To ordain the most talented and powerful Super Monkeys into "The Beings That Fear No Bloon" requires complex rituals and the Altar of Sun.
~ Official BMC description
Altar of Sun is a building that can be constructed in Bloons Monkey City. It costs City cash18,000, a 1x1 tile space and Lightning thing-040 to construct. It allows the city to research the Sun God for City cash50,000. It takes 48 hours to construct and gives 500 XP once construction is complete. Combining both the building and research costs makes the tower cost City cash68,000 for use within tracks. At least Level 18 is required.


  • Interestingly, it shares the same building sprite as the Consecrated Ground Special Mission tile on the Flash Version, despite Consecrated Ground being used for the Temple Complex building. This could be a spoof on the fact that Sun Gods upgrade into Temples, and thus the old Altar of Sun is upgraded into a Temple Complex.
  • The "Play" icon in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Mobile and Steam appears to be an Altar of Sun, as a Sun God can be seen meditating on it.


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