Once you start, you cannot stop. Bloons will keep coming until you lose. How far can you get?
~ Description in BTD5 when mouse scrolls over the Apopalypse Mode icon

BTD4 Apopalypse Mode

BTD5 Apopalypse Mode

Icon for BTD6 Apopalypse Mode

Apopalypse Mode is a special mode in all versions of Bloons TD 4, Bloons TD 5, Bloons TD 6, in which there are no breaks between rounds. The cost of towers and upgrades is the same as in Medium Difficulty. Income is not earned by progressing from one round to the next, but only from Banana Farms and popping Bloons. The difficulty and number of Bloons in Apopalypse Mode also increases as the player progresses to higher rounds.

Apopalypse Mode has a B.F.B icon in BTD4. In BTD5, this was changed to a skull and cross-bones on a Black Bloon. This mode is unlocked at Rank 31 in BTD4 and BTD5, but Rank 36 in Bloons TD 5 Deluxe. In Bloons TD 4, this mode has infinite rounds; in Bloons TD 5, it only has 400 rounds. In BTD6, Apopalypse mode is unlocked per-track. To unlock it, the player must beat Medium difficulty on said track to unlock Military Only for that mode. The player then has to beat Military Only to unlock Apopalypse mode for that track only.

The bloons that spawn from waves and spawns are random each time, and this gameplay changes quite a bit between each game. The earliest observed round for each bloon type to spawn is shown, but can vary.

Bloons spawning in BTD6[edit | edit source]

In Apopalypse, the displayed round is the round in which all bloons from that round have either been defeated or leaked and new rounds can be sent even if the previous round has not been sent or popped completely. Due to this, it is possible to see bloons appear on earlier rounds than listed.

Due to the higher RBE weighting of higher tier bloons they are also less likely to appear in lower rounds for some of the below bloon spawns.

Round 1 Red Bloons
Round 2 Blue Bloons
Round 5 Green Bloons, Yellow Bloons
Round 10 Pink Bloons
Round 12 Regrowth Bloons
Round 12 Black Bloons
Round 14 Purple Bloons
Round 16 White Bloons
Round 19 Camo Green Bloon, Regrowth White Bloons
Round 20 Groups of Camo Red Bloons, Regrowth Lead Bloons
Round 24 Regrowth Zebra Bloons, Camo Regrowth Bloons
Round 25 Camo Purple Bloons
Round 25 Fortified Lead Bloons
Round 29 Rainbow Bloons, Ceramic Bloons
Round 30 Camo Rainbow Bloons, Camo Ceramic Bloons
Round 33 Regrowth Ceramic Bloons, Regrowth Camo Ceramic Bloons
Round 38 Fortified Ceramic Bloons
Round 41 M.O.A.B.s
Round 46 Fortified M.O.A.B.s
Round 51 B.F.B.s
Round 56 Fortified B.F.B.s
Round 61 Z.O.M.G.s
Round 72 D.D.T.s
Round 85 Fortified Z.O.M.G.s
Round 89 Fortified D.D.T.s
Round 100 1 B.A.D. will always spawn with nothing else
Round 101+ Transitions to the same round generation as Regular Freeplay Rounds

Bloon spawning in BTD5 (Flash)[edit | edit source]

Round 1 Red Bloons appear.
Round 2 Blue Bloons appear.
Round 4 Green Bloons appear.
Round 6 Yellow Bloons appear.
Round 9 Pink Bloons appear.
Round 12 Black Bloons appear.
Round 15 White Bloons appear.
Round 19 Lead Bloons appear.
Round 20 Regrowth Bloon appear (mainly Blue, gradually get stronger).
Round 24 Zebra Bloons appear.
Round 28 Rainbow Bloons appear.
Round 33 Ceramic Bloons and Regrowth Leads appear.
Round 37 Camo Regrowth Bloons appear. Camo Ceramic and Camo Lead Regrowth spotted.
Round 41 M.O.A.B. appears. M.O.A.B.s enter at a constant rate.
Round 45 Five M.O.A.B.s clustered together spotted.
Round 51 B.F.B.s appear.
Round 56 Three Grouped B.F.B.s spotted.
Round 61 Z.O.M.G.s appear.
Round 67 Two Z.O.M.G.s very close to each other spotted.
Round 70 Beginning of "Freeplay": Bloons move faster every round.

Bloon spawning in BTD5 (Mobile)[edit | edit source]

Round 1 Red Bloons and possibly some Blue Bloons appear.
Round 3 Green Bloons appear.
Round 5 Yellow Bloons appear.
Round 8 Pink Bloons appear.
Round 11 Black Bloons appear.
Round 14 White Bloons appear.
Round 18 Lead Bloons appear.
Round 19 Regrowth Bloon appear (mainly Blue, gradually get stronger).
Round 23 Zebra Bloons appear.
Round 27 Rainbow Bloons appear.
Round 32 Ceramic Bloons and Regrowth Leads appear.
Round 36 Camo Regrowth Bloons appear. Camo Ceramic and Camo Lead Regrowth spotted.
Round 40 M.O.A.B. appears. M.O.A.B.s enter at a constant rate. Also "Freeplay Mode" starts on this round.

(as ceramics no longer split into multiple children at this point)

Round 44 Five M.O.A.B.s clustered together spotted.
Round 50 B.F.B.s appear.
Round 55 Three Grouped B.F.B.s spotted.
Round 60 Z.O.M.G.s appear.
Round 66 Two Z.O.M.G.s very close to each other spotted.

Bloon spawning in BTD4[edit | edit source]

Round 1 Red Bloons appear.
Round 2 Blue Bloons appear.
Round 7 Green Bloons appear.
Round 12 Yellow Bloons appear.
Round 17 Pink Bloons appear.
Round 22 Black Bloons appear.
Round 27 White Bloons appear.
Round 32 Lead Bloons appear.
Round 37 Zebra Bloons appear.
Round 42 Rainbow Bloons appear.
Round 47 Camo Bloons appear.
Round 52 Ceramic Bloons appear.
Round 57 M.O.A.B.s appear.
Round 62 B.F.B.s appear.
Round 70 All bloons spawned are B.F.B.s. Bloons do not get stronger,

nor faster as rounds progress.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Main article: Apopalypse Mode/Strategies

Version History (BTD6)[edit | edit source]

On Version 16.0, Apopalypse Mode was changed to make the mode faster in the early game but less dense during late game. This change was to remedy that Apopalypse Mode was a slow mode to get past during early rounds but extremely fast past round 50.


Change balloon.png Rounds from 1-50 are now shorter.

Change balloon.png Rounds from 51-80 has less dense bloon rushes.


Change balloon.png Bloons start appearing as soon as the game is started

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is a portmanteau of the words apocalypse and pop.
  • The RBE in each round is different.
  • The player's Career Rank goes up in BTD5. In BTD4, it doesn't appear to go up, however, this is proven if the player quits the Apopalypse Mode and plays another track that their rank will go up.
  • The first Apopalypse Daily Challenge is Feb 2, 2012, and the track is Monkey Lane. Due to the nature of the mode, Apopalypse Mode challenges are rarely accepted.
  • It might be easier to earn XP in Apopalypse Mode than Freeplay Mode, because XP and money does not decrease no matter what round.
  • The RBE on the first level of Apopalypse Mode in BTD5 is 24, in BTD4 it is much higher, having a 50 RBE.
  • In BTD4, one of the achievements is Apopalypse Now; it requires the player to pass 100 rounds of Apopalypse to obtain it. It will reward the player with AwesomeIcon.png50 upon completion.
  • The icon for this in BTD5 is sometimes called Apopalypse Bloon.
  • In BTD5 Mobile, the game crashes on this mode once the player hits Round 400.
  • In BTD6, prior to version 8.0, there was a bug where you could collect an insta-monkey when Round 100 started, without having to defeat the BAD. This bug was fixed in 8.0; now the BAD has to be fully popped in order to get the Instamonkey. In fact, it's now possible to earn it before even reaching Round 100.
  • In BTD6, Camo Blue Bloons are the only type of Camo Bloon that will never spawn.

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