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Bombardment Ability: Unleashes a rapid fire attack in a slightly wider area. Main attack upgrades to 3 barrels for incredibly fast attacks.
~ In-game description

Artillery Battery is the fourth upgrade of Path 2 for the Mortar Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It gains 4x attack speed and receives the Bombardment ability. Bombardment adds +15% blast radius and even further 4x attack speed for 8 seconds, with a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Upgrading its artillery from a single-barreled mortar cannon to become triple-barreled, it attacks 4x faster (rather than 3x like in previous versions), creating an attack every 0.27s. With the Bombardment ability active, it increases to every 0.0674s, almost the speed of a Super Monkey. Explosions deal extra damage to Ceramics (+3), Leads (+1), Fortified (+1), MOAB-class (+1), and stunned bloons (+2), and can also pop Black and Zebra Bloons, because Artillery Battery inherits properties from Heavy Shells.

This upgrade costs $4,675 on Easy, $5,500 on Medium, $5,940 on Hard, and $6,600 on Impoppable.



Artillery Battery now features three black barrels on the Mortar, each barrel with two yellow stripes each. In the artwork, the monkey operating the Mortar is angrily trying to push a button while jumping up.



Targeting Priorities[]

Mortar Monkey has only one target priority, "Set Target". This allows the Mortar Monkey to land shells within anywhere inside the target reticle. Tapping on the "Set Target" button prompts the player to change the target position of where the Mortar Monkey will land its shells. By default, once the Mortar Monkey is bought, the Mortar Monkey's target reticle is placed near the start of the first bloon track.


Updated as of Version 32.0. Listed prices exclude external buffs, any sacrifices, and Monkey Knowledge.
Purchase Sell
Costs Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Easy Medium Hard Impoppable
Upgrade (X-4-X) $4,675 $5,500 $5,940 $6,600 -
Total (0-4-0) $6,755 $7,950 $8,585 $9,540 $4,729 $5,565 $6,010 $6,678
Crosspath (1-4-0) $7,180 $8,450 $9,125 $10,140 $5,026 $5,915 $6,388 $7,098
Crosspath (2-4-0) $7,605 $8,950 $9,665 $10,740 $5,324 $6,265 $6,766 $7,518
Crosspath (0-4-1) $6,925 $8,150 $8,800 $9,780 $4,848 $5,705 $6,160 $6,846
Crosspath (0-4-2) $7,350 $8,650 $9,340 $10,380 $5,145 $6,055 $6,538 $7,266

This upgrade's prices (or included crosspath's prices) are affected by the following MK: MilitaryConscriptionIcon.png Military Conscription, AdvancedLogisticsIcon.png Advanced Logistics, BudgetBatteryIcon.png Budget Battery, BetterSellDealsIcon.png Better Sell Deals



Artillery Battery is a strong option for popping various bloon types throughout the mid-game. It has decent pierce, allowing it to be useful at moderately dense bloons, but at the same time it can deal good damage versus MOAB-class bloons. With the 2-4-0 crosspath, it can be an effective option at handling various non-camo bloon types. However, the majority of its high-damage potential often relies on intense Mortar micromanagement, making it more of a hassle compared to alternate options. The ability can be useful for a burst of damage when needed.


  • Use the 2-4-0 crosspath for greater damage. The 0-4-2 upgrade deals poor damage, and the decreased projectile deviation from Increased Accuracy generally is not as worth compared to the larger blast radius from Bigger Blast.
  • Mortar micromanagement will optimize its performance greatly.
  • The ability is mostly useful for emergency purposes, otherwise treat it as if the ability did not exist, due to the long cooldown.
  • Striker Jones is recommended so that Artillery Battery can benefit from his Level 10+ Artillery Command ability, among other benefits.
  • Because Artillery Battery's ability is a self-buff classified as Charge (unspecified appliable boost) Charge, it is not recommended to be used for beating Lych, and is inefficient against Boss Bloons in general anyway.

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Artillery Battery mostly has been given more attack speed to benefit its mid-game long-ranged explosive power.

6.0 (Mortar Monkey update)
  • Buff Artillery Battery with Burny Stuff now (correctly) applies Burny Stuff to Black Bloons.
  • Buff Artillery Battery deals +1 damage to MOAB-class.
  • Buff Artillery Battery attack speed bonus increased (3x → 4x).
  • Buff Artillery Battery deals +2 damage to stunned bloons.
  • Change Description changed from "Artillery battery has 3 barrels for triple the pain." to "Artillery Battery upgrades to 3 barrels for incredibly fast attacks."
  • Nerf Explosion random deviation radius increased (18 → 30).
  • Nerf Attack speed decreased (0.2695s → 0.27s), due to Mortar Monkey attack speed reworks.
  • Buff Reverted random deviation radius change.
  • Buff [bug fix] Artillery Battery now (correctly) benefits from Increased Accuracy.
Mortar Monkey has been given a T4 ability, since it didn't have one and also to make up for Bloon Impact no longer triggering 'stun debuff' on MOABs when it hasn't actually been stunning them. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • Buff Artillery Battery gains a new ability 'Bombardment'. During the ability, 8 seconds attack rate is increased by 4x & blast radius is increased by 15%, cooldown of 60 seconds
  • Change Description changed from "Artillery battery upgrades to 3 barrels for incredibly fast attacks." to "Bombardment Ability: Unleashes a rapid fire attack in a slightly wider area. Main attack upgrades to 3 barrels for incredibly fast attacks."


When activating Bombardment Ability:


Official artwork[]


  • Until version 27.0, Artillery Battery was the only Path-2 Tier-4 tower without an ability.
  • Despite having 3 barrels, it has 4 times the attack speed of Heavy Shells.
  • The ability sound effect is exactly the same as Turbo Charge.
  • Artillery Battery's original upgrade description has a slight reference to the original Mortar Battery, specifically part about "triple the pain".