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Awesome Points (AwesomeIcon) (also called Ninja Kiwi Points, Awesome or AP) were used to keep track of the player's Achievements and Medals the player earned earn within Ninja Kiwi games.

The player leveled up with a certain amount of Awesome Points, earning a new title with each new level and a spin on the Wheel of Fate as a reward. Also, a new avatar was available with each new level gained which the player could have changed the player's profile. Awesome points went to the player's clan's total awesome, pushing their clan up into 1st place.

As of August 2022, Awesome Points cannot be accessed through the Ninja Kiwi website, along with achievements and clans.[1] Awesome Points are still displayed in the Ninja Kiwi Archive at the top of the screen when launching any game with Awesome Points enabled, and achievements for the currently open game can be checked by clicking on the "achievements" button to the left of the awesome points counter.

Requirements for Ranking Up with Awesome Points[]

Level # Name AP Range Reward
1 Newbie 0 - 49 -
2 Grasshopper 50 - 99 Can reply to forum posts
3 Initiate 100 - 149 -
4 Adept 150 - 199 -
5 Mantis 200 - 249 -
6 Crane 250 - 324 Can create new forum topics
7 Viper 325 - 399 -
8 Tiger 400 - 499 -
9 Monkey 500 - 599 -
10 Proficient 600 - 749 -Green Profile Level Star
11 Skilled 750 - 899 -
12 Master 900 - 1099 Forum votes count as ×2
13 Venerable Master 1100 - 1299 -
14 Kiwi Initiate 1300 - 1499 -
15 Kiwi Adept 1500 - 1699 -
16 Kiwi Disciple 1700 - 1899 -
17 Kiwi White Belt 1900 - 2099 -
18 Kiwi Orange Belt 2100 - 2299 -
19 Kiwi Brown Belt 2300 - 2499 -
20 Kiwi Black Belt 2500 - 2799 -Yellow Profile Level Star
21 Kiwi Master 2800 - 3099 -
22 Kiwi Lord 3100 - 3399 -
23 Kiwi Transcendent 3400 - 3699 -
24 Drunken Master 3700 - 3999 -
25 Red Dragon 4000 - 4399 -
26 Phoenix 4400 - 4799 Forum votes count as ×3
27 Ninja Initiate 4800 - 5199 -
28 Ninja Adept 5200 - 5599 -
29 Ninja Disciple 5600 - 5999 -
30 White Ninja 6000 - 6499 -Orange Profile Level Star
31 Grey Ninja 6500 - 6999 -
32 Unseen Ninja 7000 - 7499 -
33 Ninja Master 7500 - 8499 -
34 Ninja Lord 8500 - 9699 -
35 Lord of Shadows 9700 - 11099 -
36 Lord of Fire 11000 - 12699 Forum votes count as ×4
37 Lord of Ice 12700 - 14499 -
38 Lord of Storms 14500 - 16499 -
39 High Lord 16500 - 18499 -
40 Disciple of Sun 18500 - 20499 -Red Profile Level Star
41 Avatar of Sun 20500 - 22499 -
42 Clan Master 22500 - 24499 -
43 Master of Whispers 24500 - 26499 -
44 Master of Blades 26500 - 28499 -
45 Master of Flame 28500 - 30499 -
46 Master of Iron 30500 - 32499 Forum votes count as ×5
47 Master of Steel 32500 - 34499 -
48 High Master 34500 - 36499 -
49 Master of Masters 36500 - 38499 -
50 Lord of Masters 38500 - 40499 -Gold Profile Level Star
51 King of Masters 40500 - 42499 -
52 Supreme Master 42500 - 44499 -
53 Grand Master 44500 - 46499 -
54 Ultimate Master 46500 - 48499 -
55 Super Ultimate Grand Master 48500 - 50499 -
56 Ascended Kiwi 50500 - 52999 -
57 River Spirit 53000 - 55499 -
58 Mountain Spirit 55500 - 57999 -
59 Sky Spirit 58000 - 60499 -

Games where Awesome Points can be earned[]

Here is a list of Ninja Kiwi games that can earn you Awesome Points:

Here is a list of all Bloons-related Ninja Kiwi game achievements:

Bloons TD Battles[]

  • Total of AwesomeIcon405 can be earned from BTD battles achievements
Show/Hide BTDB table
Achievement Reward
Jack Of All Towers AwesomeIcon10
What Did You Expect AwesomeIcon10
Winner AwesomeIcon10
Big Time AwesomeIcon25
Popping Streak AwesomeIcon25
Stepped Up AwesomeIcon25
The Bigger They Are AwesomeIcon25
The Harder They Fall AwesomeIcon50
Tower Master AwesomeIcon50
Unspoppable AwesomeIcon50
They Call Me Mr. Jack AwesomeIcon75
Top Tier AwesomeIcon100

Bloons TD 4[]

  • Total of AwesomeIcon195 can be earned from BTD4 achievements
Show/Hide BTD4 table
Achievement Reward
Poppin Good AwesomeIcon10
Rank Up! AwesomeIcon10
Bloon Veteran AwesomeIcon25
Lickity Split AwesomeIcon25
MOAB Madness AwesomeIcon25
Apopalypse Now AwesomeIcon50
Monkey Legend AwesomeIcon50

Bloons TD 5[]

  • Total of AwesomeIcon6,210 can be earned from BTD5 achievements
Show/Hide BTD5 table
Achievement Reward
Monkey Lane Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Monkey Lane Silver AwesomeIcon25
Monkey Lane Gold AwesomeIcon50
Park Path Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Park Path Silver AwesomeIcon25
Park Path Gold AwesomeIcon50
The Rink Bronze AwesomeIcon10
The Rink Silver AwesomeIcon25
The Rink Gold AwesomeIcon50
Hill Giant Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Hill Giant Silver AwesomeIcon25
Hill Giant Gold AwesomeIcon50
Space Truckin Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Space Truckin Silver AwesomeIcon25
Space Truckin Gold AwesomeIcon50
Brick Wall Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Brick Wall Gold AwesomeIcon50
Z Factor Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Z Factor Silver AwesomeIcon25
Z Factor Gold AwesomeIcon50
Fireworks Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Fireworks Silver AwesomeIcon25
Fireworks Gold AwesomeIcon50
Pumpkin Patch Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Pumpkin Patch Silver AwesomeIcon25
Pumpkin Patch Gold AwesomeIcon50
Maze Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Maze Silver AwesomeIcon25
Maze Gold AwesomeIcon50
North Pole Bronze AwesomeIcon10
North Pole Silver AwesomeIcon25
North Pole Gold AwesomeIcon50
3 Times Around Bronze AwesomeIcon10
3 Times Around Silver AwesomeIcon25
3 Times Around Gold AwesomeIcon50
Lobby Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Lobby Silver AwesomeIcon25
Lobby Gold AwesomeIcon50
Skull Peak Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Skull Peak Silver AwesomeIcon25
Skull Peak Gold AwesomeIcon50
Express Shipping Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Express Shipping Silver AwesomeIcon25
Express Shipping Gold AwesomeIcon50
Sprint Track Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Sprint Track Silver AwesomeIcon25
Sprint Track Gold AwesomeIcon50
Snake River Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Snake River Silver AwesomeIcon25
Snake River Gold AwesomeIcon50
Bloon Circles Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Bloon Circles Silver AwesomeIcon25
Bloon Circles Gold AwesomeIcon50
Archipelago Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Archipelago Silver AwesomeIcon25
Archipelago Gold AwesomeIcon50
Dockside Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Dockside Silver AwesomeIcon25
Dockside Gold AwesomeIcon50
Slalom Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Slalom Silver AwesomeIcon25
Slalom Gold AwesomeIcon50
Jungle Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Jungle Silver AwesomeIcon25
Jungle Gold AwesomeIcon50
Country Road Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Country Road Silver AwesomeIcon25
Country Road Gold AwesomeIcon50
Ice Flow Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Ice Flow Silver AwesomeIcon25
Ice Flow Gold AwesomeIcon50
Lava Fields Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Lava Fields Silver AwesomeIcon25
Lava Fields Gold AwesomeIcon50
Water Hazard Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Water Hazard Silver AwesomeIcon25
Water Hazard Gold AwesomeIcon50
Pyramids Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Pyramids Silver AwesomeIcon25
Pyramids Gold AwesomeIcon50
MOAB Desert Bronze AwesomeIcon10
MOAB Desert Silver AwesomeIcon25
MOAB Desert Gold AwesomeIcon50
Snowflake Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Snowflake Silver AwesomeIcon25
Snowflake Gold AwesomeIcon50
Mount Magma Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Mount Magma Silver AwesomeIcon25
Mount Magma Gold AwesomeIcon50
Switch Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Switch Silver AwesomeIcon25
Switch Gold AwesomeIcon50
Lightning Scar Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Lightning Scar Silver AwesomeIcon25
Lightning Scar Gold AwesomeIcon50
Downstream Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Downstream Silver AwesomeIcon25
Downstream Gold AwesomeIcon50
The Eye Bronze AwesomeIcon10
The Eye Silver AwesomeIcon25
The Eye Gold AwesomeIcon50
The Great Divide Bronze AwesomeIcon10
The Great Divide Silver AwesomeIcon25
The Great Divide Gold AwesomeIcon50
Scorched Earth Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Scorched Earth Silver AwesomeIcon25
Scorched Earth Gold AwesomeIcon50
Rink Revenge Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Rink Revenge Silver AwesomeIcon25
Rink Revenge Gold AwesomeIcon50
Dune Sea Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Dune Sea Silver AwesomeIcon25
Dune Sea Gold AwesomeIcon50
Crypt Keeper Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Crypt Keeper Silver AwesomeIcon25
Crypt Keeper Gold AwesomeIcon50
Candyland Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Candyland Silver AwesomeIcon25
Candyland Gold AwesomeIcon50
Battle Knot Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Battle Knot Silver AwesomeIcon25
Battle Knot Gold AwesomeIcon50
Clock Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Clock Silver AwesomeIcon25
Clock Gold AwesomeIcon50
Castle Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Castle Silver AwesomeIcon25
Castle Gold AwesomeIcon50
Spooky Castle Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Spooky Castle Silver AwesomeIcon25
Spooky Castle Gold AwesomeIcon50
Death Valley Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Death Valley Silver AwesomeIcon25
Death Valley Gold AwesomeIcon50
Drag Strip Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Drag Strip Silver AwesomeIcon25
Drag Strip Gold AwesomeIcon50
Tunnels Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Tunnels Silver AwesomeIcon25
Tunnels Gold AwesomeIcon50
Tree Tops Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Tree Tops Silver AwesomeIcon25
Tree Tops Gold AwesomeIcon50
Runway Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Runway Silver AwesomeIcon25
Runway Gold AwesomeIcon50
Down The Drain Bronze AwesomeIcon10
Down The Drain Silver AwesomeIcon25
Down The Train Gold AwesomeIcon50
Bloontonium Lab Bronze AwesomeIcon100
Bloontonium Lab Silver AwesomeIcon250
Bloontonium Lab Gold AwesomeIcon500
Main Street Bronze AwesomeIcon50
Main Street Silver AwesomeIcon125
Main Street Gold AwesomeIcon250
Tar Pits Bronze AwesomeIcon150
Tar Pits Silver AwesomeIcon300
Tar Pits Gold AwesomeIcon600
Challenger AwesomeIcon10
Contender AwesomeIcon25
Challenge Champ AwesomeIcon50
Challenge Master AwesomeIcon100
Challenge Legend AwesomeIcon400
Diligent AwesomeIcon15
Persistent AwesomeIcon35
Dedicated AwesomeIcon75
Driven AwesomeIcon250
Jan 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Feb 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Mar 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Apr 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
May 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jun 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jul 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Aug 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Sep 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Oct 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Nov 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Dec 2012 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jan 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Feb 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
March 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Apr 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
May 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jun 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jul 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Aug 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Sep 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Oct 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Nov 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Dec 2013 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jan 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Feb 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Mar 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Apr 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
May 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jun 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jul 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Aug 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Sep 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Oct 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Nov 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Dec 2014 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Jan 2015 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Feb 2015 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Mar 2015 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Apr 2015 Challenger AwesomeIcon40
Covert Pops AwesomeIcon75
Fast Track AwesomeIcon75
MOAB Madness AwesomeIcon20
Full House AwesomeIcon20
Highlander AwesomeIcon20
Monkey Town AwesomeIcon40
Short-Lived AwesomeIcon100
Special Special AwesomeIcon40
Wizard Lord AwesomeIcon75
The Reverser AwesomeIcon10
Adept Reverser AwesomeIcon25
Advanced Reverser AwesomeIcon25
Expert Reverser AwesomeIcon50
Extreme Reverser AwesomeIcon50
Strike That, Reverse It AwesomeIcon25
Reverse Perfection AwesomeIcon200
Looking for Team AwesomeIcon10
Z Factor Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon20
Alpine Lake River Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon20
Snake River Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon30
Haunted Swamp Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon30
Jungle Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon50
The Eye Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon50
Cash Money Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon50
The Great Divide Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon50
Castle Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon75
Spider Map Co-Op Olympian AwesomeIcon75
Co-Op Ace AwesomeIcon100
Co-Op Legend AwesomeIcon200
Co-Op Fanatic AwesomeIcon400

Bloons Super Monkey 2[]

  • Total of AwesomeIcon1,880 can be earned from BSM2 achievements
Show/Hide BSM2 table
Achievement Reward
14K AwesomeIcon10
Got Em AwesomeIcon10
Power Play AwesomeIcon20
Precious AwesomeIcon20
Epic AwesomeIcon25
Powered Up AwesomeIcon25
Studious AwesomeIcon25
100% Club AwesomeIcon50
Mega Epic AwesomeIcon50
Nobel Monkey AwesomeIcon50
Super Monkey AwesomeIcon50
Powerset Champion AwesomeIcon75
Gold Standard AwesomeIcon100
Powerset Legend AwesomeIcon150
100% Charter Member AwesomeIcon200
Brilliant AwesomeIcon200
Solid Gold AwesomeIcon300
Flawless AwesomeIcon500

Bloons Monkey City[]

  • Total of AwesomeIcon11,450 can be earned from BMC achievements (89 achievements)
  • Bane of Blastapopoulos (250 points) is missing in the chart.(defeat the level 25 Blastapopoulos boss)
Show/Hide BMC table
Achievement Reward
Land Surveyor AwesomeIcon10
Land Ahoy AwesomeIcon50
Monkey Land Trust AwesomeIcon75
Monkey Land Conservancy AwesomeIcon250
Here's My Water AwesomeIcon25
High Ground AwesomeIcon25
Steeley AwesomeIcon100
Hard Baked AwesomeIcon100
Infrared AwesomeIcon100
MOAB Mauler AwesomeIcon50
MOAB Assassin AwesomeIcon100
DDT Eradicator AwesomeIcon200
BFB Saboteur AwesomeIcon150
ZOMGinator AwesomeIcon250
Impoppable AwesomeIcon500
Treasure Hunter AwesomeIcon25
Treasure Trove AwesomeIcon50
Extra Special AwesomeIcon75
Feel the Power AwesomeIcon10
Power Mad AwesomeIcon25
Bling Worthy AwesomeIcon10
Phat Stax AwesomeIcon75
Whole Lotta Monkeys AwesomeIcon50
Bloon Science AwesomeIcon75
Gimme that! AwesomeIcon10
Extortionist AwesomeIcon75
Sweet Revenge AwesomeIcon10
Best Served Cold AwesomeIcon100
Guardian AwesomeIcon25
Epic Defender AwesomeIcon250
Defender AwesomeIcon20
You Shall Not Pass AwesomeIcon40
Territory King AwesomeIcon500
Territory Conqueror AwesomeIcon250
Territory Boss AwesomeIcon100
Attack Run AwesomeIcon40
Victor AwesomeIcon25
Contestant AwesomeIcon50
Red City Honor AwesomeIcon10
Blue City Honor AwesomeIcon15
Green City Honor AwesomeIcon25
Yellow City Honor AwesomeIcon50
Pink City Honor AwesomeIcon75
Black City Honor AwesomeIcon100
White City Honor AwesomeIcon150
Zebra City Honor AwesomeIcon200
Rainbow City Honor AwesomeIcon250
Ceramic City Honor AwesomeIcon350
MOAB City Honor AwesomeIcon450
BFB City Honor AwesomeIcon650
ZOMG City Honor AwesomeIcon1000
Air Dervish Nemesis AwesomeIcon100
Are There Good Lands? AwesomeIcon25
Bane of Bloonarius AwesomeIcon250
Bane of Dreadbloon AwesomeIcon250
Bane of Vortex AwesomeIcon250
Blastapopoulos Perforator AwesomeIcon150
Blastapopoulos Piercer AwesomeIcon25
Blastapopoulos Popper AwesomeIcon10
Blastapopoulos Render AwesomeIcon75
Blastapopoulos Sarcophagus AwesomeIcon100
Bloonarius Perforator AwesomeIcon150
Bloonarius Piercer AwesomeIcon25
Bloonarius Popper AwesomeIcon10
Bloonarius Render AwesomeIcon75
Boss Popper AwesomeIcon150
Boss Stomper AwesomeIcon300
City Developer AwesomeIcon50
City With Everything AwesomeIcon100
Dark Dirigible Titan AwesomeIcon150
Doom of the Armored Behemoth AwesomeIcon100
Dreadbloon Perforator AwesomeIcon150
Dreadbloon Piercer AwesomeIcon25
Dreadbloon Popper AwesomeIcon10
Dreadbloon Render AwesomeIcon75
Dry as a Bone AwesomeIcon25
Grass Land Explorer AwesomeIcon50
Highland Fling AwesomeIcon100
Monkey City King AwesomeIcon500
New Frontiers AwesomeIcon10
Sandstorm AwesomeIcon50
Swamp Thing Nemesis AwesomeIcon100
Track Master AwesomeIcon200
Vortex Perforator AwesomeIcon150
Vortex Piercer AwesomeIcon25
Vortex Popper AwesomeIcon10
Vortex Render AwesomeIcon75
ZZZZOMG AwesomeIcon100


Awesome points show how Awesome you are!!
~ Tosh, Ninja Kiwi Admin


  1. Our team has also made the difficult decision to remove logins from the Ninja Kiwi website as many of the features that use those logins on the site are no longer available, with the end of Flash. However, the accounts will still be useable for the Ninja Kiwi Archive and all game data will be preserved. This will mean things like Awesome Points, Achievements and Clans will also be closing down. Thank you again to everyone who loved and appreciated the website community, clan challenges and awesome ranks, stay More Awesomer!
    ~ Ninja Kiwi - August 19th 2022 blog