This Silo is capable of constructing the fast and deadly Dirigible Dark Titan bloons. Only the most Machiavellian Monkeys would ever dream to use these on their fellow Monkeys
~ Official BMC description
Armored Stealth Silo

Armored Stealth Silo

Armored Stealth Silo is a building in Bloons Monkey City It takes 2x2 land tiles to build and cost $150,000, Lightning thing-0100, takes 96 hours to build, and gives the player 1500 xp upon completion. When constructed, it allows you to research D.D.Ts. It is not available in Bloons Monkey City Mobile.


  • The name reflects two of the D.D.T.'s abilities, Lead and Camo.
  • Below the building, the floor looks like the sand in Desert terrain.
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