Armed with sharp acorns, this special agent goes berserk when bloons leak. For a few seconds, he attacks super fast, can spot camo, and can pop lead.
~ Official BTD5 Description
Did YOU take my nuts?!
~ RX300 cosmetic description in Countersnipe
Green Angry Squirrel

Enraged Angry Squirrel

Angry Squirrel is a special agent in Bloons TD 5. Before bloons get past the player's defenses, the Angry Squirrel throws the same speed as a Dart Monkey and pops the same amount as a Dart Monkey, except it throws acorns instead of darts. But when Bloons leak, the squirrel turns green, with its attack range and speed increased. It can see Camo Bloons and pop leads when it is enraged. The rage lasts a few seconds. This agent is good if you are playing a really hard track or mode and you keep leaking bloons. The Angry Squirrel costs Monkey Dollar60 to Purchase. It is best to have the Premium upgrade Healthy Bananas to make up for the live(s) lost. However, if you have the Angry Squirrel Pro, every 20 seconds it will become enraged, regardless of if you lost lives or not.


When this tower is placed in the range of a Meerkat Spy, and if a bloon leaks (losing a life), the Angry Squirrel will become green and fire fast and pop Lead Bloons and Camo Bloons, like normal, but it will not stop its rage.



  • This agent is almost useless when playing on Impoppable difficulty, Covert Pops, and Daily Challenges where the player only starts with 1 life if you do not have the Angry Squirrel Pro due to the fact that it only rages when a bloon leaks and the player only gets 1 life on said modes, so it would be like placing a 0/0 Dart Monkey.
    • However, in Covert Pops and Daily Challenges you can use Healthy Bananas if the Banana Farm is avaliable, 200 live injection or Triple Lives to increase your lives so he can rage.
  • In both Flash and Mobile, the Angry Squirrel will rage out a squirrel growl sound effect if lives are lost while it is on screen. This is unlike most towers and agents, since many of them don't play a sound upon projectile release or ability activation.
  • Angry Squirrel was the first placeable "tower" (though technically all placeable Special Agents can be considered "towers") to possess a life-loss passive ability. Elite Defender, Bomb Blitz, and Legend of the Night in BTD6 possess life-loss passive abilities just like the Angry Squirrel.
  • Angry Squirrel is a purchasable cosmetic for the Griffin - RX300 rifle in Countersnipe, a modern remake of the 2013 game of the same name which was also made by Ninja Kiwi. Its portrait appears as a sticker on the rifle's stock.
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