms (as Homeland and Call to Arms both have map-wide range). With an Energizer, Homeland and Call to Arms combined have a 100% effective uptime. Alternatively, you can constantly buy and resell homeland for a 100% homeland uptime alone, but managing that is harder, more expensive, and you still need to fill the space out for jungle drums and MIB bonuses.
    • To maximize Flagship buffs, place your VTSG and as many temples as you can on water, and then get the Flagship, since it is currently bugged that any water temple placed after the flagship does not receive the buff. If this bug is fixed, there is no need to get a flagship as the Navarch of the Seas would be present anyways and give the buff.
    • An energizer is self-explanatory, as there are very few abilities with 100% or more uptime.
  • Bloon debuff towers are also very crucial. These towers are Cripple Moab, Super Brittle, Embrittlement, and Glue Storm.
    • For Super Brittle and Embrittlement, An X-2-0 is better because it gets a 33% increase in attack speed. Range from the other crosspath can be made up for in the top path Village. Refreeze is not needed to refreeze bloons. A regular embrittlement has the same range its debuff can actually stack with the super brittle, so it can simply be placed next to it to achieve the same results.
    • For Cripple MOAB, it is worth it to get an Elite Sniper even if it can already have 100% debuff uptime on the main target, a 5-2-0 will actually have the shrapnel inflict the same debuff with a lower duration. Meaning that the faster it attacks, the more bloons it can potentially keep debuffed.
    • It is only necessary to have a glue storm and no glue strikes, as even though the application of the glue only has 80% uptime the glue itself has 100% uptime.
  • Superstorm is also a very useful tower to have due to its blowback, which is the most powerful stun. Other towers are also useful, but due to several paragons also stunning, not usually needed.
  • After support, paragons, VTSGs, and temples, it is time for other tier 5s. The most important one is Grand Sabo, as it deals massive percentage based damage. The BMA usually has the highest pop counts in any lategame run, although this is due to pop stealing.
  • It is also worth it to include raw damage tier 5s. The most powerful are: Sentry Champion, Flying Fortress, Super Mines, Tack Zone, and MAD. Funnily enough, even though Sentry Champion is by far the cheapest on this list, it is also the strongest, since it recieves any Influence (unspecified influential boost)Influence based speed buffs twice.
    • Any tower that uses more than one as part of its setup(Grandmaster Ninja, Plasma Monkey Fan Club, Avatar of Wrath) is not included due to the fact that they are quite space-inefficient.
  • After all of that, the best tower to spam would be Sun Avatars, and if you cannot fit anymore 0-2-4 Snipers would be better.
  • Freeplay Mode is usually the only viable choice for obtaining the Sapper, Bloon Master Populous, and Super BAD achievements due to the high amount of BADs, fortified bloons, and high HP MOABs in this mode.


12.0+ Meta Strategy[]

This strategy is the main strategy that is widely used by many freeplay players and can achieve rounds higher than 500 on Logs. This strategy section is split into two sections, one for version 12.0 up to version 16.0, and another for version 17.0 and above. Due to a nerf for Unstable Concoction in version 17.0, the 12.0-16.0 strategy is rendered obsolete.

Additional Notes[]

Do note that your experience will vary based on the following versions:

  • On version 10.2 and below, the freeplay ramping was less dangerous than that of 11.0 and higher, and thus rounds above 3000 were possible to be achieved during these updates.
  • Version 11.0 has a bug with Obyn Greenfoot in which his buffs to magic towers hyperbuffed the Sun Avatars of VTSG, allowing rounds over 1000 to be achieved despite the freeplay buff.
  • Versions 12.0 and up patches the above Obyn bug, meaning that rounds around 600 is roughly the limit that can be achieved.
  • Version 13.0 allows saving of VTSG avatars, but they will end up being normal avatars with drastically reduced power. Be aware if you plan to leave later or if your game crashes.
    • This has been fixed as of version 14.3, and now correctly saves as VTSG avatars.

Also do note that if you plan to exit on higher levels, you must check your cooldown timings so you can be able to do a proper cold start. If you leave at the wrong time, it might be impossible to successfully cold start the round without using powers.

This strategy optionally uses 8 Tech Bots for AFK ability usages, and 1 Energizing Totem to boost your VTSG, totaling 480BloonjaminsIcon plus additional MM for rebooting your Energizing Totem. You'll also need more MM if it becomes impossible to cold start a round.

Initial Build[]

  1. It is recommended to try the late game on a longer map with water such as on Easy Standard, such as on Logs, Cubism, or Carved. On Easy, bloon speed is decreased so you can achieve higher levels compared to on Medium or Hard. Bring either Admiral Brickell, Adora, or Ezili as your hero.
  2. Quickly try to farm up to a VTSG. If you have no desire to use powers or instas at this early in the game, try getting Banana Farms to 2/0/0 then to 3/2/0. When you have enough money, get 4/2/0 Farms. Don't focus too much on farming though, you want to still survive the early rounds. Be sure to build Ezili or Brickell as soon as you can.
  3. Around your farms, build 0/4/1 Jungle's Bounty Druids. Jungle's Bounty will help boost your income quickly and also serves to help pop bloons.
  4. If you want to further boost your income, get a Monkey-Nomics bank to get money boosts and/or a Monkeyopolis to maximize farming with minimal space.
  5. Place an Arctic Wind near the water on the map and place a 3/2/0 Sun Avatar on the water. This will ensure that the VTSG can be boosted via Carrier Flagship, increasing attack speed. Be careful about camos, since Sun Avatar cannot detect camo with the path 2 crosspath, meaning you should have a Radar Scanner village ready.
  6. Sacrifice primary, military, and magic classes to the Avatar when upgrading to Sun Temple. If you need help on what you could sacrifice, sacrifice one MOAB Domination, one M.A.D, and one Wizard Lord Phoenix. Once again, beware of camos.
  7. Place The Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night outside of the Temple's range and sacrifice MOAB Domination, Apache Prime, Wizard Lord Phoenix, and XXXL Trap to the Sun Temple when upgrading to True Sun God. If you are successful, you should get the VTSG. Still, watch out for camos.
  8. Instantly after you get VTSG, place a 0/2/0 Radar Scanner Village with the VTSG in the range to ensure camo detection.
  9. Within the VTSG's range, get a Sun Temple 4/0/0 with just Support sacrifices. Sacrifice a Monkey Wall Street to accomplish this.
  10. Rebuild a 2/5/0 Homeland Defense within the range of both Temples so they can detect camo and have increased attack speed. Build two 1/4/0 M.I.B. Call to Arms to ensure full uptime of double attack speed.
  11. Build a 5/0/0 Flagship Carrier and 5/0/0 Energizer on the remaining water on the map. If you ran out of space to put water towers, place a Portable Lake on one of the map's corners and place the water towers there.
  12. Create a 5/0/1 Super Brittle within the range of most track coverage. Add a 5/0/2 Cripple MOAB and 0/5/0 Elite Sniper on the Flagship's carriers, with the Cripple MOAB set to Strong. Build a 2/5/0 Glue Storm outside of the track's range. They will serve to deal more damage to MOAB-Class bloons.
  13. Get a 0/5/0 Grand Saboteur and a 0/4/0 Bloon Sabotage outside of the track's range. This will help slow the bloons and within 3/4 of the uptime, reduce MOAB-Class health.
  14. Build an Ultraboost outside of the track range and attempt to overclock the VTSG ten times. Placing the Ultraboost on the track will allow it to shoot its Cleansing Foam and only add more lag to the game.
    • If you want, you can Ultraboost the Cripple MOAB and Super Brittle to make them apply the MOAB-weakening effect faster, which can be essential for later rounds with stun resistance.
  15. While you're overclocking towers, add a Permanent Brew within the range of the towers and the VTSG. It will boost your towers further. If necessary, use Support Chinook to move your Permanent Brew. Be sure to sell the Chinook when you're done to reduce lag.
  16. Sell all your remaining Farms and Jungle Bounty Druids. You won't need to gain any more additional money at this point and keeping Farms and Druids will just increase lag.
  17. Lastly, you will need to use at least 8 Tech Bots to help reduce how much time you need to interact with abilities and can potentially allow you to "away from keyboard" until your game crashes. This is when you need to do the following properly to ensure full ability uptime (it is recommended to make sure all abilities are up before continuing):
    • You can use Tech Bots on Ezili/Brickell, Glue Storm, and Ultraboost freely. Be sure that the Ultraboost has last boosted the VTSG to ensure it boosts the VTSG. Each time you reload, you have to unlink the Ultraboost and boost the VTSG again before relinking due to a bug that makes the tower ultraboost nothing when reloading a save.
    • Now, this is where you have to time it properly. Tech Bot the Homeland Defense and wait for its ability to wear out. When that happens, instantly Tech Bot a Call to Arms. When that Call to Arms wears off, Tech Bot the other Call to Arms.
    • Repeat above for the Sabotage Ninjas.
  18. If you want, you can add an Energizing Totem within the VTSG to buff it further, although be aware that you'll need to recharge it for 20BloonjaminsIcon each 5 rounds if you do use it.
  19. If it becomes impossible to cold start a round, you'll need to use Monkey Boosts and/or Super Monkey Storms in attempt to hopefully beat the round and be able to start the ability cycle again. Alternatively, you can simply lose all of the lives and buy a Continue, refreshing the ability cooldowns.

Additional Steps[]

12.0 to 16.0[]
  1. After adding the Ultraboost, add as much 1/3/0 Unstable Concoction Alchemists as you can and set most of them on Strong or First. Unstable Concoction will serve to deal massive amounts of damage to bloons when they explode, meaning that you'll want to have it pierce to as many MOAB-Class bloons as possible. Don't get too much unless you want your game to lag (about 10-20 is good enough), and don't get the Acid Pool crosspath unless you want your game to lag even more.
17.0 to present[]
  1. Before adding support towers like Villages and the like, build as much Sun Temples with primary, military, and magic sacrifices as space can provide, as Unstable Concoction no longer boosts its damage past r150, making it not as useful anymore than compared to brute forcing with Temples. Due to this, you might want to play on the Steam version, otherwise the game can be prone to crashing easily on mobile.
  2. Using Admiral Brickell provides a better benefit of having a full-uptime Homeland Defense, allowing your Temples to attack faster. Of course, this comes with the cost of lagging your game more, so as stated before, it is recommended to try this on the Steam version instead of the mobile version.
  3. Likewise, Adora can help buff your temples to attack notably faster, although you would have to micro Blood Sacrifices every so often to activate the buffs. As a result, this is only recommended if you don't plan to go away from the keyboard.
  4. You can build paragons for additional damage, although Temples will often still outdamage even degree 100 paragons. Navarch of the Seas is likely the first one you should prioritize, as its ability to hook BADs can slightly thin out BAD rushes in later rounds.
  5. If you have no intention of trying to farm fortified pops for Sapper achievement, get some instant-kill or defortifying towers such as Bloon Master Alchemist, Shattering Shells (Blooncineration is no different over Shattering Shells with Monkey Knowledge and only increases lag) or XXXL Trap.
  6. Add some stalling towers like Bloon Crush to catch any stray bloons about to leak, especially D.D.T.s.

At this point, it only comes to the matter of whether to use powers after a cold start and to restart the game when it crashes. Good luck!

Mathbrush's Strategy[]

You can get a Vengeful True Sun God before round 100 with the following money strategy:

  • Use cash drops on round 1 of Easy to get a Monkey Bank.
  • Every time you cash out the Monkey Bank, double the number of banks you have.
  • Once you have tons of money, get a Banana Central and a Monkey Farmer.

This will help you earn the Vengeful True Sun God. Make sure to get an Avatar that has double support sacrifices, as this will let it boost other towers, which will become even more important as you go on.

Ultraboost and Perma-brew w/Chinook will boost every tower. Bloon Master Alchemist and Pirate Lord can both instant-kill even fortified ZOMGs, no matter how far along in Freeplay you are. Getting an Energizer will make the Pirate Lord (and all other towers with abilities) activate even faster.

Okie's Strategy[]

You can get a Vengeful True Sun God on round 100 without using any powers on Easy or Medium difficulty. This strategy requires you to use Benjamin and proper positioning of the free Dart Monkey to quickly rush Benjamin + Banana Farm fast. Instead of upgrading your first Banana Farm to bank, upgrade to 2-0-0 and quickly build 5 more 2-0-0 farms. After that, you should have enough money to upgrade three of them to 2-3-0 banks before round 40 (one of them you will upgrade at round 28, allowing you to collect $9500 gold before round 40). As for towers, before round 40, you simply need a way to deal with Camo and Lead. On a map with water, a Monkey Buccaneer 0-2-2 does that easily. At round 40, you handle the MOAB by upgrading it to 0-4-2, allowing you to easily survive to round 55 with your existing monkeys while spending all your money on farms. You want 10 to 12 Banana Farms at 2-3-0, then you can easily afford a 2-5-0 once you collect them all. As for towers, focus on getting the super monkey upgrades.

Saflandres' Strategy[]

To start off, go in Easy Mode, the map is Logs, we will be using Admiral Brickell as our hero. For cash generation, we will be using a 5/2/0 Banana Farm and 5x 4/2/0 Banana Farms. At round 40, just go in an easy defense like a Dart Monkey, alchemist and a sub, plus Brickell. You should focus more on cash generation, if things are looking a little bit tough, just upgrade your towers, cash generation is still top priority. We just need a ton of cash for the towers we need later. The first true step is to place a 0/4/2 Arctic Wind near the water of the map so you can place the Sun Avatar on water, if there is not enough space, sell a tower in the water in order to place the Super Monkey. This is where the VTSG will be, because the Sun Temple will absorb the Arctic Wind, it will be classified as a water tower and can be buffed with Brickell, and other towers. But for now, since the Super Monkey cannot hit Camo Bloons, put down a 2/2/0 village. Cash generation is still prior, if you had met the requirements, just wait for the cash. If you have the money, place a 2/0/5 and a 2/5/0 Super Monkey, not in range of the Sun Avatar to get ready for the VTSG. To sacrifice, we need a 5/0/0 Bomb Tower, a 0/0/5 Dart Monkey, a 5/0/0 Heli Pilot, a 5/0/0 Monkey Buccaneer, a 0/5/0 Monkey Village, and a 5/0/0 Alchemist. If you had followed the steps correctly, when you sacrifice, the Arctic Wind will also be sacrificed, so the Sun Temple will be a water tower. I strongly recommend doing this in between rounds, as the Sun Temple cannot hit Camo Bloons. But now, we need to save up a ton of cash for the next upgrades, as they are even more expensive than this one. This time, also add a 5/0/0 Wizard Monkey, as well as the other towers used to sacrifice for the Sun Temple. Now, if we upgrade it, we will have a maxed out VTSG, we'll have Super Range and Epic Range after, as well as a Monkey Village for camo detection. Get a 2/5/0 Monkey Village and a 5/2/0 Alchemist to boost the VTSG. If needed, use a 2/4/0 Heli Pilot to move the Alchemist around to buff towers. Get Pursuit for it, as the Downdraft can help us for Camo Regrow Ceramic rushes. Then, place four more sun temples, and sacrifice them with towers of each category more than 50,000 cash for the maximum potential, if you do not have enough money, selling the farms is still an option, money is not priority anymore, it is DPS. Also get epic range on the sun temples. Place a pool on the right of the VTSG so we can put a 5/0/0 sub and a 5/0/0 buccaneer to further buff the true sun god. Get a 5/2/0 sniper on the platforms of the buccaneer and a 2/5/0 sniper on the platform as well. The second sniper is used to buff the cripple Moab, but the extra money generation does not hurt. Then, get some money and place two 1/4/0 Monkey Villages next to the VTSG, this will ensure the full uptime of the attack speed boost from their abilities. Then, get a 0/5/0 Ninja Monkey, and two 0/4/0 Ninja Monkeys off in the corner, as we will also get a full uptime of their abilities. If we time them correctly, we will always be slowing down the Bloons. Also put down a 0/5/0 Glue Gunner in the corner with the Ninja Monkeys, as their attacks are not important, only the abilities. After, place a 0/5/0 Engineer Monkey to boost the other towers, and prioritize with the highest DPS. Another important monkey to get at this time is a 5/0/2 Ice Monkey, as this guy makes Bloons take more damage, which is really good for scaling in the late game. Now that we have all the ability towers, we can set up some Tech Bots. Use the Tech Bots freely on Admiral Brickell's boost, as well as the Glue Storm, and the Ultraboost, but for the Monkey Village, we have to time it. We will Tech Bot the villages, the 2/5/0 first, and when the cool down is 1/3 way, Tech Bot the second one, and when the second one is 2/3 way, Tech Bot the third, this way, it will have a full uptime of Tech Bots. Do this the same for the Ninja Monkeys. Also Tech Bot the Heli Pilot, so it will always be dropping cash and life crates. Place a 1/0/5 Alchemist to deal with ZOMGS and lower, a 0/2/5 Glue Gunner to slow down Bloons, a 0/2/5 Ice Monkey, and a 5/2/0 Bomb Tower. It is optional to add a 5/0/1 Druid as well. Other DPS towers that you might include are a 5/2/0 Dartling Gunner, a 2/5/0 Dartling Gunner, and 0/3/1 alchemists for extra DPS. Also place down a ton of 2/0/4 Super Monkeys, as their damage to footprint ratio is incredible, making it ideal for any late game. Also place down a lot of 4/2/0 Sniper Monkeys to stun MOAB-Class Bloons furthermore. A 0/2/5 Mortar can also be used to strip the camo off DDTs, if you have the Paint Stripper Monkey Knowledge, and remove fortification.

Ultrachu's Strategy (29.4)[]

  1. Place a Boomerang Monkey above the southeast log.
  2. Upgrade it to a 0-0-2
  3. Press Play
  4. Upgrade the Boomerang Monkey to a 0-2-2
  5. Get a Banana Farm
  6. Upgrade the Banana Farm to a 2-0-0
  7. Upgrade the Boomerang Monkey to a 0-2-3
  8. Upgrade the Banana Farm to a 2-2-0
  9. Once you get $1235, Place a Monkey Sub in the water and upgrade it to a 3-0-0
  10. Upgrade the Banana Farm to a 3-2-0
  11. Get the Boomerang to a 0-2-4
  12. Start Spamming 3-2-0 Banana Farms
  13. On Round 40 get a 4-0-2 Boomerang Monkey
  14. Sell the Monkey Sub
  15. Get A 3-2-0 Monkey Village
  16. Continue Spamming 3-2-0 Banana Farms
  17. Get a 4-2-0 Banana Farm
  18. Continue Spamming 3-2-0 Banana Farms and get 4-2-0 Farms when you can
  19. Get a 2-4-0 Boomerang Monkey
  20. Get a 2-3-0 Monkey Village
  21. Repeat Step 18
  22. Get a 0-4-0 Engineer Monkey
  23. Get a 1-0-4 Monkey Village Next to the north log
  24. Surround the Monkey City with 7 4-2-0 Farms
  25. Upgrade the Monkey City to 1-0-5

Blazing Z’s Strategy (43.1)[]

On round 1, Start with Ezili.

  1. Purchase a Dart Monkey on round 2.
  2. When you can, level up Ezili.
  3. Once you’ve got enough money, upgrade the Dart Monkey to 4-0-2 for BOTH Camo and Lead Bloons, albeit Ezili can also attack BOTH.
  4. On round 13, purchase an Alchemist and aim for the Bloon Master Alchemist (B.M.A.)
  5. If you can, use an Insta-Monkey Alchemist whose cross path is 2-0-5.
  6. On round 21, purchase 3 Monkey Buccaneers.
  7. Upgrade them to 0-2-5, 0-5-2, and 5-2-0.
  8. Save up $467,500 for the Paragon Upgrade.
  9. Next, aim for the following Paragons: Apex Plasma Master, Glaive Dominus, and Ascended Shadow.
  10. On round 100 or 119, you should have Ezili at level 20.
  11. Spam 2-3-0 Monkey Villages IN RADIUS of the towers.
  12. Purchase a 2-0-5 Ice Monkey.
  13. Purchase a 0-2-5 Bomb Shooter.
  14. You should survive until round 268.