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Harnessing powers of science and magic, splashes Bloons with acid, also brews various potions with different effects.
~ In-game description

The Alchemist is a Magic Class tower that made its debut in the initial release of Bloons TD 6, alongside the Druid. It throws potions that slowly deal damage to bloons over time, similar to Corrosive Glue, just without the slow effect. The Alchemist throws a potion towards a bloon every 2.0s, lobbing the potion over Line of Sight obstacles, hitting a location and splashing acid around a 14 splash radius. The resulting splash deals 1 damage onto up to 15 bloons. Bloons affected by acid from an unupgraded Alchemist receives a damage-over-time effect that deals 1 damage every 2.0s for up to 4.0s.

While the Alchemist cannot detect Camo Bloons without aid from other towers, it has the Acid Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen) Acid damage type even without upgrades, making it the only tower to be able to pop any type of non-camo bloon without being upgraded. Note that it can reapply its acid, refreshing the duration of the acid effect. The tower is able to ignore Line of Sight, and it is currently one of five non-moving towers to do so, the others being Spike Factory, Mortar Monkey, Super Monkey (Sun Temple and above/Ultravision and above with X-Ray Ultra), and Wizard Monkey (Guided Magic and above).

The Alchemist can be upgraded to generate additional income from Bloons or to support nearby monkeys, allowing them to pop Lead Bloons and do extra damage to MOAB-Class Bloons. The Alchemist is also fantastic at buffing other towers via its brews and stimulants, being one of the cheapest and most effective ways to do so. However, the Alchemist by itself is relatively weak and generally relies on other monkeys to truly utilize its power.

It costs $465 on Easy, $550 on Medium, $595 on Hard, and $660 on Impoppable.


The Alchemist, like most other towers, has the appearance of a monkey, despite not having "Monkey" in the name. It wears a purple buttonless overcoat with a yellow rim and with its sleeves rolled up. It also has a pair of goggles with pink-tinted lenses and gold frames, attached by a brown strap. Strangely, the goggles are never worn directly over the Alchemist's eyes except for the Unstable Concoction (x-3-x). Although the Bloon Master Alchemist (x-x-5) does wear something over their eyes, they wear glasses, not goggles. It carries a round-bottom flask filled with red acid. In the artwork, the flask does not appear to be capped.

Alchemist Buffs[]

See also: Alchemist Brewing Strategy

Starting from the Alchemist's Acidic Mixture Dip upgrade, the Alchemist can support other towers with its own special support potions, referred to as "Alch buffs". Alch buffs are a unique aspect of the Alchemist that makes it so unique in Bloons TD 6, as many of the upgrades that add Alch buffs are cheap but provide effective buffs for towers it applies its potions to. With the upgrade Faster Throwing, the Alchemist throws its special helpful brews faster at other monkeys.

Most Alch buffs are operated on a per-shot basis, meaning that the buffs will wear out after a certain number of shots are made by the tower. "Shots" are determined by the number of separate attacks a tower makes, regardless of how many projectiles are produced from each attack. As a result, a slow but multi-projectile tower such as Tack Sprayer will retain Alch buffs much better than a fast-attacking multi-attack tower such as Robo Monkey.

Acidic Mixture Dip allows all towers to damage Lead Bloons, and can give a bonus one damage if damaging a ceramic, MOAB-class, or fortified lead bloon. Fortified DDTs do not count as fortified lead bloons. While cheap, the Acidic Mixture Dip buff can greatly improve the potential for towers to handle Ceramics and MOAB-class bloons more reliably and deal with Leads effectively. Acidic Mixture Dip can stack as many times as possible to increase the numbers of shots required for a tower to wear off the Acidic Mixture Dip effect. Even if Acidic Mixture Dip wears off, it will come back again at any time provided that any Alchemist capable of this type of buff can re-apply again to that tower.

Berserker Brew and Stronger Stimulant are two separate brews that work independently from Acidic Mixture Dip. The brew from Berserker Brew is a type of buff that increases the affected tower's damage, attack speed, range, and pierce for a limited time. The brew will last for up to 5 seconds (6 with Perishing Potions) or 25 shots (35 with Perishing Potions), whichever comes first. If the tower completely wears off the buff before the buff timer expires, the tower cannot get any brew buff again for a maximum of 5 seconds from the start of gaining the brew buff. Stronger Stimulant is simply a stronger version of Berserker Brew that lasts longer, lasts more shots, and adds even more attack speed, range, and pierce.

Permanent Brew is the ultimate Alch buff, which improves the Stronger Stimulant brew and acidic mixture dip buffs to become permanent for as long as the Permanent Brew Alchemist is on screen. While it does not sound powerful on first glance, it is very strong but quite expensive. In fact, the most powerful aspect of this Alchemist is that its buffs essentially act as a permanent +1 damage and +1 Ceramic, MOAB-class, and fortified lead damage, on top of other bonus basic stats, and the Permanent Brew Alchemist can affect as many towers as possible within range, given enough time. With a Chinook, it can even buff all towers on screen.


Path 1 focuses on buffing towers, increasing their stats. Starting at increasing potion size, then Acidic Mixture Dip to give towers lead popping and bonus damage to Ceramics, M.O.A.B Class, and Fortified Bloons. Then Berserker Brew which increases multiple stats, Stronger Stimulant, and finally a permanent version of stronger stimulant.

Path 2 focuses on dealing more damage. Starting at increasing acid quality, then Perishing Potions to increase the potion damage to MOAB-class bloons and strip off Fortified properties, then Unstable Concoction, which coats MOAB-class Bloons with an explosive substance, followed by Transforming Tonic, which transforms the Alchemist into a laser shooting attack monster, and finally a version of transforming tonic which turns 5 other monkeys into laser shooting attack monsters.

Path 3 is quite mixed. The first two upgrades support the tower in damage efficiency and attack speed. However, starting from the third upgrade, Lead to Gold pops Lead Bloons in one shot and turns them into a considerable amount of extra money ($50) when popped. Rubber to Gold, further increases money by turning any non-MOAB Class Bloons into gold, giving extra cash when popped. However, the final upgrade, Bloon Master Alchemist's mega-shrink potions eventually convert any non-BAD Bloons to measly Red Bloons and leaving a major loss of money.

Path 1[]

Larger Potions
COST: $210 / $250 / $270 / $300

Description: Potions splash over more Bloons in a larger area.
Effect: Acid potion attack deals a large splash radius and can hit up to 20 bloons per shot instead of 15. Also increases splash radius, and pierce of additional potions and monster lasers.
Acidic Mixture Dip
COST: $295 / $350 / $380 / $420

Description: Throws a helpful potion at nearby Monkeys that allows them to pop Lead Bloons and do extra damage to Ceramic and MOAB-Class Bloons. Wears off after several attacks.
Effect: Regularly throws acidic mixture dip potions at monkeys, boosting their damage to Ceramics and MOAB-class by +1 and allows them to pop Leads, with extra damage to fortified Leads but not fortified DDTs. Lasts for 10 shots, 12 with 2-2-0. Stacks up to 30 shots.
Berserker Brew
COST: $1,060 / $1,250 / $1,350 / $1,500
UNLOCK: 2,250 XP

Description: Special brew gives Monkeys extra damage, range, and attack speed. Lasts longer.
Effect: Gives special brew to nearby Monkeys that temporarily provide +1 damage, +10% range, +10% attack speed, and +2 pierce. Wears off after 25 attacks or for 5 seconds, whichever comes first. Always targets closest buffable tower.
Stronger Stimulant
COST: $2,550 / $3,000 / $3,240 / $3,600
UNLOCK: 10,000 XP

Description: Extra strong berserker brew has even more powerful effect on the target. Lasts even longer.
Effect: Improves brew to provide further attack speed, pierce, and range. For the duration of the improved brew, gives +15% range, +17.6% attack speed, +3 pierce, and +1 damage. Lasts for 40 shots and lasts up to 12 seconds.
Permanent Brew
COST: $51,000 / $60,000 / $64,800 / $72,000
UNLOCK: 30,000 XP

Description: Berserker brew becomes PERMANENT on Monkeys who drink it.
Effect: Brew and acidic mixture dips now last indefinitely, provided that the Permanent Brew is still on screen. Effects immediately disappear if this Alchemist is sold or sacrificed. Also increases its own range from 45 to 65.

Path 2[]

Stronger Acid
COST: $210 / $250 / $270 / $300

Description: Acid potions dissolve Bloons faster.
Effect: Improves red acid into a stronger purple acid. Acid damage-over-time tick rate now increases from every 2.0s to every 1.5s, and increases lifespan of the acid from 4.0s to 4.5s.
Perishing Potions
COST: $405 / $475 / $515 / $570

Description: Attack potions deal more damage to MOAB-class Bloons and strip Fortified off smaller Bloons. Buff potions last longer.
Effect: Acid now can strip Fortified off non-blimp bloons, and attacks deal 5 damage to MOAB-class, 20 damage to Fortified MOAB-class. Also increases duration of Berserker Brew and Stronger Stimulant, decreases downtime of expired brews, and improves shot counts of all Alchemist buffs except Permanent Brew.
Unstable Concoction
COST: $2,550 / $3,000 / $3,240 / $3,600
UNLOCK: 2,500 XP

Description: Coats MOAB-Class Bloons in an explosive substance that causes a large explosion when they are popped.
Effect: Coats MOAB-class bloons with an explosive substance. MOAB-class bloons affected by them will produce explosions with damage equivalent to 10% of its base health (i.e. no health ramping), including Fortified.
Transforming Tonic
COST: $3,825 / $4,500 / $4,860 / $5,400
UNLOCK: 10,000 XP

Description: Transformation ability: Turns Alchemist into powerful attack Monster for 20 seconds.
Effect: Ability stops the Alchemist's main attacks and transforms it into a monster with +27 range that fires a 3 damage and 6 pierce laser beam every 0.03s (0.024s with Faster Throwing crosspath) that can pop any bloon type except Purple.
Total Transformation
COST: $38,250 / $45,000 / $48,600 / $54,000
UNLOCK: 28,000 XP

Description: Transforms five Monkeys nearby into crazy attack monsters for 20 seconds.
Effect: Ability now affects up to 5 nearby monkeys up to Tier 3 into laser-shooting monsters. Ability cooldown is decreased. Most transformed monkeys can inherit tower-exclusive buffs on top.

Path 3[]

Faster Throwing
COST: $550 / $650 / $700 / $780

Description: Throws potions and attacks faster.
Effect: Attacks and throws potions +25% faster (0.80x attack cooldown).
Acid Pool
COST: $380 / $450 / $485 / $540

Description: Every few attacks spills an acid pool on the track, and if no Bloons are nearby Alchemist can drench nearby track with acid.
Effect: Every 5th attack spills an acid pool where the potion had hit. Produces pools of acid on nearby bloon track if there are no bloons within range. Can also produce acid pools if its main potion misses bloons.
Lead To Gold
COST: $850 / $1,000 / $1,080 / $1,200
UNLOCK: 2,000 XP

Description: Converts Lead Bloons to GOLD! Special solvents do extra damage to Lead Bloons, destroying them in one shot and generating cash.
Effect: Deals +9 damage to lead properties and rewards $50 every time it pops a Lead Bloon.
Rubber to Gold
COST: $2,335 / $2,750 / $2,970 / $3,300
UNLOCK: 8,500 XP

Description: Converts all Bloons partially into gold, getting more cash per pop from affected Bloons.
Effect: Regularly produces a goldify potion that partially converts bloons into gold. Affected bloons give +200% more income.
Bloon Master Alchemist
COST: $34,000 / $40,000 / $43,200 / $48,000
UNLOCK: 24,000 XP

Description: Secret shrink potion converts all affected Bloons to Red Bloons.
Effect: Throws a shrink potion that converts up to 200 bloons into Red Bloons, including MOAB-class (up to a ZOMG and visible DDT), although MOAB-class bloons consume more pierce. Shrink potions have unlimited range and always target the strongest transformable bloon types on screen. Does not reward extra money for converted bloons.

Total Costs[]


See also: Alchemist/Strategies
See also: Crosspathing/Alchemist


Alchemist is mostly support-oriented, having a few offensive options for the early-game and having very limited direct DPS of its own. Having no camo detection whatsoever means it needs to rely on its buffing potential and external supports to affect camo. It contains many cost-efficient Alch buffs that are a common staple of a good defense. The lower-tier upgrades of Alchemist are typically oriented in cheap offense with an acidic damage-over-time effect on affected bloons.


  • Make use of Alchemist's targeting options to optimize its DoT while also catching bloons better in specific situations.
    • Targeting on Strong helps take advantage of its acid damage-over-time to targets affected by the splash; this is particularly helpful if needing to pop multiple layers of bloons efficiently.
    • Close targeting also sets the potions more consistently at the same spots, to more consistently hit as many bloons as possible within a tight area.
    • Last is helpful if just wanting the DoT to set sooner; this is mostly useful in Races.
    • First should be rarely used for Alchemist's base attacks, as this targeting option doesn't offer much way to optimize pierce or DoT.

Monkey Knowledge[]

This section displays Monkey Knowledge that has effects on Alchemist and its changes when compared to one by default:

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Initial release
  • Released
  • BUFF x-x-4 Rubber to Gold can now apply Rubber to Gold to all MOAB class bloons below BAD.
  • BUFF 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip now applies to the next 10 attacks rather than 9.
  • NERF x-3-x Unstable Concoction will no longer cause MOABs to damage their own children bloons.
  • NERF x-3-x Unstable Concoction will now take more pierce to hit MOABs of higher tiers, 2 pierce for MOAB/BFB, 4 pierce for ZOMG/DDT and 10 pierce for BADs.
  • NERF 3-x-x Berserker Brew & 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant have been redesigned, they will now function in a similar fashion to Acidic Mixture Dip and expire after 30 and 50 attacks have been performed by the applied tower. The duration remains and will prevent any new brews from being applied until it ends. (Permanent Brew still works the same)
  • BUFF 5-x-x Permabrew price reduced from $80,000 to $60,000.
  • BUFF x-4-x Transforming Tonic price reduced from $5,000 to $4,500.
  • BUFF x-5-x Total Transformation price reduced from $50,000 to $45,000.
  • BUFF 5-x-x Permabrew Acidic Mixture Dip duration increased 10 shots to infinite.
  • BUFF x-5-x Total Transformation cooldown reduced 60s to 40s.
  • NERF x-3-x Unstable Concoction's % damage increase now scales until round 150.
  • BUFF 3-2-0 Berserker Brew buff shots per brew increased from 25 to 35.
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Stronger Stimulant buff shots per brew increased from 40 to 50.
  • BUFF 3-2-0 Berserker Brew duration increased from 5s to 6s.
  • BUFF 3-2-0 Berserker Brew re-application cooldown reduced from 5s to 4s.
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Stronger Stimulant duration increased from 12s to 13s.
  • BUFF 4-2-0 Stronger Stimulant re-application cooldown reduced from 5s to 4s.
  • NERF 3-x-x Berserker Brew buff shots per brew reduced from 30 to 25.
  • NERF 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant buff shots per brew reduced from 50 to 40.
  • Change Acid Pools and Faster Throwing upgrades are now swapped.
  • BUFF x-x-2 Acid Pools price reduced from $600 to $450.
  • NERF 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant price increased from $2,500 to $3,000.
  • NERF x-x-1 Faster Throwing price increased from $500 to $650.
While the middle path T5 gets some use, T4 Transforming Tonic does not perform well for the low pierce amount so pierce has been increased.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Transforming Tonic transformed monster pierce increased from 4 to 6. Also affects Total Transformation main Alchemist.
Lead to Gold hasn't been a competitive 3rd tier outside of special game modes and challenges, so we've added some more uniqueness by allowing it to truly live up to its description and deal enough damage to instantly 'convert' a Lead Bloon, children layers and all, also carrying on some value here in the later game by allowing this bonus to deal extra against DDTs as well.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Lead to Gold now deals +9 damage to Leads and visible DDTs.
Alchemist has been given a small push towards the current underused Brew crosspath. Previously this crosspath only applied a benefit to Brew & Stimulant but now along with a buff to that, Acidic Mixture Dip will also gain a slight benefit from the crosspath.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 2-2-0 Acidic Mixture Dip charges per stack increased (10 → 13).
  • BUFF 3-2-0 Berserker Brew charges per stack increased from (35 → 40).
  • BUFF [undocumented] 4-2-0 Stronger Stimulant buff shots per brew increased (50 → 55).
  • BUFF As a part of the damage types rework mentioned above, Acidic Mixture Dip will now correctly allow Ice attacks to damage Lead Bloons.
  • BUFF As a part of the damage types rework, Acidic Mixture Dip will now correctly allow sharp towers to damage Golden Bloons.
  • NERF As a part of the damage types rework, Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer allow Explosive attacks to damage DDTs.
  • NERF [Undocumented] Unstable Concoction damage no longer scales with any HP multiplier, such as Double HP MOABs, Freeplay Mode scaling, and the MOAB Health multiplier in the Challenge Editor.
  • NERF [Undocumented, bug] Erroneously, concoction explosion damage from fortified blimps is calculated under the assumption that the blimp is not fortified.
Acidic Mixture Dip did nothing for Glue Gunners but alchemist would waste it on them
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Acidic Mixture Dip can no longer be thrown at Glue Gunners, which never gained any meaningful effect from it.
  • BUFF [bug fix] unstable concotion takes fortified bloon property into account again
  • BUFF [Undocumented] Alchemist main potion itself is no longer single-layer damage for all upgrades (including Lead to Gold, which already has it)
Transforming Tonic has always had a large struggle with pierce, rather than directly throwing onto the base pierce we have added crosspathing pierce & rate benefits for transformation enjoyers to now choose between. Acidic Mixture Dip stacking from multiple alchemists / stalling tactics too effectively lowered use of other lead counter options in a way we didn’t like, so the maximum stacks here without Permabrew has been reduced considerably.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 1-4-0 Transforming Tonic monster pierce increased 6 -> 9
  • BUFF 0-4-1 Transforming Tonic attack speed increased 0.03s -> 0.024s
  • NERF Acidic Mixture Dip max number of stacks reduced 200 -> 40
Permanent Brew is strong in the right use, but just to let it live up to more of its potential without requiring a chinook we are improving its range. Transforming Tonic has been compared to being a worse but more expensive Turbo Charge, and that seems like a fair complaint. T5 has good niche uses, but T4 isn't worth the cost right now so we’re adding more juice to the tonic.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Permabrew range increased 45 -> 65
  • BUFF Transformation transformed alchemist damage 2 -> 3
Alchemist Transforming Tonic is in a weird spot with the transformation unable to attack through walls when the base alchemist is able to. Also with this, including a QoL fix for the T5 that currently prevents transformed towers from functioning with target priority.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Transforming Tonic transformed monster can now ignore Line of Sight. Also affects Total Transformation.
  • BUFF Total Transformation transformed mini monsters now retain their original targeting priorities when transformed
Alchemist 220 stands out a little too effectively in the crosspath efficiency of Acidic Mixture Dip uptime combined with the reduced forced downtime at 320 and so is being reduced. Total Transformation alchemist when transformed have never been allowing damage to distribute to children layers of any targets, while this is an option we can use as an intended balance lever - we have instead decided to turn this blocker off as it isn't one we have used elsewhere and has made these upgrades perform far weaker against regular Bloons comparatively to Ceramic & MOAB-class due to damage buffs that have been given to transformed alchemists over time.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF 2-2-0 Perishing Potions bonus to Acidic Mixture Dip reduced (+3 → +2)
  • BUFF Transforming Tonic laser damage is no longer single-layer damage
  • BUFF Total Transformation laser damage is no longer single-layer damage
Currently 031 is the only crosspath that realistically does anything for Unstable Concoction.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF 1-3-0 Unstable Concoction crosspath increases concoction pierce (3 → 4)
Acidic Mixture Dip is a strong offender removing many weaknesses in the game for exceptionally low of a cost. Acid Pools only adds anything to the tower when there are no Bloons around, so we're making it a hybrid that benefits somewhat from this upgrade even while attacking normally.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Acidic Mixture dip max stacks reduced from 40 to 30
  • BUFF Acid Pool now causes every 5th offensive potion attack against a damaged Bloon to drop an acid pool under the target
As groups of Berserker Brew seem proportionally too good compared to upgrading to Stronger Stimulant in some cases, we are slightly shifting price down into T3, keeping the total price of Stronger Stimulant the same but adding up more if choosing to spam T3 Brews. Back to improving damage over time, Lead to Gold currently deals a large damage increase to Leads but only on the main impact of the attack. I’m sure you can see where we’re going with this.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Berserker Brew price increased from $1,250 to $1,300
  • BUFF Stronger Stimulant price reduced from $3,000 to $2,950
  • BUFF Lead to Gold main attack damage-over-time now also deals +9 bonus to Leads

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • BUFF 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer target Obyn's Totems.
  • BUFF 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip will now allow towers to damage DDTs.
  • BUFF x-x-2 (x-x-1 before 21.0) Acid pool will now place pools when the main attack misses.
  • NERF x-x-5 Bloon Master Alchemist cannot damage BADs, it will now not attempt to target them.
  • BUFF x-x-5 Bloon Master Alchemist can no longer softlock the game by converting bloons which have been blown off-screen.
  • Change Alchemist's Acidic Mixture Dip & Berserker Brew upgrades will now target the 5xx Village.
  • Change x-x-2+ (x-x-1+ before 21.0) Acid Pools performance issues have been resolved.
  • BUFF Permanent Brew's buff will now save on all applied towers between games.
  • BUFF Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer target Obyn's Totems or any placeable powers.
  • 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip benefits subtowers by buffing their parent, so will no longer target sub towers.
  • 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer target Benjamin, 3+-x-x Brews will if benjamin has the Trojan attack unlocked.
  • BUFF Unstable Concoction now benefits correctly from crosspathing with top and bottom paths.
  • 3+-x-x Brews no longer apply their range buff twice.
  • NERF Total Transformation no longer changes the footprint size of towers transformed.
  • x-x-5 Bloon Master Alchemist no longer gives too much cash when it converts bloons.
  • BUFF Acidic Mixture Dip should no longer target farms.
  • BUFF Acidic Mixture Dip now correctly allows Ice Monkeys to pop lead.
  • x-x-5 Bloon Master Alchemist can no longer cause the round to prematurely end.
  • BUFF Permabrew should correctly apply when reloading save again.
  • 5-x-x Permabrew should no longer break in some cases after being sold.
  • BUFF x-3-x and x-x-4 Attacks can now be thrown over obstacles.
  • Alchemist buffs should no longer miss their target and buff another tower nearby.
  • x-5-x Total Transformation should no longer cause crashes when used in a number of situations.
  • BUFF 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip correctly applies +1 damage to Ceramics & MOABs again.
  • BUFF 5-x-x Permabrew will correctly apply bonus damage from Acidic Mixture Dip and both Brew & Dip buffs should save and load correctly.
  • NERF Acidic Mixture Dip no longer allows signal flare mortars to remove camo from DDTs.
  • NERF x-3-x Alchemist's explosion can no longer hit camo bloons.
  • BUFF 5-x-x Permabrew's buff will no longer be removed from all buffed towers when the alchemist is crosspathed.
  • x-3-x Unstable Concoction now works correctly.
  • BUFF 3-x-x Lower tier brews should no longer cancel out higher tiers from upgrading the tower's buff when they target the same tower at the same time.
  • BUFF Resolved an issue where Alchemist's 320 increased number of shots for Berserker Brew would read the number it should give from the wrong upgrade & give a lower number.
  • x-4-x Transforming Tonic range buff from Strong Tonic knowledge lasts the entire duration.
  • 3-x-x Berserker Brew no longer closes open UI panels when buffing selected tower.
  • 2-x-x Acidic Mixture Dip description has been updated with more detail.
  • x-x-3 Lead to Gold description has been updated with more detail.
Resolved an issue with transformed towers from Total Transformation showing broken UI if still selected when the effect expires


Alchemist Plush[]

Alch geraldo and zomg plushes teaser

Alch Plush, Geraldo Plush, and ZOMG Plush

Alchemist Plush has officially been teased on November 10th 2023 on Ninja Kiwi's Twitter account, posting the teaser for Alchemist Plush, Geraldo Plush, and ZOMG Jumbo Plush. However, all of these three plushes were secretly teased on about 7th November 2023 on Makeship's website. Announced on November 17th 2024 is a announcement of releasing the aforentioned three plushes.

The Alchemist's campaign can be seen on their entry on the Makeship website. Alchemist Plush costed $29.99 USD.

Alchemist Plush campaign ran from November 17th 2023 to December 15th 2023 (specifically 11:00am NZST). At the end of the campaign, 2284 Alchemist Plushes were sold, and had their campaign 1142% funded. They were manufactured starting from December 15th 2023, and they were shipped by March 23rd 2024.

Alchemist Plush holds an Alch potion and his goggles. Also, his goggles are able to be adjusted to cover his eyes or lay on top of his head, whenever needed.


Idle animations[]

Official artwork[]



Other images[]


  • The Lead to Gold is a reference to an old medieval myth where court alchemists tried to find a way to turn base metals into gold, especially lead.
  • The Alchemist CANNOT affect other alchemists with its buffing effects, such as Acidic Mixture Dip or Berserker Brew.
  • The Rubber to Gold upgrade can turn Ceramic Bloons into Gold, which should technically be impossible since they are made of clay, not rubber.
    • However, the description says all "bloons", and Ceramic bloons, are, well, bloons.
  • The Alchemist is one of four (non-hero) towers whose name consists of only one word, the others being Druid, Bloonchipper, and COBRA.
    • In BTD2, the Boomerang Monkey was called Boomerang.
  • Although ice and glue can be removed by tornadoes, the acid from Alchemist potions cannot.
  • The concept of the Alchemist is likely inspired by the Alchemist in the popularized fan-made game Bloons TD X, although the functionalities of Alchemist in BTD6 are less offense-based and more support-based.
  • Alchemist is the only tower in BTD6 whose base tower name consists of only one word and has only upgrades that consist of two or more words each.
  • The title, "Bloon Master Alchemist" may be a reference to the anime series "Fullmetal Alchemist," as the initials of both are only a letter off (BMA and FMA respectively), as well as both being about alchemy.
  • Alchemist is the only tower with no upgrade that gives it the ability to hit camo bloons.

Ninja Kiwi Blogs[]

  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 10th March 2023 blog, Alchemists use modern technology but favor experimental technology compared to scientist monkeys.
  • According to Ninja Kiwi's 28th April 2023 blog, Alchemists are "pretty buff".