A sword that exists in the 4th dimension. So powerful it can alter reality itself

4D Sword is an Epic weapon in Bloons Adventure Time TD. It has a special property to slows bloon including MOABs on contact and completely destroy them with 5% chance. Can be equipped by Finn, Warrior Bubblegum and Dungeon Finn.


It is fully black, opaque long sword with white lines to resembles a sword from the 4th dimension.

Special PropertiesEdit

Slow bloons (Including MOABs) on contact with a 5% chance to insta-kill them completely. Cannot affect BADs.

This insta-kill ability has a cooldown time for 7 seconds each time a bloon is destroyed and can affect bloons up to ZOMGs.

Trinket (such as Missile) can no longer acquire the sword insta-kill effect when equipped by the same character after the 1.6.2 update.


Version HistoryEdit


  • Nerfhas a cooldown on its delete effect of 7 seconds
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