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At level 20, Heroes' level 3 Ability cooldown reduced by 30%.
~ In-game description

Ability Mastery is a Heroes Monkey Knowledge point in Bloons TD 6. While this MK is active, all Level 20 heroes have 30% faster ability cooldowns. To unlock, it requires three heroes knowledge points invested and Ability Discipline.


  • This benefits the most for Admiral Brickell's Naval Tactics ability, as it grants her with exceptionally high uptime. In this way, she pretty much becomes roughly equivalent to a nearly full-time Call To Arms, allowing the player to spam out the ability as often as possible when paired with Energizer.
  • When Striker Jones is level 20, he can fire off his Concussive Shell ability rapidly to great effect, creating almost a full stunlock on even ZOMGs with no extra help and even being able to entirely stop round 98 in its tracks by adding in an Energizer.

Version History[]

Nerfed in Version 22.0 due to providing too much uptime for certain Level 3 abilities without investment of ability cooldown reduction sources.

  • NERF Ability Mastery's Level 3 ability percentage cooldown reduction reduced (40% → 30%)