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This is a page contains strategies for the Intermediate map Adora's Temple.


  • There are multiple paths but they are long. There are also major line of sight blockers throughout the map, except the top of the temple.
  • Thus, put your main DPS tower on top of the tower if it fits and has good range, and buff them with a nearby Village and Alchemist. Some good choices are:
    • 5-0-2 Archmage, for his huge range and independent popping power. Due to Guided Magic, he does not necessarily need to be at the very top.
    • 2-0-5 Prince of Darkness, also for his huge range. Necromancers in general are excellent due to the bloons circling around the sides of the pyramid and thus running into many zombie bloons. Just like with Archmage, Guided Magic lets PoD concede the top to some other tower.
    • Snipers, although x-2-x Shrapnel Shot is weaker at the top of the pyramid because most of the bloons' paths are along the sides of the temple, perpendicular to the shrapnel's direction. x-3-x Bouncing Bullet makes up for this.
    • Despite the multiple paths, the bloons only reach the top of the pyramid at the end of their path, making a well-positioned x-x-5 Perma-Spike feasible.
    • 0-2-5 Crossbow Master is a decent choice due to his range and popping power, but falls short especially in the late game because like the snipers, the perpendicular paths make his crossbow's pierce ineffective.
  • x-x-2 Monkey Aces are great because the Centered Path puts it very close to the track where it can do the most damage.
    • A 5-x-x Carrier Flagship provides a further buff along with having its own decent air attacks.
  • Despite the straight paths, 2-0-0 Pursuit Helis are not recommended because the bloons coming from multiple paths that are far apart can lead to the heli not making up its mind over which path to attack. Manual positioning is feasible however, if you are willing to micro.
  • One way of beating chimps on this map involves rushing Arcane Spike before r40 with Obyn Greenfoot as the hero. A key step is to use Obyn's Brambles to deal with the first green camo at r24 & rush for Monkey Sense afterwards. Without any extra money spent on camo detection Arcane Spike should be affordable at r38, 39 or so (provided that the only other money spent is on a dart and sub w/ twin guns for early rounds & purple popping). After r40, get radar scanner as soon as possible. Moderately buffing the duo with a 300 alchemist will easily enable you to save for archmage which will last you all the way through the late 80s (with jungle drums and berserker brew & WoT). By then you should have more than 50k at your disposal for a second fifth tier tower. Avatar of Wrath is recommended for its consistently strong popping power for later rounds such as r98.