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Abracadaniel might be a gentle soul, but he's not to be trifled with. His transformation magic turns bloons into harmless butterflies.
~ BATTD description
Transforms bloons into harmless butterflies.
~ Short description

Abracadaniel is an Uncommon ally in Bloons Adventure Time TD. He turns bloons into butterflies at a slow rate (acts somewhat like the Bloon Master Alchemist). He costs $580 to place.



  • Instantly destroys bloons


  • Very slow attack speed


Icon upgrade faster
Fast Magic
COST: $600
Description: Improved casting technique allows for faster spellcasting.
Effect: Attack cooldown decreased to 3s
Icon upgrade special
Mother Of All Butterflies
COST: $2,500
Upgrade(s) Required:
Fast Magic
Description: Draw on more magical energy to transform MOAB class bloons.
Effect: Can now transform MOABs into butterflies (not higher)


  • Keep him placed at the start of the track because his final upgrade (Mother of All Butterflies) destroys MOAB class bloons in one hit.
  • Keep in mind his ability can only affect the MOAB bloon. BFBs and up won't be affected.



  • On his old description, the word "harmless" was typed as "harmelss".
  • The Fast Magic upgrade may actually slow down Abracadaniel's attack speed.