Anger Mismanagement! Despite counselling the squirrel agent is even angrier. He gets so worked up that every 50 acrons [sic] he goes berserk even if bloons haven't leaked.
~ Part of the official description after unlocking the the Angry Squirrel Pro.

Angry Squirrel Pro is the Pro version of the Angry Squirrel.


It gets angry after only throwing 50 acorns and stays angry for seven seconds. While raging, acorns will pop through three bloons, and hurl acorns three times as fast when it's not raging.


  • M.I.B Call to Arms will make the angry squirrel throw acorns at the rate of a Super Monkey if it is raging.
  • There is a glitch where if a squirrel is not raging and a green bloon or higher ranked bloon is leaked, the squirrel will rage green instead of purple. So if a bloon leaks or if it throws 50 acorns, it will throw the acorns at bloons as fast as the Super Monkey's Plasma Blast. Only works once placed in the range of a Meerkat Spy.
  • In the Angry Squirrel Pro description, it says "acrons" instead of "acorns". This is a typographical mistake.
  • The Angry Squirrel Pro has been nerfed and now requires 50 acorns to be thrown to rage, instead of 20. This was not in effect during Special Agent Pro weekend.


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