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Faster attacks with increased range, damage, and popping power.
~ In-game description

Arcane Mastery is the Tier 3 upgrade of Path 1 for the Wizard Monkey in Bloons TD 6. It enhances all of the Wizard Monkey's aspects, increasing attack speed, damage, range and pierce. With this upgrade, the Wizard Monkey attacks twice as fast (every 0.55s), its bolts deal 3 damage instead of 2, and its magic bolts have +4 pierce (7 without Intense Magic, 12 with Intense Magic). Its attack range is also now substantially larger, increased by +50% (+20 range to be precise).

It costs $1,105 on Easy, $1,300 on Medium, $1,405 on Hard, $1,560 on Impoppable.



Arcane Mastery is a very cost-effective tower that both cleans up bloons decently and can ignore Line of Sight. Much of its power comes from its mid-game power, whether it be early camo-popping power when given Monkey Sense or just high accurate damage in general.

When paired with Wall of Fire, Arcane Mastery can utilize the guided Walls of Fire more effectively, placing them into longer distances as a form of extra cleanup. This is on top of the large semi-accurate bolts with decent pierce. This makes it a potentially powerful option for dynamically controlling the Wall of Fire positioning based on bloon progress.

When paired with Monkey Sense, the 3-0-2 Wizard Monkey becomes an excellent source of Camo popping power until Round 45, where it cannot pop the Camo Purples on Rounds 45 and 48, and may struggle against the Camo Ceramics on Round 51. Until then, it serves as a great secondary attacking tower alongside more powerful offensive towers.


  • A 3-0-2 Wizard Monkey is generally better than a 3-2-0 Wizard Monkey, as the extra pierce improves its popping power quite a bit, and the succeeding upgrade Arcane Spike allows it to pop lead bloons, leaving the fireball attack redundant and the benefits of Intense Magic more important. Built-in camo detection is also very useful.
  • One 3-0-2 Arcane Mastery can easily solo most camo bloon rounds until Round 45, where it cannot pop Camo Purples.

Version History[]

Arcane Mastery received only pierce buffs throughout the game. However, it is now considerably stronger at beating the late early-game rounds because of gaining extra pierce.

  • Buff Arcane Mastery now adds more pierce (0 → +4, 6 in total).
  • Buff Arcane Mastery bolt has more pierce (6 → 7, from base Wizard buff).


Official artwork[]



  • The one-off in-game purchase that instantly unlocks Level 30 (and subsequently Monkey Knowledge) features a knowledge book icon similar to the Arcane Mastery upgrade icon.
  • Arcane Mastery wears a pair of opaque purple stockings.
  • Before Version 18.0 or so (at least discovered in Version 18.0 that it changed), the upgrade description for Arcane Mastery formerly was "Attacks much faster over much longer range." This was changed to accommodate the extra stats that Arcane Mastery receives.
  • Until Version 3.0, Arcane Mastery was required for the Wizard Monkey to ignore Line of Sight.
  • The 99th 2MPC combo belongs to the 3-2-0 Arcane Mastery, first done on Moon Landing. It was initially only possible on this map due to the presence of craters to block off other towers as well as benefiting the Wall of Fire's placements, although an alt-combo on Cubism was done later on.