Faster firing magic does huge damage to most Bloon types.
~ BTD6

Arcane Spike is the fourth upgrade of Path 1 for the Wizard Monkey in BTD6. It allows the Wizard's magic bolts to deal extra damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons, dealing 16 damage per shot to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. It also pops 5 layers of damage to standard bloons as well, allows the tower to pop Lead Bloons, and attack twice as fast as Arcane Mastery.

It costs $9,265 on Easy, $10,900 on Medium, $11,770 on Hard, and $13,080 on Impoppable.


  • A 4-0-2 Arcane Spike is more effective than the 4-2-0 Arcane Spike because the Arcane Spike upgrade itself has a relatively low pierce, making Intense Magic significantly increase the pierce of the bolts from 7 to 12. In this way, the Intense Magic upgrade is usually better than adding new weapons that don't buff the original energy bolt.
    • The Wall of Fire is a decent choice for additional cleanup, but it wastes the damage potential of each Arcane Spike bolt, since the Walls of Fire are somewhat random with Arcane Spike, as well as the fact that the Walls of Fire from an Arcane Spike are no stronger than a lower-tier Wizard with the Wall of Fire upgrade.
  • Arcane Spike is fast enough to become maximized by Stronger Stimulant without simultaneously being fast enough to consume all of the strong brew before the duration period ends. This is because it shoots every ~0.275s, compared to 50 shots for the whole 5-second duration that the strong brew would need either of to wear out.
  • Having a Stronger Stimulant Alchemist nearby a couple of 4-0-2 Arcane Spikes can wipe out Round 95 with relative ease.
  • Sometimes having multiple 4-0-2 Arcane Spikes is better than a single Archmage, as they synergize better with Stronger Stimulant, deal decent overall damage and cleanup, and does not rely on saving up a significant portion of money. However, Archmage comes with the benefit of being a singular tower with greatly increased attack speed and damage, which allows it to perform far better than multiple 4-0-2 Arcane Spikes when paired with Overclock.
  • A 4-0-1+ Arcane Spike can solo a Fortified B.F.B. on Logs and possibly Cubism. It can solo a regular B.F.B. on nearly all beginner maps as well.

Version HistoryEdit


Change balloon Description has been updated to Magic does huge damage to most bloon types


Nerf Arcane Spike price increased ($10,000 → $10,900)


Buff Arcane Spike bolt has more pierce (6 --> 7, from base Wizard buff)



  • A Monkey Knowledge perk called Arcane Impale allows the tower to do 1 extra damage to Ceramic and M.O.A.B. Class Bloons.
  • In the upgrade icon it shows the wizard holding the staff in its right hand but the actual tower holds it in the left hand.
  • The upgrade icon is visually similar to the Soul Spear spell from the Dark Souls series.
  • Before Version 14.0, the description for Arcane Spike was "Magic does extra damage to MOAB-class bloons", but has been changed to "Magic does huge damage to most bloon types". This was possibly done to mention the fact that the Arcane Spike's magical bolts deal increased damage to almost all bloon types including Lead Bloons, but still not any to Purple Bloons (which are immune to magic).
  • After Version 18.0, the description was changed from "Magic does huge damage to most Bloon types." to "Faster firing magic does [...]".
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