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Assaults are modifiers added on certain tiles in Bloons Monkey City. They come in two varieties: regrow and camo assaults. Each type will increase the number of the respective bloon modifier dramatically.

No tile will have both regrow and camo assaults (flash only), but in Monkey v Monkey, it is possible to send an attack with both assaults enabled. On Mobile, Camo Regrow Pain is considered to be one of the hardest assault because of having both camo and regrow assaults.


Ceramic tiles and under will show the same bloon, but as a regrow or camo variety.

Ceramic regrow assault

Regrow Assault Ceramic tile

MOAB tiles and up will show the MOAB-class bloon, but with a red regrow or green camo bloon next to it and a plus symbol.

3MOAB camo assault

Camo Assault MOAB Pack tile

When an assault tile is played for the first time, a warning will pop up, warning the player of the assault.

Bloons Monkey City Mobile[]

On mobile, they are replaced with Attack Types. However, Camo Craziness is roughly equal to Camo Assaults, while Regrow Rush of Death is roughly equal to Regrow Assaults.

Z.O.M.G. tiles with the Camo Craziness attack type will have D.D.T.s starting from round 27.

Here are the list of Assaults in BMC Mobile. Threatening Assaults are in bold.

  • Cash Starve
  • Round Ramp
  • Camo Craziness
  • Regrow Rush of Death
  • Camo Regrow Pain (Considered as the combination of Camo Craziness and Regrow Rush of Death)
  • Fast and Furious
  • Hard and Heavy
  • Cluster Chaos (May spawn tight ceramic groups like Round 63, 76, 78 on MOAB or higher tiles)
  • Packed MOAB (Also contains ZOMGs, early tiles that only have 27-28 rounds don't spawn packed MOAB)
  • Packed BFB (Also contains ZOMGs, early tiles that only have 27-28 rounds don't spawn packed BFB)
  • DDT

Monkey v Monkey[]

Assaults can be added in Monkey v Monkey, at a cost of BloonstoneIcon10 for Camo and BloonstoneIcon15 for Regrow. It is possible to enable both, at a cost of BloonstoneIcon25. Note that you must have researched regrow or camo for the respective assault to be applied to the attack. In Mobile, any assault can be applied for free, although you can only choose from the three that are randomly chosen for you.


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  • Assaults always increase the difficulty of a tile by one pip. For example, Easy to Medium and Hard to Very Hard. Impoppable stays at Impoppable as it is the highest difficulty possible.
  • Most early players find camo assaults tougher, but high-level players find regrow assaults tougher because high-level regrows will multiply as well as grow. (See Regen Farming.)
  • The lowest tile type eligible for regrow or camo assaults is a Pink Bloon tile.
    • The lowest tile eligible for regrow and camo assaults is a Rainbow Bloon tile (Mobile only).
  • Assaulted tiles will always contain the highest type of bloon with the camo or regrow modifiers (excluding MOAB-class tiles), as opposed to the usual case of the highest regrow or camo bloon being one rank lower than the highest bloon or lower. For example, Camo Leads can appear on Rainbow Bloon tiles and Camo Ceramics can appear on MOAB tiles.
  • The minimum difficulty for all Assault tiles is Easy, meaning that it will never be Trivial Difficulty. This is not the case for BMC Mobile though, although Attack Types, which replace Assaults, become trivial one level above the standard type.