45 Nightmare is the 46th level of Bloons Player Pack 4. As the name suggests, this level is a real nightmare to beat, as you have to do 3 precise shots through Rubber Blocks, avoiding Metal Blocks. The levels can also be found in Bloons World, and its ID number is 1272784.

How to complete the level[edit | edit source]

  • First Shot: the dart must bounce popping all bloons in its path, then a Tack Bloon will get popped opening a new path, then an Ice Bloon will be popped along with a Lightsaber Bloon. Then the player must use Pacman to remove the frozen Bomb Bloon.
  • Second Shot: the dart must go in the path opened with the first shot to get a Spikey Bloon through four bounces. A new path will be opened.
  • Third Shot: the dart must go in the path opened with the second shot to bounce through all Rubber Blocks, flying in the air. During the shot a Tack Bloon will get popped, and then the dart will do the final bounce to get the Bomb Bloon.
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