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Alchemists' acid pools last 5 second longer.
~ In-game description

Acid Stability is an upgrade in the Magic Monkey Knowledge tree. It allows Acid Pool puddles to last 12 seconds instead of 7. It requires four magic knowledge points invested, Strong Tonic, and a one-time purchase of BloonjaminsIcon250.



Acid Pools become more reliable at stockpiling but can be worse for Rubber to Gold which relies on converting stronger bloons into gold.


  • This MK is not recommended if going for Rubber to Gold spam, as this actually causes more bloons to pop before the special Rubber to Gold attacks can take place. Additionally, adding more Acid Pools causes more lag when spamming Rubber to Golds across the entire map.
  • Using this MK can make it easier to counter early Purple Bloon rounds on Magic Monkeys Only on Flooded Valley outside of your hero, prior to buying Wizard Monkey's Necromancer upgrade.
  • The increased lifespan of Acid Pools can benefit the potential for Lead to Gold effects to eliminate Leads more effectively.



  • Acid Stability is currently the deepest MK Point that benefits the Alchemist.