This Silo is capable of constructing the fast and deadly Dirigible Dark Titan bloons. Only the most Machiavellian Monkeys would ever dream to use these on their fellow Monkeys.
~ Official BMC description

Armored Stealth Silo

Armored Stealth Silo is a building in Bloons Monkey City. It takes 2x2 land tiles to build and cost $150,000, Lightning thing-0.png100, takes 96 hours to build, and gives the player 1500 xp upon completion. When constructed, it allows you to research D.D.Ts. It is not available in Bloons Monkey City Mobile.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name reflects two of the D.D.T.'s abilities, Lead and Camo.
  • Below the building, the floor looks like the sand in Desert Terrain.
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