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Adora's devotion compels her to strike Bloons down with furious vengeance.
~ In-game description

Adora is a Hero in Bloons TD 6 who was added to the game in update 14.0. She shoots homing sunbeams that can pop up to 5 Bloons per shot, including Lead Bloons. She cannot detect Camo Bloons without support, and cannot pop Purple Bloons without her first ability.

Adora, a priestess who devotes herself to the Sun God, has three activated abilities that strengthen her with the power of the sun. Long Arm of Light improves her range and pierce temporarily, which she unlocks at Level 3+. Blood Sacrifice is a unique ability in which she immediately sacrifices towers for a large amount of XP, allowing her to level up very quickly starting from Level 7+. Her final ability is Ball of Light, unlocked at Level 10+, unleashes a ball of light that zaps the bloons like a Plasma Accelerator. If she levels up to Level 20+ and is within range of an emerging True Sun God, she transforms into the True Sun Goddess, massively empowering her power.

She costs $850 on Easy, $1,000 on Medium, $1,080 on Hard, and $1,200 on Impoppable. If Hero Favors is enabled, she will cost $765 on Easy, $900 on Medium, $970 on Hard, and $1,080 on Impoppable. Adora can be unlocked for BloonjaminsIcon 5000.

Adora has also received two hero skins and additional cosmetics. In update 16.0, Adora received a new skin called 'Joan of Arc Adora'. In update 32.0, Adora received a new skin called 'Voidora'. Each skin costs BloonjaminsIcon 2500 to unlock.


Adora will start upgrading herself every round upon placement. She earns more XP each round to unlock her next upgrade irrespective of how many bloons she pops. Her upgrades can also be immediately bought with cash, though the amount of cash required to purchase the next upgrade will typically increase as the upgrades get higher, making self-upgrading an important element for her overall power.

Adora requires almost twice as much experience (specifically 1.71x) to level up compared to Quincy, Gwendolin, Striker Jones, and Obyn Greenfoot. However, she is unique in that at Level 7, she can sacrifice other towers to gain experience from them depending on their cost. See below for further details.

Level 1
COST: $850 / $1,000 / $1,080 / $1,200

Description: Divine Bolt seeks out and destroys.
Effect: Summons bolts of the sun every 1.0s. Each bolt deals 1 damage, can pop up to 5 bloons, can pop Frozen Bloons and Lead Bloons, and aggressively seeks bloons. Adora starts with 45 range.
Level 2
COST: $308

Description: Increased attack range.
Effect: Range increases from 45 to 49.
Level 3
COST: $787

Description: The Long Arm of Light: Greatly increases attack range and power for a short time & damages all Bloon Types.
Effect: Gains The Long Arm of Light Ability. When activated, Adora receives double attack range, double pierce, and Normal Type (pops Black, White, Purple, Lead, Frozen)Normal type (NOTE: all of these improvements apply before any buffs) for 10s. Has a 45s cooldown.
Level 4
COST: $1,710
UNLOCK: 1,710 XP

Description: Shoots double Divine Bolts.
Effect: Shoots two Divine Bolts at a time in an Angular Spray (unspecified quantity and angle) angular spray.
Level 5
COST: $3,181
UNLOCK: 3,181 XP

Description: Divine bolts pierce through more Bloons.
Effect: Increases pierce per Divine Bolt from 5 to 8.
Level 6
COST: $5,609
UNLOCK: 5,609 XP

Description: Shoots 3 Divine Bolts at a time.
Effect: Gains a 3rd Divine Bolt per shot.
Level 7
COST: $8,858
UNLOCK: 8,858 XP

Description: Blood Sacrifice: Sacrifice a targeted Tower to grant Adora large amounts of XP and boost her attack range and rate of fire for a short time.
Effect: Gains the Blood Sacrifice ability. When activated, the player selects a tower to sacrifice, removing it from the map and giving Adora XP and temporary range and attack speed buffs as follows:
  • Adora gains 4x XP per $1 worth of sacrifices and gains a minimum of both +10% range and 0.90x attack cooldown for up to 10 seconds.
  • By default, the temporary buff gives +10% range and 0.90x attack cooldown. For every $100 worth of sacrifices, Adora gains +1% range and attack cooldown additively decreased by 0.01, capped at 0.75x attack cooldown and +25% range.
  • The range and attack speed buffs last 10 seconds and the ability has a 30 second cooldown. The range and speed buffs also apply to nearby Sun Avatars and above.
Level 8
COST: $14,227
UNLOCK: 14,227 XP

Description: Shoots 4 Divine Bolts at a time.
Effect: Gains a 4th Divine Bolt per shot.
Level 9
COST: $16,040
UNLOCK: 16,040 XP

Description: Increased attack range and increased damage to fortified bloons.
Effect: Range increases from 49 to 54. Main attack grant +1 damage to Fortified bloons.
Level 10
COST: $23,290
UNLOCK: 23,290 XP

Description: Ball of Light: Brings forth a powerful ball of energy to strike down the Bloons.
Effect: Gains the Ball of Light ability. When activated, a ball orbits Adora that damages bloons based on her target priority. The ball deals 3 damage, +3 damage to fortified Bloons, every 0.05 seconds on up to 8 bloons, and has infinite range. Lasts for 12s and has a 60s cooldown.
Level 11
COST: $28,010
UNLOCK: 28,010 XP

Description: Adora increases attack speed.
Effect: Increases attack speed by 17.6% (0.85x attack cooldown). Now attacks every 0.85s.
Level 12
COST: $24,624
UNLOCK: 24,624 XP

Description: Shoots 5 Divine Bolts at a time.
Effect: Gains a 5th Divine Bolt per shot.
Level 13
COST: $28,472
UNLOCK: 28,472 XP

Description: Divine Bolts pierce through even more Bloons. Increased damage to fortified bloons.
Effect: Pierce of Divine Bolts and Ball of Light improves from 8 to 11. Main attack deal extra damage +2 to fortified instead of +1.
Level 14
COST: $25,547
UNLOCK: 25,547 XP

Description: Shoots 6 Divine Bolts at a time.
Effect: Gains a 6th Divine Bolt per shot.
Level 15
COST: $28,010
UNLOCK: 28,010 XP

Description: Divine Bolts burn through an extra Bloon layer, plus Ball of Light deals more damage.
Effect: Divine Bolt damage increases from 1 to 2, and Ball of Light damage increases from 3 to 5, and Ball of Light does extra +5 damage to fortified Bloons instead of +3.
Level 16
COST: $30,472
UNLOCK: 30,472 XP

Description: Long Arm of Light becomes even more deadly.
Effect: Long Arm of Light lasts 5 seconds longer and doubles the damage of Divine Bolts for the duration.
Level 17
COST: $32,935
UNLOCK: 32,935 XP

Description: Adora increases attack speed even more.
Effect: +21.42% attack speed (0.8235x attack cooldown). Now attacks every 0.7s.
Level 18
COST: $35,397
UNLOCK: 35,397 XP

Description: Shoots 8 Divine Bolts at a time.
Effect: Shoots 2 more Divine Bolts per shot, for a total of 8 Divine Bolts per shot.
Level 19
COST: $28,164
UNLOCK: 28,164 XP

Description: Increased attack range. Increased damage to fortified Bloons.
Effect: Range increases from 54 to 59. Main attack now deal extra +3 damage to fortified bloons instead of +2.
Level 20
COST: $29,549
UNLOCK: 29,549 XP

Description: Ball of Light is greatly improved, plus increased rate of fire, range, and duration buffs from Sacrifices.
Effect: Ball of Light deals 20 damage instead of 5, deal extra +20 damage to fortified Bloons instead of +5 and gains normal damage type, letting it damage purple bloons. Sacrifices still cost the same rate ($100 per 1%), the cap is doubled (+50% range and 0.5x attack cooldown), and last for 60s instead of 10s. Can receive enormous damage and pierce buffs if nearby a True Sun God (or VTSG): Divine Bolts gain +8 Damage and +30 Pierce, and Ball of Light gains +80 Damage and +35 Pierce.

Activated Abilities[]

See also: Activated Abilities (BTD6)#Adora

Adora has three activated abilities: Long Arm of Light (Level 3+), Blood Sacrifice (Level 7+), and Ball of Light (Level 10+).

The Long Arm of Light Ability[]


Long Arm of Light Ability

While active, Adora's attack range and Pierce are boosted tremendously. This ability also allows her to pop Purple Bloons. This ability becomes even more potent at Level 16. The ability cooldown is 45 seconds at all levels.

  • Level 3: Double pierce, double range, and allows Adora to pop Purple Bloons for 10 seconds.
  • Level 16: Now doubles damage and ability lasts 15 seconds.

Blood Sacrifice Ability[]


Blood Sacrifice Ability

Adora can sacrifice another tower on the field to give herself a large XP boost for no cost. The amount varies depending on the cost of the tower and its upgrades, with more expensive towers granting more XP. The amount is 4 times the value of the sacrificed tower; e.g. if she sacrifices a tower worth $6,500, it's as though she applied $26,000 toward XP. This number is also affected by the Energizer and its 50% hero XP increase.

Additionally, upon activation Adora and all Sun Avatars in range receive a minimum 11% extra attack speed and 10% extra range for 10 seconds. The cap for the buff benefits is 0.75x attack cooldown (+33% attack speed) and +25% range. At level 20, the attack speed boost is capped at double attack speed and +50% range (see also the calculations section). Blood Sacrifice buff also affects Sun Temple and True Sun God. While the buffs cannot be stacked, if a stronger buff is applied before a weaker one, then the weaker one will still take effect once the stronger one wears off. Stronger buffs always override weaker ones.

The cooldown for the ability is 30 seconds. Before Level 20, that is 33% uptime, but after that it's 200% uptime.

Ball of Light Ability[]


Ball of Light Ability

A ball of light surrounds Adora for a short while, doing massive damage against a single target at an (apparently) unlimited range. This attack, while independent, relies on the same targeting priority as Adora herself. This ability becomes more powerful when Adora is fully leveled up. At level 20, it can remain active more than half the time, allowing her to take down a B.A.D. single-handedly on some maps. Although Adora cannot detect camo Bloons without support (e.g. Radar Scanner) the ball of light itself CAN detect camo, if it passes through the radius of a 0-2-0 village, as it is orbiting the tower, even when Adora herself is not within the radius.

The ball of light lasts for 12 seconds before disappearing. Cooldown of 60 seconds.

Leveling up[]

Level Cost / XP Cumulative   
1 Base Base
2 308 308
3 787 1095
4 1710 2805
5 3181 5986
6 5609 11,595
7 8858 20,453
8 14,227 34,680
9 16,040 50,720
10 23,290 74,010
11 28,010 102,020
12 24,624 126,644
13 28,472 155,116
14 25,547 180,663
15 28,010 208,673
16 30,472 239,145
17 32,935 272,080
18 35,397 307,477
19 28,164 335,641
20 29,549 365,190

True Sun Goddess[]

True goddess adora summoned by the lord

True Sun Goddess Adora summoned by having her range reach an emerging True Sun God

If a Level 20 Adora is in range of a Sun Temple or Sun Temple in range of Level 20 Adora, when upgrading to the True Sun God, she will float into the air and change to a more powerful form, granting her +8 damage and +30 pierce for her main attack, and further increasing to +80 damage and +35 pierce for the Ball of Light attack. If the Sun Temple upgrades to the Vengeful True Sun God, Adora will transform into a "vengeful" version of herself; this form is not more powerful than the True Sun God version, however, and is purely cosmetic. She remains in the empowered form even if the True Sun God or Vengeful True Sun God is sold or sacrificed.

When a player successfully transforms Adora into her Vengeful Goddess form, the player obtains the achievement "Strangely Adorable".

On Adora's Temple, if she transforms into the vengeful version, the map's appearance changes as well; the temple becomes dark, and the water pools turn blood-red. Similar interactions occur on Lotus Island if the temple is placed on the podium; the lotus fruits become dark purple.

Upon reaching True Sun Goddess form, provided she is still on screen, Adora will permanently change her voice into a distorted chromatic sound filter, alongside altering some of her voicelines entirely. Some of her new voicelines are ominous in nature.



Adora is primarily an offense-based hero who relies heavily on support for optimizing her strengths. She shoots homing sunbeam projectiles with moderate pierce and good range, and can shoot more projectiles per shot at higher levels. Although arguably decent early-game, she is weak in mid-game without utilizing her Blood Sacrifice ability to gain higher levels. Backup support is important to act as a safety net while her abilities are on cooldown, and external buffs such as Berserker Brew and Radar Scanner are important to ensure she can utilize her maximum power. The one major advantage is that she is able to sacrifice towers on any game mode, allowing potential to add alternate defenses.

On CHIMPS Mode, her true strength is weakened due to the lack of income generation to afford large investments in sacrifices. However, Level 20 Adora + Call To Arms can obliterate almost all rounds if she can be achieved by this stage, but this requires extreme skill to get there. She is also the only method to remove towers with benefits via sacrificing them (as selling is disabled in CHIMPS), allowing players to freely invest in strong early and mid-game towers to cover her weaknesses in early-to-mid-game rounds (especially Round 40 and high-density bloon rounds), and sacrifice them to convert them into late-game power once they start to fall off. Generally speaking in CHIMPS, she is strong in the early-game and late-game but has a weak mid-game.

Conversely, the Version 27.0 buffs for Adora has made her the best option for extreme late-game runs, due to her extremely high uptime for her Blood Sacrifice ability that also buffs Sun Avatars and above, including Vengeful True Sun God and multiple supporting Sun Temples, across a very large range. This makes her a go-to hero option for extreme late-game runs if not going for Ezili, Brickell, or Geraldo.


  • Try Alch-buffing Adora, as her many projectiles benefit more from Alchemist buffs compared to other heroes.
  • Use her abilities conservatively, as the bulk of her power comes from her abilities and they make good lifelines as they can quickly wipe out many bloons at great range. Keeping her abilities off cooldown can easily be what saves a round.
  • If unneeded towers are still on screen, the Blood Sacrifice ability can be used to wipe them out. If this is desired, especially on CHIMPS where early-game towers can block placement of more powerful towers, then this is a suitable choice of hero to pick.
  • A Monkey City can provide free Dart Monkeys to buff Adora through Blood Sacrifice. Although this will not improve her leveling like normal towers would, the free sacrifices will help give her a cost-free buff for Adora.
  • Most of her power lies with leveling up her quickly through Blood Sacrifice. While her early-game is acceptable, she heavily falls behind in the mid-game without her abilities active. Even while investing huge sums of money into her, she can still struggle in the late-game, even at Level 20.
  • Adora's early-game is decent but not superior like Obyn Greenfoot. She can struggle with the Round 40 MOAB, however, and must use proper timing of her Long Arm of Light ability and in order to survive difficult rounds such as the aforementioned round.
  • The mid-game is Adora's greatest weakness, especially on CHIMPS Mode. By using powerful mid-game towers to survive the mid-game, she can counter her weak power during her intermediate levels. After all, she can later sacrifice no longer needed mid-game towers in exchange for even more internal power for the late-game.
  • In the late-game, Adora relies on other towers to make up for her huge power while her abilities are under cooldown. The best support for her during the late-game is a combination of different stalling towers, so that she can recharge her abilities on time in preparation for harder stages of the game. Other ability-based towers will also synergize well if themselves do not rely on Adora's high damage abilities, a good example being Bloon Sabotage, which itself can also be used as a stall in some uses.
    • As for individual towers, Perma-Spike can help tank weaker groups of bloons that Adora even with her abilities cannot fully eliminate alone. Both she and Perma-Spike greatly benefits from stalling, which is worth taking note of.
  • It is not recommended to use Adora on Co-Op Mode:
    • On Co-Op Mode, Adora not only drastically decreases the shared hero XP due to her slow leveling, but she will not get level 7 until around the rounds 41-50 if not later, leaving her dealing very minimal damage to any bloon type beforehand (especially against the MOAB on round 40, where she will almost never pop the MOAB layer on her own on most maps even with Long Arm of Light). In addition, Blood Sacrifice only works on the towers that the person who placed Adora has, meaning farming more towers to sacrifice would take too long and often hamper the player's defense. Using a Hero Booster is recommended if the player uses Adora on co-op.
  • On CHIMPS, the player is unable to farm for additional towers and Adora is relatively weak on lower levels against Ceramic Bloons and MOAB-class bloons. Her capability to sacrifice towers can end up losing more money than the player can gain back, as she is unable to naturally reach level 20 without Energizer or sacrificing precious defense. If selected on CHIMPS, it might be best to sacrifice early game towers and rely on a tier 5 to support the rest of the defense such as a Perma-Spike.
  • Level 20 Adora + Call To Arms pretty much obliterates almost all maps including True Expert Maps. Reaching this stage is essentially a full win on CHIMPS Mode.
  • Ball of Light follows whichever target priority Adora is currently set at. Choose the right targeting for the correct needs. Generally, Strong is most practical for its high single-target damage.
  • For purely the Blood Sacrifice's stat bonuses, go for the bare minimum sacrifice amount of the maximum effect.
    • At Levels 7-19, a quick way to get approximately the bare minimal $1,500 per sacrifice can be done with the following:
    • At Level 20, a quick way to get approximately the bare minimal $2,000 per sacrifice can be done with the following:
  • As of 27.0, she is the meta hero for attempting to get into higher freeplay rounds, as her Blood Sacrifice can buff Sun Avatars and above, which means it can give a VTSG double attack speed and a 50% range bonus.

Blood Sacrifice calculations[]

The higher monetary cost of Adora sacrifices, the greater the value of the stat boosts. Starting with +10% range and +11% attack speed (0.90x attack cooldown), Adora gains a higher boost with higher sacrifices. Sacrifices costing far more than $2000 (for level 20 Adora) or $1500 (for level 7-19 Adora) will give the exact same boost as those costing only slightly above those values.

In the formulas below, x is the cost of the sacrificed tower (including upgrades) and b% is the boost that the sacrifice will give as a percentage.

Range boost formulas[]

Adora's range boost

(Now the data of level 20 is invalid)

Adora's sacrifices boost range according to the following formulas.

  • For level 20 Adora:
  • For level 7-19 Adora:

Speed boost formulas[]

The following graphs are Desmos graphs of the functions determining the attack speed bonuses given by Adora's sacrifices. The blue curve is for level 7+ Adora, and red curve is for level 20 Adora. The x-axis is the cost of the sacrificed towers and the y-axis is the speed boost percentage.

Adora's speed boost

(Now the data of level 20 is invalid)

Adora's sacrifices boost attack speed according to the following formulas.

  • For level 20 Adora:
  • For level 7-19 Adora:

Version History[]

Balance Changes[]

Adora received a small buff in the early 20's updates, mostly to improve her balancing before she reaches her powerful Level 20. While some higher skilled players debate that Adora is one of the worst heroes, casual players often tend to prefer using her instead because of her multiple accurate long-ranged bolts, while experts with Adora debate that she actually is very powerful but highly skill-based and possesses a weak mid-game.

Her buffs in Version 27.0 led to her displacing Admiral Brickell as the meta Freeplay Mode support hero as her Blood Sacrifice now provides the same amount of speed boost as Naval Tactics but with much better uptime.

In Version 33.0, Adora was given extra damage to Fortified Bloons at many levels, intending to serve a niche as an anti-Fortified Hero, which served as a noticeable increase to her strength.

Version 38.0 and 39.0 started adding net nerfs to Adora in order to increase her dependence on buffs and ability timings more carefully, since Adora has been widely used to excel at damage compared to other heroes in the game.

Keeping in line with our "Slow" hero XP curve, Adora's XP requirement will be reduced to match the new curve applied on Churchill
  • BUFF XP requirements for all levels reduced by 5% (1.8x levelling speed to 1.71x levelling speed)
    • Ninja Kiwi provided reasoning for this balance change in the 21.0 Patch Notes.
Adora's level 7 ability served little purpose once she reached level 20, to solve this and also give her a small overall buff we have applied an extra bonus when sacrifice is used.
  • BUFF Blood Sacrifice now also increases the attack speed and range of Adora and Sun Avatars in range by 10% each for 10 seconds. Also affects Sun Temples and above.
    • Ninja Kiwi provided reasoning for this balance change in the 22.0 Patch Notes.
  • Description changed to reflect buff.
    • Changed from "Blood Sacrifice: Sacrifice a targeted Tower to grant Adora large amounts of XP." to "Blood Sacrifice: Sacrifice a targeted Tower to grant Adora large amounts of XP and boost her attack range and rate of fire for a short time."
Ball of Light's power before level 20 has been improved to scale through the mid game better
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Level 10-14 Ball of Light damage increased compared to Adora's base damage (+1 to +2)
  • BUFF 15-19 Ball of Light damage increased compared to Adora's base damage (+1 to +3)
  • Change Lv20 Ball of Light remains at +18 compared to Adora's base damage (20)
In order to just generally grant more value to this ability and develop strategy in what targets you want to pick to use it on and when, Adora's buff gained after sacrificing another tower will now scale based on the sacrifice's cost. Additionally as Sacrifice loses value when using it after Adora reaches the level 20 cap it now receives a large duration buff at that point.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Lv7 Sacrifice's buff of -10% attack cooldown and +10% range is now a 'minimum' amount
    • NK states it as "+10%" to the attack speed bonus, which is false. Range percentage bonus is correct.
  • BUFF Lv7 Sacrifice's buff value now reduce attack cooldown by 1% for every $100 value of sacrifice made
    • NK states it as "+1%" to the attack speed bonus, which is false. Range percentage bonus is correct.
  • Change Lv7 Sacrifice's buff caps at a maximum buff of +33%
    • NK states it as "+25%"
  • BUFF Lv20 now increases Sacrifice's buff to +1% for every $50 value to a maximum of +100%
    • NK states it as "+50%"
  • BUFF Lv20 now increases Sacrifice's buff duration from 10s -> 60s
  • BUFF Lv20 True Sun Transformation damage bonus increased 5 -> 8
  • BUFF Lv20 True Sun Goddess Adora buff increases Ball of Light ability pierce from 43 to 48
  • BUFF Lv20 True Sun Goddess Adora buff increases Ball of Light ability damage from 28 to 100
Adora feels like the perfect target to fill a current hole heroes have, we so far have no real dedicated ‘Fortification Buster’ among us in the hero lineup so giving this to Adora will hopefully allow for new unique use cases that the others don’t fill.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Long Arm of Light cooldown reduced from 45s → 35s
  • BUFF Adora's main attack now deals bonus damage to Fortified
    • BUFF Level 9-12 main attack deals +2 damage to Fortified
    • BUFF Level 13-18 main attack deals +3 damage to Fortified
    • BUFF Level 19+ main attack deals +4 damage to Fortified
  • BUFF Adora's Ball of Light now deals bonus damage to Fortified
    • BUFF Level 10-14 Ball of Light deals +3 damage to Fortified
    • BUFF Level 15-19 Ball of Light deals +5 damage to Fortified
    • BUFF Level 20 Ball of Light deals +20 damage to Fortified
Adora skyrocketed in value with her fortification changes and this has been great, but the initial fort bonus she gains doesn't feel like it needs to immediately start at +2 given her base damage of only 1
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Level 9-12 Adora main attack bonus damage to fortified Bloons reduced from +2 → +1
  • NERF Level 13-18 Adora main attack bonus damage to Fortified Bloons reduced from +3 → +2
  • NERF Level 19+ Adora main attack bonus damage to Fortified Bloons reduced from +4 → +3
While they are complicated individuals, Adora can now fully appreciate the sacrifice of the newest Monkeys in the struggle against the Bloons.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • BUFF Blood Sacrifice ability can now be used on Beast Handlers
Adora is a unique hero in how she has a great deal more value in spending cash to level her up faster, however she outperforms other heroes by too much regardless of this added cost. As her ability uptime is so incredibly good to the point of being completely spammable we’re increasing that cooldown slightly and reducing her base pierce in the higher levels so more thought must be required to utilize the large pierce increase she gains from usage of that ability.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Lv3 Long Arm of Light cooldown increased from 35s → 40s
  • NERF Lvl13 Main attack pierce reduced from 13 → 11
Adora performs extremely well throughout the hardest rounds without any significant weakness that feel fairly comparable to other top of the line heroes. Due to very high ability uptime there is low strategic requirement to her ability timing much of the time, and a strong highly buffable baseline of power even when abilities are not active.
~ Ninja Kiwi
  • NERF Adora Long Arm of Light ability cooldown increased (40s → 45s)
  • NERF Adora Bloon Sacrifice cooldown increased (10s → 30s)
  • NERF Adora Level 11-16 attack cooldown increased (0.8s → 0.85s)
  • NERF Adora Level 17+ attack cooldown delay increased (0.6s → 0.7s)
  • NERF Adora Level 20 Blood Sacrifice value required per 1% multiplier no longer increased ($50 / 1% buff → $100 / 1% buff)
While we like giving players lots to choose from as early as possible, we’ve seen feedback that the current hero unlock flow can feel overwhelming with all Monkey Money unlockable heroes becoming available immediately at account level 10. To address this, we are spacing this period out with a few different groupings of Hero unlocks and holding back some of the more complex Heroes until account level 35.
~ Ninja Kiwi, Version 42.0 preview notes
  • NERF Adora now unlocks at Level 25 instead of Level 10

Bug Fixes and General Changes[]

  • Level 1's description removed "Bloons" of the sentence.
  • Level 3's description added "& damages all Bloon Types." at the end.
  • Level 15's description added "plus Ball of Light deals more damage." at the end.
  • Level 20's description added "plus increased rate of fire, range, and duration buffs from Sacrifices." at the end and separated the previous clause with a comma.
  • Updated several level descriptions to account for the buffs
  • NERF [Undocumented bug] Level 1 main attack now deals 0 damage by default, level 2 still deals 1 damage per bolt, all other levels remain unchanged.
  • BUFF Fixed above bug
  • Resolved an issue with voice lines playing on the wrong skins
  • Resolved issues with Sunbeam Placement not loading in correctly


  • None (so far)
  • [36.0] Adora Level 1 could not pop bloons at all, while upgrading her in any way allows her to pop bloons again. This is likely related to the recent Version 36.0 Fortified damage nerfs. Example footage of such on YouTube. Patched in 36.1.


Adora has different cosmetics that can be bought to add visual flair to her. These are purely visual and do not influence how she performs in-game. Hero Skins for Adora are available once she is unlocked.


Adora has two additional skins that can be bought for a one-off purchase of BloonjaminsIcon2500 each. The first one, Joan of Arc, dons her as a medieval-themed priestess. The second one, Voidora, dons her as darkness, sharing some similarities to Ezili.

Image Skin Description Added
AdoraPortrait Original Adora Adora's devotion compels her to strike Bloons down with furious vengeance. 14.0
JoanOfArcPortrait Joan of Arc All battles are first won or lost in the mind. 16.0
VoidoraPortrait Voidora From the void, I have arrived 32.0

Visual Improvements[]

Profile Pictures[]

In-Game Quotes[]

Original Adora[]

When selected on the Heroes menu:

When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When transformed into her sun goddess form:

When MOAB-class Bloon appears:

When MOAB-class Bloon is destroyed:

When activating ability:

When Bloons escape:

Joan of Arc Adora[]

When selected on the Heroes menu:

When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When transformed into her sun goddess form:

When MOAB-class Bloon appears:

When MOAB-class Bloon is destroyed:

When activating ability:

When Bloons escape:


When selected on the Heroes menu:

When placed:

When selected:

When upgraded:

When transformed into her sun goddess form:

When MOAB-class Bloon appears:

When MOAB-class Bloon is destroyed:

When activating ability:

When Bloons escape:


Other sound effects related to Adora that are not specifically her voicelines are shown here.

When placing Adora with Sunbeam item active:

When Adora shoots sunbeams:

When activating Long Arm of Light with Hero Voicelines off:

When activating Blood Sacrifice with Hero Voicelines off:

When activating Ball of Light with Hero Voicelines off:


See the Gallery Section!

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See Adora (BTD6)/Gallery to find the new fresh gallery section!



Joan of Arc Adora Level 7 on Version 17.0. Note new firey trail

  • Adora is the third female hero monkey after Gwendolin and Ezili and is followed by Brickell and Sauda.
  • Prior to v22.0, Adora was the third fully offensive hero in the game after Quincy and Captain Churchill.
    • In v22.0, Adora was given a buff to Blood Sacrifice that allowed her to increase the attack speed and range of Sun Avatars and above, thus removing her status as a fully offensive hero.
  • Adora is one of the most expensive heroes added in an update, costing BloonjaminsIcon 5000 to unlock. The only other four with the same price are Admiral Brickell, Etienne, Sauda, and Psi.
    • In addition, Corvus and Geraldo are the only two heroes more expensive than Adora, costing BloonjaminsIcon 7000.
  • The function of the Blood Sacrifice ability is similar to the Soulbind ability which was previously an upgrade for the Wizard Monkey. However, instead of granting extra lives, the sacrificed tower grants extra XP for Adora.
    • The sacrifice is also immediate once a tower is selected, and cannot be activated at will.
    • The highlight for Blood Sacrifice is the same as the previous Soulbind ability, but with a different color.
  • She currently holds the record for the longest attainable range (read display range), after buffs from Monkey Village, Permanent Brew, True Sun God, and activating her abilities Long Arm of Light and Blood Sacrifice.
  • It is possible to activate her level 10 ability multiple times using the reset ability cooldown feature in Sandbox.
  • Adora's voice gets an otherworldly echo when in Vengeful form.
    • This also occurs when transforming to True Sun God form.
  • It has been speculated that Adora's Blood Sacrifice ability uses more than just a quick absorption of the tower into Adora. Some fans have speculated that the red coloring on her hands is actually blood, while in close appearance it looks more like red gloves. Regardless, there are no blood stains on her hands to avoid depictions of realistic violence.


  • Adora is the first Hero monkey not to have been leaked from the files prior to the 2.0 update.
    • However, she was still datamined from the game files two days before the Ninja Kiwi tweet of the new hero.
  • In Version 13.0, the name of Carved map in Simplified Chinese was incorrectly written as the Adora's Level 20's description (Ball of Light is greatly improved), unintentionally leaking some information of Adora. As this wasn't in English, it didn't get much attention or suspected as leaks for a possible hero level up description.

Balance changes[]

  • Since Version 17.0, the Joan of Arc skin received a set of changes. Her projectile trail changed to a fiery trail instead of using default Adora's light trail, and she always holds her dagger at Level 7+.
  • Adora had not been buffed for 6 whole updates since her initial release on Version 14.0. On Version 21.0, 7 updates later, she received one simple XP rate buff.

Blog posts[]

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Cultural references[]

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