Ace Private Hangar

The Ace Private Hangar is a Specialty Building for the Monkey Ace added to Bloons TD 5 as an update on the 21st of June, 2012. It costs Monkey Dollar3,250 to fully upgrade it and it increases the cost of Monkey Buccaneers and their upgrades by 5%. Ace Private Hangar is not the most expensive Specialty Building, as the Super Monkey Lair costs Monkey Dollar2500. The third upgrade makes the Monkey Ace resemble the Monkey Aces shot out by the Aircraft Carrier, but shooting only 1 dart stream.

The Ace Private Hanger is useful mostly in tracks where there is no water, because Monkey Buccaneers cannot be placed in tracks without water, unless the player is willing to use Portable Lakes. This Specialty Building is also useful in tracks where there are many good spots for Monkey Aces to place and for them to take advantage of, such as Snowflake with the Monkey Ace targetting in the O-formation or Monkey Lane at the center of the map with the Monkey Ace targetting in the figure-8-formation.



  • Initial cost is Monkey Dollar1000
  • Second upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1000
  • Third upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1250
  • (Bloons TD5 Mobile only) Fourth upgrade costs Monkey Dollar1250 (forward gunners fire even if the Monkey Ace isn't facing Bloons, but doesn't act like a Spectre otherwise it would be too overpowered, only fires at close range, like Tier III)

Tips and NotesEdit

The fast-firing gun in the third upgrade only fires if the Monkey Ace is directly facing the bloons. The darts do not home in on bloons, even with the Neva-Miss Targeting Monkey Ace. A Spectre can fire in two different directions with the third upgrade; the direction that it normally fires and a second stream of darts right in front of it.


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