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Send bloons to crush your opponent
~ Flash version description

Two players playing Assault Mode

Assault Mode (or simply Assault in the Flash version) is the main game mode of Bloons TD Battles. In this mode, the player is able to send Bloons at their opponent to attempt to deplete the opponent's lives and/or increase income. It is the more aggressive mode of play in comparison to its counterpart, Defense Mode.

In the mobile and PC versions, Assault Mode is playable via Quick Match, Arenas, and Club Battles (with additional modifiers). Card Battles operates on similar rules, except Bloons are sent using cards instead of Bloon sends. The Flash version is no longer playable.


Each player starts with $650 and 250 income, which is earned every 6 seconds.

Bloon sends[]

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  • Assault was the only form of play in the Flash version at release. When Defend mode was introduced in a later update, Assault was given its name to distinguish it.