The Anti MOAB Research Lab is vital to the success of any good Monkey City. It contains the special knowledge required to build certain buildings and Monkeys that excel against the devastating MOAB class Bloons.
~ Anti MOAB Research Lab Description
Certain powerful upgrades, such as the MOAB Mauler [sic] require special technology to unlock. Build an Anti MOAB Research Lab.
~ "We H8 MOABs" Quest description
Anti moab research lab

The Anti MOAB Research Lab is a Special Building in Bloons Monkey City. It grants knowledge for specifically combating MOAB-class Bloons, allowing the construction of Super Monkey Villas as well as research of MOAB Mauler, MOAB-SHREDR Spikes, Super Wide Funnel and among other anti-MOAB upgrades. It costs City cash2500 to build, takes 6 hours to construct, and gives 500XP upon completion. It consumes Lightning thing-05 and a 1x1 tile space.


  • The Dartling Gun also has rapid fire, like a Super Monkey, but does not require this Special Building whatsoever. This makes large numbers of Dartling Guns useful for combatting MOABs and a small number of BFBs, however is not very useful for ZOMGs.
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