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Update 1.7 is here and it's time to go hard or home as we bring you the brand new track, 'A' Game. With 2 separate paths for neutral and player spawned Bloons 'A' Game requires considered tower placement to ensure your troops are not sent packing early. Also as springtime is upon us why not spread the cheer with some new decals.
~ Ninja Kiwi's iTunes description

A-Game (or 'A' Game on Bloons TD Battles Mobile) is a track that appears in Bloons TD Battles and Bloons TD Battles Mobile.


The track is set on a concrete floor with painted lines to mark the path of the Bloons. There are three cracks that go through the track horizontally. The player can see grass growing in the cracks.

In the Flash version, normal bloons go along the "A" part of the track, while sent bloons go on the yellow line. In Mobile and Steam, the paths are reversed, i.e. the normal bloons go along the yellow line, while the sent bloons go along the "A" part of the track.


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Proof a-game sent at curve

Sending lots of Grouped Blues in BTDB Flash

  • This track is one of the few tracks that are differently structured in the Flash and Mobile versions. In this case, the path for sent bloons and natural bloons is swapped.
  • On mobile, this track is notorious for the Bloon Adjustment COBRA to be extremely deadly due to the fact that the natural bloons go in a big circle, making towers such as Juggernaut have no straight lines.