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Battle bloons on their home turf - the clouds! Mind your exits in the fast, constrained Expert Track.
~ Description upon unlocking

Ascension is an Expert Difficulty track exclusive to Bloons TD 5 Deluxe. It consists of two curved paths intersecting at the middle. The only places to place towers on this track are the clouds. This track is unlocked at Rank 25.


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The BFBs show the full track size


  • The design of Ascension is similar to Main Street.
  • You can see Monkey Aces flying beneath the clouds, even though they do nothing.
  • In its description when unlocked it says that it is the bloons' home.
  • The path is much thinner than it appears. However, towers cannot be placed in the unused area.
  • In a pre-release screenshot of this track, the paths the bloons took used to be marked out, but are now invisible.