For the BTD5 upgrade of the same name, see Absolute Zero (BTD5).
Ability is so cold it fully freezes all Bloon types including cold immune, camo, and MOAB-Class.
~ BTD6 description

Absolute Zero is the fifth and final upgrade of Path 2 for the Ice Monkey in BTD6. Unlike in BTD5, Absolute Zero's attacks are based upon the Arctic Wind upgrade instead of Ice Shards. Compared to the Absolute Zero's previous upgrade, Snowstorm, this upgrade comes with a much more powerful freezing ability that freezes and damages all bloon types for a full 15 seconds, a shorter ability cooldown decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, its ability has no initial cooldown, and activating the Absolute Zero ability grants all Ice Monkeys on screen with double attack speed while the ability is active. Additionally, its slowdown aura slows bloons by 60% instead of 50%, its main attack can freeze up to 300 bloons instead of 100, and all its freezing attacks can penetrate 4 layers instead of 2.

It costs $22,100 on Easy, $26,000 on Medium, $28,080 on Hard, and $31,200 on Impoppable.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Absolute Zero's ability can instantly freeze MOAB-class bloons for a respectable amount of time, reducing their speed to a near halt temporarily. The main advantage comes from its lack of an initial cooldown, allowing for buy-and-resell strategies to benefit from this. On CHIMPS games, where selling is disabled, it still has a considerable role in the defense but is more limited due to the moderately long cooldown of its ability.

Because the Absolute Zero improves its range, potency of its slowdown aura, and pierce, it is essentially a stronger version of Snowstorm. The special attack speed buffs for Ice Monkeys with the Absolute Zero ability is useful, but this one benefit remains limited to niche strategies involving heavy Ice Monkey defenses.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • As Absolute Zero is much more powerful in Bloons Tower Defense 6, it can freeze M.O.A.B. Class Bloons for a short time, which is great against DDTs.
  • Even though the 2.0 update buff allowed Snowstorm to freeze MOAB-class, although for a much shorter time, the Absolute Zero upgrade is more useful because it has no initial cooldown and also because the slow effect lasts much longer.
  • The freeze effect is shorter than Bloon Sabotage, but it gives a much better speed reduction than Bloon Sabotage's 50%. This can be extremely helpful against Round 99, if the main damage-dealing towers of a particular defense can affect Frozen.
  • The Ice Monkey speed buff effect works well alongside the other Tier 5 towers. If possible, set-up Super Brittle and Icicle Impale for maximum effect.
  • Do note that M.O.A.B. Class Bloons affected by the ability count as frozen, so plan accordingly.

Version History[edit | edit source]


Buff.png Absolute Zero pops more bloons per freeze. (30 --> 300)


Buff.png Cost of Absolute Zero decreased. ($32,000 --> $26,000)
Buff.png Absolute Zero has more range. (20 --> 40; essentially twice the radial range of a normal Ice Monkey)


Buff.png Permafrost can now apply to MOABs if crosspathed.
Buff.png Absolute Zero attack and ability freeze +2 additional layers.
Buff.png Absolute Zero when ability is active all Ice Monkeys gain double attack speed.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The previous upgrade, Snowstorm, is a weaker variation of the BTD5 Absolute Zero, being unable to fully freeze White and Zebra Bloons, however this upgrade is better being able to freeze everything excluding the B.A.D., including M.O.A.B-Class Bloons.
  • Absolute Zero formerly joined Super Brittle as the Tier-5 upgrades with the smallest range (besides Sniper, Heli, Ace, Mortar, whose displayed range simply doesn't count as "range"), but this was no longer the case in Version 7.0, since Absolute Zero now has double the range of a normal Ice Monkey.
  • Unlike Bloons TD Battles Mobile, Absolute Zero in BTD6 received price decreases and mechanic buffs instead of price increases.
  • After Version 8.0, when all farming-only abilities (including Tier 5 upgrades in this case) are required to undergo a full initial cooldown duration, the Absolute Zero ability is one of four abilities that, when bought, has the cooldown up immediately. The others are Pirate Lord, MOAB Eliminator, and Total Transformation.
  • In the BTD6 subreddit, there is a recurring meme since around the release of Version 8.0 whereby various users suggested a buff to the freezing of its main attack and ability from 2 to 5, writing "Absolute Zero freezes more (2 --> 5)".
    • In Version 17.0, its freeze penetration has been buffed, but only from 2 layers to 4.
  • Although Ninja Kiwi claimed the attack speed buff during ability to be +50%, it is actually doubled.
  • In BTD6, Absolute Zero is the first upgrade in alphabetical order.
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