Harnessing powers of science and magic, splashes Bloons with acid, also brews various potions with different effects.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 6 description

The Alchemist is a tower that first appeared in Bloons TD 6. It throws potions that slowly deal damage to Bloons over time, similar to Corrosive Glue, just without the slow effect. It cannot detect Camo Bloons without aid from other towers. The Alchemist can be upgraded to generate additional income from Bloons or to support nearby monkeys, allowing them to pop Lead Bloons and do extra damage to M.O.A.B. Class Bloons. The Alchemist by itself is relatively weak and generally relies on other monkeys to truly utilize its power. Note that he can reapply his acid, refreshing the damage amount. Due to the fact that the potions can be lobbed over obstacles, the tower is able to ignore Line of Sight, and it is currently one of five non-moving towers to do so, the others being Spike Factory, Mortar Monkey, Super Monkey (Sun Temples and above), and Wizard Monkey (Guided Magic and above).

The Alchemist, like most other towers, has the appearance of a monkey, despite not having "Monkey" in the name. It wears a purple buttonless overcoat with a yellow rim and with its sleeves rolled up. It also has a pair of goggles with pink-tinted lenses and gold frames, attached by a brown strap. Strangely, the goggles are never worn directly over the Alchemist's eyes except for the Bloon Master Alchemist (x/x/5) and Unstable Concoction (x/3/x). It carries a round-bottom flask filled with red acid. In the artwork, the flask does not appear to be capped.


Path 1Edit

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP Icon Artwork

Larger Potions
Larger potions splash in a larger area.

$210 $250 $270 $300 140

Acidic Mixture Dip
Throws a potion at Monkeys, allowing them to pop Lead Bloons, do extra damage to Ceramic and MOAB-Class Bloons.

$295 $350 $380 $420 550

Berserker Brew
Special brew gives Monkeys extra damage, range, and attack speed.

$1,060 $1,250 $1,350 $1,500 2,250

Stronger Stimulant
Extra strong brew has even more powerful effect on the target.

$2,125 $2,500 $2,700 $3,000 10,000

Permanent Brew
Berserker brew becomes PERMANENT on Monkeys who drink it.

$51,000 $60,000 $64,800 $72,000 30,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $2,912

Tier 5: $30,612

Tier 4: $3,430

Tier 5: $45,430

Tier 4: $3,707

Tier 5: $49,067

Tier 4: $4,116

Tier 5: $54,516

Total Cost

Tier 4: $4,160

Tier 5: $55,160

Tier 4: $4,900

Tier 5: $64,900

Tier 4: $5,295

Tier 5: $70,094

Tier 4: $5,880

Tier 5: $77,880


Path 2Edit

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP Icon Artwork

Stronger Acid
Acid potions dissolve Bloons faster.

$210 $250 $270 $300 140

Perishing Potions
All offensive potions strip Fortified property off of Ceramic and Lead Bloons, and greatly damages MOAB-Class Bloons.

$405 $475 $515 $570 500

Unstable Concoction
Coats MOAB-Class Bloons in an explosive substance that causes a large explosion when they are popped.

$2,550 $3,000


$3,600 2,500

Transforming Tonic
Transformation ability: Turns Alchemist into powerful attack Monster for 20 seconds.

$3,825 $4,500 $4,860 $5,400 10,000

Total Transformation
Transforms five Monkeys nearby into crazy attack monsters for 20 seconds.

$38,250 $45,000 $48,600 $54,000 28,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $5,222

Tier 5: $31,997

Tier 4: $6,143

Tier 5: $37,643

Tier 4: $6,636

Tier 5: $40,656

Tier 4: $7,371

Tier 5: $45,171

Total Cost

Tier 4: $7,460

Tier 5: $45,710

Tier 4: $8,775

Tier 5: $53,775

Tier 4: $9,480

Tier 5: $58,080

Tier 4: $10,530

Tier 5: $64,530


Path 3Edit

Easy Medium Hard Impoppable Unlock XP Icon Artwork

Acid Pool
If no Bloons are nearby Alchemist can drench nearby track with acid.

$510 $600 $650 $720 145

Faster Throwing
Throws acid and potions faster.

$425 $500 $540 $600 700

Lead To Gold
Converts Lead Bloons to GOLD!

$850 $1,000 $1,080 $1,200 2,000

Rubber to Gold
Converts all Bloons partially into gold, getting more cash per pop from affected Bloons.

$2,335 $2,750 $2,970 $3,300 8,500

Bloon Master Alchemist
Secret shrink potion converts all affected Bloons into Red Bloons.

$34,000 $40,000 $43,200 $48,000 24,000
Total Sell Amount

Tier 4: $3213

Tier 5: $27,013

Tier 4: $3,780

Tier 5: $31,780

Tier 4: $4,085

Tier 5: $34,325

Tier 4: $4,536

Tier 5: $38,136

Total Cost

Tier 4: $4,590

Tier 5: $38,590

Tier 4: $5400

Tier 5: $45,400

Tier 4: $5,835

Tier 5: $49,035

Tier 4: $6,480

Tier 5: $54,480




  • The Lead to Gold upgrade may be a reference to an old medieval myth where court alchemists were trying to find a way to turn base metals into gold.
  • The Rubber to Gold upgrade can turn Ceramic Bloons into Gold, which should technically be impossible since they are made of clay, not rubber.
    • However, the description says all "bloons", and the Ceramic is a bloon.
  • The Alchemist is one of four towers whose name consists of only one word, the others being Druid, Bloonchipper, and COBRA.
    • In BTD2, the Boomerang Monkey was called Boomerang.
  • Although ice and glue can be removed by tornadoes, the potions from Alchemist cannot.

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