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Open the Daily Chest 365 times.
~ BTD6 achievement description

Obtaining the achievement

A year in the making is an achievement in Bloons TD 6, released in Version 14.0. It can be achieved by opening the Daily Chest 365 times. Earning this achievement will reward BloonjaminsIcon365 and 1 Monkey Knowledge Point.


  • If one or more days are skipped, the counter for opening the chest will not reset, unlike BTD5 Flash.
  • It takes at least one year exactly to win this achievement. Be sure to open the Daily Chest daily, and do so consistently each day.
  • Bear in mind that the Daily Chest can be opened every 0:00 UTC, so be sure to set up a daily schedule that would ensure a consistent chest collection routine.


  • Players who have played BTD6 since before December 12th/13th 2018 (exactly 365 days before December 12th/13th 2019, the day of the release of Version 14.0) will be able to gain the achievement immediately after opening the Daily Chest after the update release, assuming that they have collected a Daily Chest each day and never skipped any single day.
    • At latest, players who have started at the release of version 7.0 (December 12th/13th 2018) could also instantly obtain the achievement after opening the Daily Chest after the update release if the player hadn't missed a day.