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The Brutal Floating Behemoth Colosseum is a Battle Arena in Bloons TD Battles 2. It is a colosseum themed after the Brutal Floating Behemoth, with red flags depicting BFBs' two white arches plastered all over the area.


Like its Bloons TD Battles Mobile counterpart, it is a colosseum. It is visually different from the BTDBM equivalent, though. Its entrance is adorned with two statues of monkeys with a weapon and a shield. The left statue wields a spear, while the right statue wields a sword. Beside the statues are two BFB emblems held up by wooden poles. The statues themselves also each host a BFB emblem on their fronts.

Two red flags fly from the colosseum's roof. The windows of the colosseum are more uniformly sized.

The colosseum is no longer on fire.


In the BFB Colosseum, all modifier variants (Regrow, Camo, Fortified) are available, as usual. If players lose trophies, they will automatically downgrade to the MOAB Pit if below Trophies70. If players win enough trophies, they can automatically upgrade to the ZOMG Superdome if above Trophies85.

Starting from Version 1.0.4, BFB Coloseeum rewards +15% bonus for Tower XP and Hero Points. And starting from Version 1.0.6, win streaks can still occur and give additional trophies as a reward.

General playerbase[]

Generally, Brutal Floating Behemoth Colosseum players have a professional skill level, with a well-seasoned experience of the game. Currently, only a portion of all players have managed to make it this far. These players generally are really flexible on what loadouts they bring in, and usually focus on several solid strategies that work, or they may expand out and try out creative strategies that worked in lower-tier arenas. Players in the Brutal Floating Behemoth Colosseum typically have more than one dedicated strategy they use for each map, and have a dynamic sense of adjustment to defenses based on the battle situation.