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For the Monkey Sub upgrade, see Advanced Intel.
Allows Dartling Gunner to hit Camo Bloons.
~ BTD6 description

Advanced Targeting is the first upgrade of Path 2 for the Dartling Gunner in Bloons TD 6. It allows the Dartling Gunner to pop Camo Bloons, thereby making the Dartling Gunner now roughly equivalent to the base pre-BTD6 Dartling Gun.

It costs $210 on Easy, $250 on Medium, $270 on Hard, and $300 on Impoppable.



Simple as it does, Advanced Targeting grants camo detection to the Dartling Gunner. It is a cheap camo detection upgrade, which essentially increases the total cost of the 0-1-0 Dartling Gunner to be $1100 on Medium. In effect, however, Paths 1 and 3 will become mutually exclusive. The good news is that Faster Barrel Spin is the next upgrade of the Advanced Targeting upgrade, which means in most cases the Path 2 would be the favorable crosspath in most situations anyway.


  • There's no need to buy this upgrade until higher camo rounds like Round 33. Other anti-camo options remain more useful overall, although this upgrade alone is one of the cheapest anti-camo upgrades by upgrade price alone.
  • Dartling Gunner with Advanced Targeting comes with the benefit to target long distances but still be cost-effective anti-camo popping power. It usually remains superior over an IFR Heli Pilot for early-game camo popping, except on maps with Line of Sight. It still competes over Path 2 Sniper Monkeys at exclusive camo popping, but a Dartling Gunner has the advantage of controllability that Snipers have limited skill for.
  • The better crosspath depends on the needed benefits. 1-1-0 Dartling is cheap and can target its shots better, and a 2-1-0 Dartling can deal good bonus damage. On the other hand, 0-1-2 Dartling is better in the long-run, as it will counter the Dartling Gunner's major grouped bloon weaknesses.
  • Advanced Targeting's next upgrade is Faster Barrel Spin, which is generally the main incentive to buying Advanced Targeting. Use this upgrade as a stepping stone.

Version History[]

22.0 (Dartling Gunner update)
  • Initial release.




  • Because the Dartling Gunner no longer has in-built camo detection, the Advanced Targeting upgrade is the second camo detection upgrade below Tier 3 for a returning tower where the upgrade did not appear in BTD5, the other being Super Monkey's Ultravision.
  • The base BTD4 Dartling Gunner costs $1250 on Medium, the exact same cost as a 0-1-0 Dartling Gunner in BTD6 on the same difficulty before the Version 24.0 base Dartling Gunner price buffs.
  • Although difficult to notice, the Dartling Gunner's gun gains a fourth barrel when upgrading to Advanced Targeting or its subsequent upgrades, except for M.A.D.
    • This however doesnt increase firing speed until (the next upgrade) Faster Barrel Spin is bought,