BMO's got your back when it comes to $$$ by generating extra cash over time. Collect it from the upgrade menu
~ BATTD description

BMO (abbreviated from "Be More" and phonetically spelled "Beemo" see more) is a Rare Ally in BATTD. S/he produces cash in a similar way to a Monkey Bank, but produces a constant rate of cash production instead of increasing cash production exponentially. She can only be equipped to Finn, Jake, Dungeon Finn, Tuxedo Jake, Max, Juggernaut Max, and Sai. She costs $700 on all difficulties.


BMO is a blue-greenish robot that resemble a handheld gaming device. It has 4 limbs, 2 arms and 2 feet. A face IS projected on a screen. On BMO's body contain a yellow D-pad, 2 black button resemble the 'start' and 'select' button, a triangular blue button, small circular green button and big circular red button. There is a long black bar under the screen which looks like a floppy disk reader with eject button. On the side, it is written 'BMO' with the 'O' is surrounding the arm. Speaker holes are also on the side.



Generates extra cash


Doesn't attack

  • Cost: $700
  • Attack speed: 1
  • Damage: N/A
  • Damage type: N/A
  • Range: 8
  • Pierce: 0

BMO generate cash over time and takes 240 seconds to reach his max cash amount. Unupgraded BMO can hold up to $500 with rate $2.08/sec. The rate and max cash held increases when upgraded. The rate can't be increased by speed boosting effect from characters, trinkets and other allies.


  • Be More - $300 - BMO can store more cash and generates it quicker : max $750, rate of $3.12/sec
  • Upgraded Hardware - $500 - BMO can store much more cash and can generate it significantly quicker : max $1000, rate of $4.16/sec


BMO is one of the few allies that has quotes.

When placed on the map:

  • "I'll pop all the bloons. Pew pew pew!"
  • "BMO to the rescue!"
  • "Yay! It's like a video game!"

When upgraded:

  • "BMO pop!"
  • "Go BMO!"

When cash storage is full:

  • "Go collect the papers!" (or was it "Don't forget the papers!")

When collecting cash balance:

  • "Go buy yourself something nice!"
  • "Ka-ching!"


  • BMO appears on many places in the game itself:
    • He appears every round showing the player the number of round.
    • He appears everytime the player completed a track, celebrating.
    • He appears in the setting menu.
  • BMO is available in the 'Finn Adventurer Pack', a paid pack cost $4.99 USD containing BMO, Grass Sword, Medallion of Brogends, 12 Finn Cakes and 50 gems.
  • BMO used to be able to have increased income rate from speed boosts such as Lemonhope, but has been patched in a later update.
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