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Extreme cold slows down anything that comes near the ice tower.
~ BTD4 descripiton
Super cold aura that slows all bloons that come near the tower. In addition the regular freeze effect of the tower has a much larger area.
~ BTD5 description

Arctic Wind is the final upgrade for the Ice Tower in Bloons TD 4 and the third upgrade of the first path for the Ice Tower in BTD5. With this upgrade, bloons slow to 33% of their original speed due to the cold of Arctic Wind. Arctic Wind does not slow MOAB class bloons, though its Snap Freeze will damage them (3 Times Around is a good track for testing this). Unlike glue, Arctic Wind slows ceramics. In Bloons TD 4, It costs $5,100 on Easy, $6,000 on Medium, and $6,480 on Hard. In Bloons TD 5, it costs $5,525 on Easy, $6,500 on Medium, $7,020 on Hard, and $7,800 on Impoppable.


One of the best ways to use this tower is to use it against hordes of bloons. Even the bloons that can't be frozen will be slowed down to let the other towers do their work.

In BTD5, another great way to use this tower is to place it next to a Monkey Intelligence Bureau to let it freeze anything. If the Bureau has also got Jungle Drums, then the Arctic Wind will be able to continually freeze all bloons that come near it, apart from M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. To rectify the problem, move or sell and replace towers away from the tower, or place the MIB in range of any towers that cannot normally pop frozen bloons.

In the mobile versions of BTD5, as Ceramic Bloons can be slowed down by glue, combining this with a Glue Splatter Glue Gunner can allow towers to easily take down any non-MOAB class bloons.

Another great strategy with this tower is to combine it at a chokepoint with a Ring of Fire: Even though the freeze effect will kind of be denied by the flames, the 33% speed bloons will take three times as long to pass through the Ring of Fire and thus get popped extremely fast. On top of this, the Ring of Fire will not remove the freeze effect from frozen ceramic bloons until the entire Ceramic layer is popped.



  • Even though the Arctic Wind slows Camo Bloons in Bloons TD 4, it can't attack them (unless it is in the range of a Sonar Beacon).
  • In BTD5, under the effects of Monkey Intelligence Bureau or with Specialty building, an Arctic Wind can pop infinite Regen Ceramics.
  • In BTD5, place an Arctic Wind at the end of the track along with a Monkey Intelligence Bureau and you'll never have to worry about any non-MOAB class bloon escaping.
  • In Bloons TD 4, Arctic Wind does not slow down Whites and Zebras.
  • In Bloons TD 5, an Arctic Wind combined with a Tier 3 Ice Fortress will pop Ceramic Bloons right where they were first frozen. This includes Regrowth Bloons and Camo Bloons if the Arctic Wind has Camo detection.
  • In Bloons Monkey City, Camo Bloons are not slowed down when in the radius of the tower. However, Cleansing Foam, Signal Flare, and Anti-Camo Dust can remove the camouflage status from bloons, allowing the Arctic Wind tower to slow them down.
  • In BTD5, Arctic Wind can still slow down Camo when it is under the Radar Scanner, even if the Village is then sold.
  • It is not advised to use this upgrade on its own against Regrow Rainbows.
    • Ice can't pop White and Zebra Bloons, so they regrow into Rainbows and the game will start to lag really bad after 10 seconds, and the game will eventually crash. Even if the game doesn't lag, the defense will get overwhelmed.