Adora's Temple is an Intermediate Track in Bloons TD 6. It was introduced in the Version 14.0 update, along with the Beginner Map Winter Park.


Adora's Temple takes place at a temple with four entrances/exits, one on each side of the screen. Bloons enter from these points, navigate around the perimeter of the temple, and then exit the track on the opposite side from where they entered. Towers can be placed on the elevated steps on the temple, though the steps partially limit the range of towers placed on the temple. The track also has four fountains surrounding the temple that can be used to place water towers.

When an Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey is placed, it causes an easter egg where the map is turned into a Vengeful Temple like theme, which includes red water, a dark purple temple, and red hieroglyphics.


Monkey Money Rewards
Btd6monkeymoney Easy[?] Medium[?] Hard[?] Impoppable[?]
First Time $150 $250 $400 $600
Completed $30 $50 $80 $120


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  • Adora's Temple is named after the hero Adora, who was also introduced in Version 14.0.
    • This makes Adora's Temple the second map to be named after a hero, the first being Pat's Pond.
  • If a player builds an Avatar of the Vengeful Monkey, the map will transform into a dark temple, with the stones turning dark and the water turning into blood. This will not change gameplay.
  • The glyphs on the temple are in the same language as the glyphs in the teaser document depicting Druids and Obyn Greenfoot. In English, they read "MAX SUN" (horizontally) and "APEX DARK" (vertically).
    • The horizontal text actually reads "MAX SDN," but this is most likely a misprint.
  • It is the second temple-based track in BTD , the first being Monkey Temple from BTD4 Expansion .

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