Attacks much faster over much longer range.
~ BTD6

Arcane Mastery is the third upgrade of Path 1 for the Wizard Monkey in BTD6. It allows the Wizard to shoot twice as fast as the base tower with adding a substantial range boost. Its magic bolts also pops three layers instead of two, despite the description not mentioning the aforementioned bonus. It costs $1105 on Easy, $1300 on Medium, $1405 on Hard, $1560 on Impoppable.


  • Invest in a 3-0-2 wizard monkey over a 3-2-0 wizard monkey, as the bolt possess poor pierce, and the succeeding upgrade Arcane Spike allows the popping of lead bloons, leaving the fireball attack near redundant and the benefits of intense magic more important.

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Arcane Mastery now adds more pierce (0 -> +4, 6 in total)



  • The one-off in-game purchase that instantly unlocks Level 30 (and subsequently Monkey Knowledge Points) features a knowledge book icon similar to the Arcane Mastery upgrade icon.
  • A 3-0-2 Wizard can solo Round 47 on Logs and possibly Moon Landing. It can also solo round 43 on both those and also Cubism.
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