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2 Pops CHIMPS, or 2PC for short, is a semi-humorous community challenge in Bloons TD 6. It was created by Reddit user TheShiftyNoodle28, also creator of 27 Tower Medium, for version 26.2 onwards. For a run to qualify under the challenge, a tower that is placed before Round 60 must have a Pop Count of exactly 2 after beating a game of CHIMPS. Using a Support Chinook to move the tower in question is prohibited.

The spreadsheet for recording 2PC completions is listed here.


The challenge is composed of two major tasks. First, a tower must gain exactly two pops in the first place. Second, the tower must be prevented from popping any extra bloons (without Chinook trivially moving this tower to an isolated location).

  • One can place the desired tower at the very back of the defense, let it gain two pops in the early game, and then place the rest of the towers in front of it to stop the 2-pop tower from gaining any more pops.
  • Some towers may have an easier time being the 2-pop tower because of their mobility.
  • The 2-pop tower can be upgraded to a higher upgrade before or after gaining 2 pops, as long as it still has a pop count of exactly 2 by the end.
  • The following towers are almost impossible to be the 2-pop tower.
    • Sniper Monkey (uncontrollably indefinite range, save for Line of Sight)
    • Monkey Ace (extremely large range of darts)
  • The following towers cannot be the 2-pop tower at all.
    • Psi (uncontrollably infinite range)
    • Banana Farm (cannot pop bloons, also banned in CHIMPS)
  • Some towers require a very specific and difficult strategy to become the 2-pop tower, because of them being a higher upgrade with uncontrollably infinite range. On Round 100, everything except one Super Ceramic Bloon must be popped. This last Ceramic should then be degraded into a Blue Bloon. Right around when the Blue Bloon appears, immediately upgrade the desired tower (this tower should have 0 pops prior to Round 100) to the infinite-range upgrade and have it defeat the Blue Bloon. This tactic is demonstrated here. The towers that must use this trick are:
  • A few towers can only be upgraded as such on Round 100 after having gained two pops at a lower-tier upgrade. Luckily, since they cannot target the BAD, the player only has to use a First Strike to bypass the BAD's children.