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Who wouldn't wish for a double headed flying elephant to fight alongside them? His shotgun tusks will lay waste to bloons.
~ BATTD description
Attacks with its twin shotgun tusks.
~ Short description

Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant (for more information, see Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant) is an Epic Ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD that cost $1,500 to place. This ally hovers, which allows it to be placed on water, land, or lava, and be immune to ground-based negative effects. Its final upgrade adds an ability that annihilates and sometimes creates a wish orb from a MOAB-class bloon under BAD in range, which requires both Finn/Dungeon Finn and Jake/Tuxedo Jake in range of him to be purchased. It can be equipped to Finn, Jake, and Dungeon Finn.


  • High damage, can generate wish orbs when upgraded
  • Expensive


Icon upgrade faster
Double Shot
COST: $850
Description: Shotgun tusks fire simultaneously
Effect: Fires two main attacks at once instead of alternating
Icon upgrade special
Laser Beam
COST: $2,200
Upgrade(s) Required:
Double Shot
Description: A devastating psychic laser attack
Effect: Adds a laser attack that deals TBA damage with TBA pierce and TBA attack speed
Icon aptwe
Ultimate Wish
COST: $6,000
Needs Finn/Dungeon Finn and Jake/Tuxedo Jake nearby!
Upgrade(s) Required:
Laser Beam
Description: Ability: Destroy a MOAB class bloon with a chance to create a wish orb!
Effect: Instantly destroys a MOAB class bloon (Based on Priority and includes DDTs) under BAD in range with a TBA% chance to drop a wish orb (rarity?). TBA second cooldown


< add more info about practically of using APTWE in Allies Only scenarios, and general usage as well >

  • His Ultimate Wish ability is to be used like Wand of Dispersement's ability, as it can destroy a ZOMG/DDT instantly. However, it needs to be in range of the target. APTWE should be placed where BAD's children will come out so he can destroy them.
    • Additionally, his ability to destroy the ZOMG on Round 60 can help the player beat Extreme Difficulty maps easily.
  • As APTWE has a large footprint, strategic placement is important for APTWE to utilize his Ultimate Wish ability. Fortunately, he can also be placed on water or lava, which neither Finn nor Jake can by default, to possibly save space.
  • The Ultimate Wish ability does not counter loot-spawning effects from the Thought Cannon Wand. It is possible for MOAB-Class bloons destroyed by this ability to drop both a wish orb generated by the ally along with loot generated by the TCW.
  • The APTWE can grant wish orbs and it has an ability there for you should save the ability for MOABS and other bloons above plus APTWE has a decent cooldown so you can use cobra to reduce the ability cooldown of the APTWE so you can make more wish orbs and get more of that sweet loot.



  • At 5 words or 35 text characters (31 letters), he currently has the longest name out of all towers in any Bloons TD game.
    • Just like Princess Bubblegum (whose name was shortened to "PB" in an update), his name spans two lines on his in-game info card.
  • Funnily enough, his Double Shot upgrade has the same name as the upgrades from Ninja Monkey and Monkey Buccaneer.
  • In his idle animation, APTWE regularly turns around counterclockwise toward opposite directions to show that he is symmetrical on both sides in both appearance and function.