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Ant Hill is an Expert Difficulty track in Bloons TD 4. In the Ninja Kiwi and Mochigames description of this track, it is known as "Anthill Track".

This is the second hardest track in Bloons TD 4 after the Rail Track (though some may say otherwise). Bloons start from the top, splitting at the middle.


As the name suggests, it appears to be an ant hill with some grass and some mushrooms on the edge of the paths. There are a few ponds at the bottom of the track where the player can place Monkey Buccaneers.


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  • This track has a similar shape to Lightning Scar, but it is much harder because it has a loop near the middle and twice as many exits.
  • In the iPhone/iPod Touch version, the track appears to be more detailed. While in the iPad version, it is differently detailed along with having a No Fishing! sign in the larger and lower puddle.
  • Until the release of BTD6, this map was arguably one of the hardest in the BTD series because of the number of exits that bloons can escape to.