If no Bloons are nearby Alchemist can drench nearby track with acid.
~ Bloons Tower Defense 6 description.

Acid Pool is the first upgrade on the bottom path for the Alchemist in BTD6. It allows the Alchemist to create small, short-lived pools of corrosive acid near it to damage bloons when none are within its radius or if the Alchemist misses. When there are no bloons around the radius, the Alchemist will spawn an Acid Pool around its radius every 2.0 seconds. Each Acid Pool can soak up to 5 bloons or last for 7 seconds before disappearing, whichever comes first. It costs $510 on Easy, $600 on Medium, $650 on Hard and $720 on Impoppable.


  • Once 5 bloons pass over a pool, it is used up and all bloons hit become soaked in acid, having a similar effect as if it was splashed manually, dealing 3 layers of damage over 4.0 seconds.
  • A Monkey Knowledge upgrade named Acid Stability allows the pools to stay for 5 seconds longer, massively boosting its potential.


  • It is recommended to place a grouped amount of these as just one or two are highly ineffective.



  • This upgrade is also affected by Stronger Acid and will change its visual design from red to purple and have similar damage.
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