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Allows long range targeting of Bloons in radius of your other towers.
~ In-game descrpition

Advanced Intel is the second upgrade of Path 1 for the Monkey Sub in Bloons TD 6. It gives the Monkey Sub with extended range by allowing its darts to target all bloons within the radius of any tower on screen, not including Line of Sight restrictions of the dart attack. This includes popping Camo Bloons within the range of any tower that can detect camo with its base attacks. As for Ballistic Missiles, they will also follow Advanced Intel rules, detecting bloons within range of any tower on screen, including Camo Bloons if within range of any camo-detecting tower.

It costs $425 on Easy, $500 on Medium, $540 on Hard, and $600 on Impoppable.



All Monkey Subs with this upgrade except for Pre-Emptive Strike and Sub Commander carry a pair of binoculars with green lenses. All Subs below Tier 5 except Armor Piercing Darts will directly hold them up towards their eyes, although the sailor for Armor Piercing Darts will simply leave its binoculars on its right hand. In addition, the Sub's hat will turn green, just as it does with Longer Range, its previous upgrade.


Advanced Intel allows the Monkey Sub's attacks to target bloons from the range of any tower on screen. This can include Camo Bloons if there is a camo-detecting tower on screen. Projectiles aimed into the range of any camo-detecting tower can detect Camo.

Further details are covered under the #Advanced Intel Range section.

Targeting Priorities[]

Advanced Intel targets bloons using the standard targeting priorities. It shoots straight movement projectiles that can moderately seek at bloons.

  • First: Targets the first bloon visible within its range.
  • Last: Targets the last bloon visible within its range.
  • Close: Targets the closest bloon visible within its range.
  • Strong: Targets the strongest bloon visible within its range.

Adding Advanced Intel does not add Camo Prioritization, despite being a potential option for camo detection.

Advanced Intel Range[]

Advanced Intel will only be useful if there is at least one other tower with range covering the track. Advanced Intel will also be able to target Camo Bloons if there is another tower that is able to pop Camo Bloons. However, Advanced Intel cannot hit Camo Bloons itself if no other tower can, and it can only attack Camo ONLY if there is at least one other Camo-detecting tower whose range covers at least a section of the track. As a result, this also means a non-qualifying camo range source will still not count as camo range even if the Sub has direct camo detection via Radar Scanner.

The following towers will grant extra range for the Advanced Intel.

Tower Camo? Other notes
Dart Monkey Yes (x/x/2+) Medium-short range that can be expanded with range upgrades. One of the cheapest extra range towers in the game.
Boomerang Monkey No Medium range. The Glaive Lord upgrade in this game doesn't give the monkey camo detection, regardless of the orbiting glaives popping everything that touch them.
Bomb Shooter No Medium range. Advanced Intel cannot target camos with Bomb Tower range unless the Bomb Towers are granted camo detection.
Tack Shooter No Short range. Advanced Intel cannot target camos with Tack Shooter range unless the Tack Shooters are granted camo detection.
Ice Monkey Yes (2+/x/x) Short range. Despite its abilities being able to freeze camos, they cannot be used as camo detection range for the Advanced Intel. However, the Ice Monkey can grant camo detection to the Sub if that Ice Monkey has Cold Snap or higher.
Glue Gunner No Large range. Despite its abilities being able to glue camos, they cannot be used as camo detection range for the Advanced Intel.
Sniper Monkey Yes (x/1+/x) Tiny Advanced Intel range, despite the Sniper being able to target anywhere on the screen. Not recommended as an Advanced Intel range.
Monkey Sub No (decamo =/= camo vision) Medium-small range. Other Advanced Intels cannot be used as camo detection range, except if such towers have camo detection themselves, such as with a Radar Scanner. Submerge and Support Subs must be submerged to remove camo. While Submerge and Support Subs themselves do not count as camo detection range itself, Bloontonium Reactor and Energizer decamo bloons almost instantaneously upon reaching their radiuses.
Monkey Buccaneer Yes (x/x/2+) Large range. Effective camo detection range when upgraded to Crow's Nest. Aircraft Carrier will not count as infinite range, unlike in BTD5, because only the Buccaneer's current range would count as Advanced Intel range.
Monkey Ace Yes (x/2+/x) Tiny Advanced Intel range only around the landing pad, regardless of where the Monkey Ace is flying. Not recommended as an Advanced Intel range.
Heli Pilot Yes (x/2+/x) In BTD6, the Advanced Intel range is only around the landing pad, regardless of where the Heli Pilot is flying, thus not recommended as an Advanced Intel range. (Marine? Door Gunner?)
Mortar Monkey Yes (x/x/3+) Tiny Advanced Intel range, despite the Mortar being able to target on a select target on the screen. Not recommended as Advanced Intel range. In BTD6, however, an update increased its range to match a 0-0-0 Dart Monkey's to better work with Advanced Intel.
Dartling Gunner Yes (x-1+-x) Tiny Advanced Intel range, despite the Dartling being able to target anywhere on the screen. Not recommended as Advanced Intel range. In BTD6, the Dartling Gunner requires x/1/x to provide camo intel.
Wizard Monkey Yes (x/x/2+) Medium-short range. Upgradable to Arcane Mastery or Prince of Darkness to increase its range immensely.
Super Monkey Yes (x/x/2+) Large range. 0-2-2 has a very wide range but is expensive.
Ninja Monkey Yes Medium range. Always detects camo.
Alchemist No Medium range. Cannot detect camo at all without support.
Druid Yes (5-x-x) Medium range. Can only detect camo directly with Superstorm. Not recommended as camo range due to price.
Banana Farm No In BTD5, all towers except the Banana Farm are able to add to Advanced Intel. In BTD6, however, the Banana Farm now counts as Advanced Intel range. It will not count as camo detection range, however.
Spike Factory No (see notes) Shortish range. In BTD6, it currently doesn't count as camo detection despite Spike Factory always popping camo bloons, although it counted as camo detection in BTD5.
Monkey Village Yes (x/2+/x) Medium-large range. Despite not attacking at all until you purchase Primary Expertise, the Sub will always attack bloons in range of the village with Advanced Intel.
Engineer Monkey No Medium range. Deployed sentries can further extend range. Cannot detect camo but can be upgraded to Cleansing Foam to reveal camo bloons. Not recommended as camo range.
Quincy Yes (Level 5+) Medium-large range. Quincy's Level 5 upgrade allows Monkey Subs to also detect Camo Bloons in his radius.
Gwendolin No Medium range. Despite her abilities popping camo bloons, the Sub can't pop Camos near her unless a Radar Village is bought near either the Sub or Gwendolin.
Striker Jones No Large range, but cannot pop Camo Bloons unless a Radar Village is bought near Jones.
Obyn Greenfoot No Medium range. His Level 4 totems can grant an extra range boost if placed near the edge of his attack range.
Obyn's Totems No Short range. Before 9.0 it allowed Sub to detect Camo while also slowing bloons nearby. Now it only provides a boost against non-Camo bloons unless further support is bought.
Captain Churchill Yes (Level 6+) Large range. Very effective camo detection range if Churchill reaches Level 6.
Benjamin Yes (Level 18+) Small range. Not recommended as Advanced Intel range. Level 18+ allows him to detect camos with his Trojan, hence counts as camo range once he reaches at least Level 18.
Ezili Yes Medium range. Ezili always detects camo from the start, making her an alternate viable option over the Ninja, since she automatically levels up.
Ezili's Sacrificial Totem N/A Despite having high range and camo range, the totem itself doesn't count as intel.
Pat Fusty No Small range. Not recommended as Advanced Intel range.
Adora No Large range. Even further with Long Arm of Light. Cannot detect camo without support.
Admiral Brickell Yes (Level 7+) Moderate range. Gains extra range as she levels up. If she buffs with Naval Tactics, nearby water towers will benefit, potentially counting as camo detection if she is Level 8+, and also makes nearby Advanced Intel Subs temporarily count all intel range as camo range.
Etienne Yes (Level 5+) Large range. At Level 8+, all towers gain camo detection, rendering Camo Bloons useless.
Sauda Yes (Level 1+) Small range. Not recommended as intel range, but is still useful as camo range.
Psi Yes (Level 1+) Small Advanced Intel range, despite Psi being able to target anywhere on the screen. Not recommended as intel range, but is still useful as camo range.
Geraldo No Medium range. Cannot detect camos without support (such as See Invisibility Potion).
Geraldo's sub-towers ??? It can be assumed that Geraldo's sub-towers do count as intel, as of now... other sub-towers not certain (to be researched...).
  • Shooty Turret does count as intel. Moderately high range per unit cost. Can count as camo detection if Geraldo or a turret is given camo detection, such as the See Invisibility Potion
  • Rare Quincy Action Figure is assumed to count as normal intel. Small range.
  • Genie Bottle counts as intel including camo intel. Range is small. Limited time range.
Cave Monkey No Small range. Not recommended as Advanced Intel range.
Banana Farmer and other placeable Powers N/A In BTD5, the Monkey Farmer's large range counted as Advanced Intel range, being a very cheap and effective source for range. However, in BTD6 the Banana Farmer no longer counts as a range boost to the Sub.



Advanced Intel is a powerful range upgrade that boosts the Monkey Sub's potential to attack anywhere on screen. While it appears cheap later on in the game, it is quite expensive compared to other range-only upgrades in the game, but its greatest value comes from the addition of other towers with high range and/or natural camo detection.


  • Filling the map with 0-0-2 Darts across all areas of the bloon track can be used to let Advanced Intel cover most of the camo range for Monkey Subs with Advanced Intel. On water-heavy maps, 0-0-2 Buccaneers fulfill a similar role.
  • The highest range-per-dollar goes to the 0-0-0 Glue Gunner, at 46 range for $275 on Medium, but 0-0-2 Darts have the highest range-per-dollar as camo range, at 48 range for $490 on Medium.
  • Place the first Intel Subs not too far from the bloon track, because darts will take some time to move towards the bloons on the bloon track. Placing an Intel Sub away from the bloon track is still desirable though, so that dart attacks will less likely be obstructed by other area(s) of the bloon track.

Version History[]

The balance for Advanced Intel has been relatively stable across updates. Most of the buffs and nerfs are either quality-of-life changes or bug fixes to unintentional interactions (with the majority of those being camo detection bug fixes).

See #Miscellaneous Bug Fixes for a history of bug fixes with very minor changes for the Advanced Intel upgrade.

  • Buff Ballistic Missile now can target Camo Bloons from Advanced Intel.
  • Nerf Obyn's totems no longer count as camo intel unless Obyn has external camo detection.
  • Buff Advanced Intel has more range (50 → 52)
  • Change Indirect buff due to now providing infinite range for Ballistic Missile for the now limited range missiles.
  • Nerf Advanced Intel no longer grants Ballistic Missiles with camo detection even if there are camo-detecting towers on screen
  • Nerf Pre-Level 5 Etienne and Dartling Gunner without Advanced Targeting can no longer count as camo range
Ballistic Missile's 230 crosspath has been in a confusing spot for a while where it functioned different to Advanced Intel, so it has been converted to function with Advanced Intel in the same way that any other Sub upgrade would. [...]
~ Ninja Kiwi, referring to 2-3-0 Ballistics
  • Change 230 Ballistic Missile now benefits from Advanced Intel's targeting in the same way as all other sub attacks to instead seek the radius from other towers on the map.
    • Nerf This means the 2-3-0 Ballistic Missile attack will no longer have purely infinite range and depends on other towers to build range.
    • Buff However, Advanced Intel missiles can now detect Camo Bloons in the range of other towers with Camo Detection; previously, they could not detect camo this way.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes[]

  • Buff [bug fix] Monkey Sub darts now always home even without Advanced Intel.
  • Buff Monkey Sub with Advanced Intel now will (correctly) damage DDTs while the tower is in range of a MIB.
  • Buff Monkey Sub's Advanced Intel should no longer fail to correctly home on the first shot fired each round
  • Buff Ballistic Missile with Advanced Intel should now correctly have unrestricted range
  • Buff Advanced Intel no longer waits until the center pixel of blimps comes into radius before attacking
  • Change Advanced Intel no longer permanently breaks after being placed back down from a Door Gunner. Note that intel itself still can not apply when used as a Door Gunner


Official artwork[]


  • Advanced Intel is the only upgrade in the entire game that utilizes the concept of attacking only within range of other towers alongside its own range.