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Airburst darts split into 3 on impact for massively increased popping power. Further enhances Ballistic Missile and Bloontonium Reactor.
~ In-game description

Airburst Darts is the second upgrade of Path 3 for the Monkey Sub in Bloons TD 6. Upon initial impact, the homing dart will split into three airburst darts (4 with the Quad Burst MK). Each airburst dart can pop up to 2 bloons each (+3 with Barbed Darts, +1 with Naval Upgrades).

In addition, Airburst Darts further improves attack speed for Ballistic Missile attacks by +11% (attack cooldown multiplied by 0.90x) for a total of +27% attack speed, and submerged attacks from Submerge and Support and above by +33% (attack cooldown multiplied by 0.75x) for a total of +57% attack speed.

It costs $850 on Easy, $1,000 on Medium, $1,080 on Hard, and $1,200 on Impoppable.



The Airburst Darts upgrade is an incredible source of early-game popping power, soloing not just early grouped bloons but also early Fast Bloons, Black Bloons, and White Bloons. It pairs well with Advanced Intel to maximize its deployment of these powerful attacks.

Because any darts shot by the Sub seek out bloons, there's a very high chance the Airburst Darts will hit other bloons, clearing up grouped balloons that Twin Guns may fail against.

As for the further bonus attack speed for alternate attacks provided by this upgrade, Airburst Darts is helpful for improving the performance of Ballistic Missiles within specific range, and it is helpful with Submerge Subs for much faster decamo and Reactors if faster rate of damage is desired.


  • This upgrade is very useful for early-game, and can solo up to Rounds 15 with ease, and can make rounds up to Round 27 much easier, especially with the Advanced Intel crosspath.
  • Adding a Berserker Brew nearby will make all of its airburst darts much, much stronger.
  • Add Airburst Darts for Ballistic Missile for extra attack speed for the missiles, which improves overall MOAB-class and Ceramic damage.
  • Airburst Darts are not necessarily needed for the best decamo via Submerge and Support, but with this crosspath a 3-0-2 Submerge and Support can catch almost any camo to strip off in time.
  • Adding Airburst Darts for Bloontonium Reactor creates a near solo against bloons up to Rainbow.
  • Use 2-0-2 Airburst Darts for the greater range coverage via Advanced Intel. 0-1-2 Airburst Darts is stronger in short-range, but this improvement doesn't prove very significant except against moderately dense rushes.

Version History[]

Airburst Darts are a powerful option in BTD6, especially when paired with Alchemist buffs. There was a small pierce nerf to Airburst Darts, but otherwise it's still a strong option overall for the middle early-game, and even later on in the game with later upgrades. Additionally, like Twin Guns, crosspathing variety to non-dart attacks were added to Airburst Darts.

  • Buff Airburst Darts are now affected by external buffs such as Alchemist
    • This was likely added because these darts did not intend to be unaffected by external buffs.
  • Nerf Airburst Darts pierce reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Nerf Airburst Darts now grants less bonus attack speed for Upper Path 2's ballistic missiles (see Ballistic Missile or Pre-Emptive Strike for more specific info)
    • Overall attack speed buff decreased from +100% to +52%, and bonus decreased from +70% to +33% (0.588x --> 0.75x).
As Airburst Darts alone already gives a huge benefit to the tower regardless of not applying any crosspath buff, some of the attack speed benefit this upgrade gave to 032 Ballistic Missile has instead been moved into the base 030 Missile.
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to Ballistic Missile
  • Nerf Airburst Darts now grants even less bonus attack speed for Upper Path 2's ballistic missiles (see Ballistic Missile or Pre-Emptive Strike for more specific info)
    • Overall attack speed buff decreased from +52% to +27%, and bonus decreased from +33% to +11% (0.75x --> 0.90x).


Official artwork[]



  • The cost of the Airburst Darts upgrade in BTD6 on Medium Difficulty is the same as the cost of the Airburst Darts upgrade in BTDB Mobile.
  • On Version 18.0, the description added additional information about the added buff to the Airburst Darts crosspathing interaction with Upper Path 1 and Upper Path 2.
  • 2-0-2 Airburst Darts is one of three Tier 2 upgrades in BTD6 to have an official 2MPC, the second being 2-2-0 Super Monkey and the third being 2-0-2 Monkey Ace.