There can be only one.
~ "There Can Be Only One" MK description

The Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey (Aka Vengeful Sun God, called by some as the Dark True Sun God or the Dark Temple) is a tower added to Bloons Tower Defense 6 in the 3.0 update, named after the BMC variant. It is a more powerful version of the True Sun God. It summons dark Sun Avatars and Spectres instead of the normal gold variants. It also shoots out deep red variants of the True Sun God's projectiles. Other than aesthetic changes, the Vengeful form only gains increased damage to its main attack and Avatar spawns.

Creating an Avatar of the Vengeful MonkeyEdit

The Monkey Knowledge 'There Can Only Be One' allows players to transform a True Sun God into the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey (this will only work outside of Sandbox Mode; the Challenge Editor can be used to test this). To do this, the player must follow the steps below:

  1. Build a Sun Temple with appropriate sacrifices, and prepare around it the sacrifices needed for the upgrade into True Sun God (at least 3 categories with more than $50,000 sacrifices for Sun Temple and all 4 categories with more than $50,000 sacrifices for True Sun God). Bear in mind that some towers may be discounted around the newly upgraded Sun Temple, so ensure the sell prices of each category sum up to more than $35,000 (or more than $37,500 with the Better Sell Deals MK).
  2. Outside of the Temple's range, create an Anti-Bloon (x5x Super Monkey) and a Legend of The Night (xx5 Super Monkey) these cannot be sacrificed to the creation of the TSG otherwise the upgrade to vengeful will fail
  3. Upgrade the Sun Temple into True Sun God. If the knowledge "There Can Be Only One" is activated the God will first animate the creation of the True Sun God then absorb the Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night, becoming a powerful Dark Temple.

The Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey is effectively identical to its standard form with the exception of its main attack (which gains +50 damage from 25 to 75) and a bugged increase in damage to its magic Avatar summons (from 1 to 51, excluding damage buffs from support sacrifices). This form also disables the Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night upgrades unless the Vengeful True Sun God is sold.

The Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey can only be summoned by having maxed sacrifices on the T4 Temple as well as the True Sun God so will always be some variation of 2/2/2/1 as you cannot have a T4 Temple maxed in all categories. The tier of sacrifice paths increases by having sacrifices inputted into the Sun Temple prior to upgrading to True Sun God. The additional benefits provided by the Sun Temple are additional to the minimal Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey.


  • It is strongly advised to give the Sun Temple magic sacrifices to get a x/x/2/x vengeful avatar. The Dark Sun Avatars spawned are hugely powerful and nearly double the Vengeful God's damage output.
  • Again, boosting the Vengeful God with Permanent Brew Alchemists is highly advised as it boosts the rate of spawning powerful Dark Avatars and the Vengeful God's other attacks.
  • Use Overclocks and Ultraboosts for double attack speed. Ultraboost in particular adds a +10% permanent attack speed buff to the AoVM that stacks up to 10 times, on top of any Overclock abilities and any other attack speed buffs.
  • It is well worth it to lose out on the Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night upgrades in exchange for this tower, as its damage output is, in actual fact, drastically more than that of the regular True Sun God.
  • Since Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey only activates when the True Sun God has gotten full sacrifices on all four categories (as well as the additional requirements), the Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey will by default have at least 1/1/1/1 sacrifices.



  • Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey can't be summoned in CHIMPS Mode as Monkey Knowledge is disabled.
  • At a bare minimum, it costs $1,220,655 on Easy, $1,374,300 on Medium, $1,456,240 on Hard, and $1,579,160 on Impoppable (?).
  • The design of the Vengeful Monkey temple may be based off of the other 5th tiers of the Super Monkey; the red eyes and metallic body come from the Anti-Bloon, and the dark color tone comes from the Legend of The Night
  • The mini Dark Sun Avatar artwork actually smiles instead of making a tilted frown.

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