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All Pops CHIMPS, or APC for short, is a fan-made challenge done in CHIMPS mode in Bloons TD 6. It involves only one tower dealing every single hit point of damage in a CHIMPS run. If any other tower has a pop count greater than 0, the run is immediately disqualified. In effect, it is a much stricter version of 2MPC.

All Pops CHIMPS completions are compiled here.

Starting Cash[]

Unlike 2MPC, the player is not forced to start with $650 starting cash in all cases. Extra starting cash can be given in the Challenge Editor. There are a few rules governing how much starting cash can be given, depending on the cost of the desired unupgraded damage tower on Hard Difficulty.

  • If the tower costs $650 or less, the starting cash must be $650.
  • If the tower costs between $651 and $1800, the starting cash can be anywhere in that range of values.
  • If the tower costs more than $1800, the starting cash must be exactly enough to purchase that tower. This applies to three towers:


Using a strong DPS-oriented tower that can pop every possible bloon type at every stage of the game once given the correct non-offensive supports, it is possible to complete the All Pops CHIMPS challenge. However, it is much, much harder than a normal 2MPC, and therefore this challenge is limited to experts of the game due to its intense difficulty. Some supports with the possibility to damage bloons need to be placed far away to the extreme. In addition, supports that depend on damaging bloons or inevitably apply damage (especially Ice Monkeys and Downdraft) will not be usable at all.


  • As expected, Logs is the most optimal map to complete an APC run on. This is not only because of its very long track length, but also because supporting towers (such as Bloon Sabotage and Overclock) that could steal pops can be tucked under the topmost log to prevent them from doing so. This log can block their Line of Sight in all directions, rendering them unable to attack bloons.
  • Downdraft cannot be used in APC, unlike its common use in 2 MegaPops runs, since it will steal pops via its darts.
  • Glue Gunners without either Corrosive Glue or Super Glue, in addition to Monkey Villages without Primary Expertise, can be used near the Monkey that is doing all of the pops as support without having to worry about pops being stolen.
  • The attacking damage tower should be able to pop any Bloon type, with exception of needing to pop Frozen Bloons. If it cannot do this, either find a way to make the tower bypass this weakness or switch to a different attacker. The main tower being unable to pop a certain type of bloon, whether it be lead, purple, or zebra, will stop an APC run dead in its tracks.