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Altitude was a planned zone for Bloons Super Monkey 2 Flash. It is currently unknown why this has stopped production.


The zone looks somewhat unfinished. There are art elements such as monkey buccaneers in the background, and the water below appears green. Despite this, there are fully completed elements, such as a volcano, present in the graphics.


The gimmick for this zone was that the land would go higher as stages go on, eventually going full into space on the final stage.

Stage 1[]

  • The longest stage in the entire game, around 3 minutes.
  • Has the most bloons and blops of any stage.

Stage 2[]

  • Unfinished compared to Stage 1, being less than half the time to complete.
  • Has the shortest amount of bloons and patterns.
  • Some bloons freeze on the corners of the screen.
  • Background is the same as Stage 1, with monkey buccaneers added.
  • Features the unused Coco Bloons, which according to the files, take 20 hits to pop, are protected like Shielded Bloons, and have no children.

Stage 3[]

  • Same as Stage 2.

Stage 4[]

  • Same as Stage 2 ingame, but files suggest the background would've gone higher to space level.

Stage 5[]

  • Same as Stage 2 ingame, but files suggest the background would've gone even higher up space level.



  • The presence of outer space in this zone implies that Super Monkey can breathe in outer space, and his powers work there.
  • While this zone was not worked on for long, there is music developed for it. A song used to be hosted on the composer BandCamp, named Sky Space. It was however deleted, though a video was made for it before its deletion.


Stage 1:

Stage 2:


Defunct BandCamp Link: