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Knowledge and training allows the Boomerang Monkey to Switch Hands as a targeting option and optimize boomerang attacks.
~ In-game description prior to its replacement with Recurring 'Rangs

Ambidextrous 'Rangs was formerly an upgrade in the Primary Monkey Knowledge tree, but is now a permanent option since Version 22.0. Ambidextrous 'Rangs added a new "Change Hands" target priority for the Boomerang Monkey that can be found on the left or right of the upgrade portrait HUD. Prior to the removal of Ambidextrous 'Rangs from the Monkey Knowledge tree, it required five primary knowledge points invested and Extra Bounce.

Because Ambidextrous 'Rangs is now fully implemented into the Boomerang Monkey as a permanent non-MK feature, since Version 22.0, the replacement MK Recurring 'Rangs now occupies where Ambidextrous 'Rangs once was. Players who bought Ambidextrous 'Rangs before the update automatically unlocked Recurring 'Rangs.


Boomerang flip

Two Boomerang Monkeys with different targeting option

Adds the Change Hands target option. Refer to the Change Hands article for specific info on how this target option works.


Refer to the Change Hands article to find strategies on utilizing this target option.

Version History[]

  • Introduced "Ambidextrous Rangs" MK and the "Change Hands" target priority
  • BUFF "Change Hands" target priority is now incorporated into the Boomerang Monkey without need for MK
  • Change Replaced "Ambidextrous 'Rangs" MK with "Recurring 'Rangs"



  • This MK is the only removed MK in the entire game, replaced by Recurring 'Rangs.