Ats First is the fifteenth level in Bloons Player Pack 1. There is a Rubber Block fence, with a clump of normal bloons, two Ice Bloons and a Bomb Bloon. South-east of it there's a L-shaped group of Rubber Blocks with a pile of normal bloons, and some Tack Bloons at the center. South-west of it there's a line of normal bloons, along with an Ice Bloon and a Lightsaber Bloon.
The first dart needs to be aimed at the Tack Bloons, then bounce and get the Bomb Bloon upwards, removing the Ice Bloons. The second dart needs to be aimed at the bottom, popping the Lightsaber Bloon and finish the line. The third dart needs to be aimed at the Boomerang Bloon, which needs to be aimed at the pile of bloons near the Rubber Block fence. The fourth dart needs to be aimed at the remaining bloons.


  • If the Tack Bloons and the Bomb Bloon are popped both at the same time, and the boomerang is properly aimed, it is possible to complete the level using only three darts and the boomerang.
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