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For the BTD4 - BTD5 mode strategies, see Apopalypse Mode/Strategies.
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This page contains strategies for Apopalypse mode in Bloons TD 6.

As of 41.0 update, the beginning stage of Apopalypse got much easier than before.

This game mode is basically luck-based. If you are lucky, then this game mode could be easier than Standard game. However, if you are very unlucky, then it might be even harder than Impoppable. When you get forced to use powers or insta-monkeys at the beginning, just restart the entire game to get a better seed.

An effective start on most maps is a hero that can be bought right at the beginning (and the free Dart Monkey if the respective Monkey Knowledge is active), like Quincy, Ezili, or Sauda (the latter would work best next to an intersection or inside a loop), or even Etienne if More Cash is enabled.

After the player has defenses strong enough to tank rounds up to 25-30 without many problems, it is advised to turn attention to x-x-3 Buccaneers and above, because they will still be able to generate cash every time a new round comes in, effectively reducing the game to Medium difficulty with overlapping and randomized rounds.

It is true that the first Camo Bloons appear 3-4 rounds earlier than in other gamemodes, but in this first wave they are all Red Bloons, meaning it should not be a problem if they leak (of course, the defenses must have been able to preserve enough lives, but 10-15 or a full Mana Shield should be enough).

The x-x-3 Lead to Gold Alchemist can easily deal with the increased number of leads in apopalypse and give you lots of cash and x-x-4 Rubber to Gold is also a great way to make money once you can afford it.

Also, in this mode DDTs appear much earlier than either normal gameplay or alternate bloons rounds. Luckily, they don't appear within dense groups like Round 95, however you need earlier DDT preparation in order to beat Round 100 in this gamemode.


General Tips[]

  • Lead to Gold makes a larger-than-normal profit on Apopalypse Mode due to Lead Bloons spawning more commonly and in larger groups. To target Camo Lead bloons, it may be paired with a Radar Scanner village or decamo options like Shimmer or Submerge and Support (but not Cleansing Foam, which destroys the leads).
  • Spike Factory's Long Life Spikes are less useful as all Spike Factory spikes last in between rounds. It should be in your best interest to only use Smart Spikes instead for extending the duration of them.
  • Spike Factory's Spike Storm and Carpet of Spikes might be useful against horde of MOABs, especially on rounds 61+.
  • Prince of Darkness enjoys excellent uptime due to the continuous nature of Apopalypse spawns.

Specific Strategies[]

  • 1) Start with an Ice Tower (1-0-1) (and add a free Dart Monkey if you have Bonus Monkey!). Take care of where it is, or it will leak a lot of bloons. Place a Druid (2-0-1) near the Ice Tower. Then a Glue Gunner (2-1-0) set to "Strong", and a Ninja Monkey (3-2-0) to pop those camos. Upgrade the Ice Monkey to 3-0-1. Buy Benjamin and a Banana Farm(2-3-0) (get money when the bank is nearly full). Add two Super Monkeys (2-2-0) in the middle of the map and (2-0-2) to "Strong". Build another Banana Farm (2-3-0). Get the third 2-0-2 Super Monkey and a Spectre (0-2-4). Then, place three more Banana Farms (2-3-0) and upgrade the 2-0-2 Super Monkeys to 2-0-3. Sell the Ice Tower, Druid, Ninja Monkey, Glue Gunner and Dart Monkey if you feel they use up the space Super Monkeys. The 2-2-0 Super Monkey should be upgraded to 3-2-0, then build a lot of Super Monkeys and/or Spectres and/or a Flying Fortress if you like it.**Retested on v30.2.5032; Selling super monkeys or farms to get a Spectre (0-2-4) quicker is required.
  • Please note that this may not work for some maps.
  • 2) Another strategy by Hbomb:
    • Place Obyn Greenfoot in the beginning. Put also a free dart monkey if you have it.
    • When you have enough money, place a ninja near the hero. Upgrade it to 3-0-2 when you have money.
    • Around round 18-20, place an alchemist near the hero and the ninja. Upgrade it to 3-2-0.
    • Around round 34-36, start upgrading the ninja to 4-0-2 and the alchemist to 4-2-0.
    • Once done, place a wizard and upgrade it to 0-2-4.
    • Optionally, add some druids (4-2-0 or 2-4-0).
    • With this configuration, you should be able to win most of the maps with 1 path (or 2 path with a connecting point; in this case place the monkeys in the connecting points).