2 Megapops
Complete a game of CHIMPS with more than 2 million damage dealt by one tower.
~ BTD6 achievement description

2 MegaPops is an achievement in BTD6, released in Version 14.0. It can be achieved by winning CHIMPS Mode whereby one tower exceeds the 2 million damage count. Earning this achievement will reward 1 Monkey Boost and 1 Time Stop.


  • There is a community list of 2MPC challenges that have been already completed. There are a wide variety of different options to pick, but bear in mind that there are a wide number of rather difficult options too. Instead, for the sake of completing the in-game achievement, pick a tower based on the list of suitable towers below.
  • The easiest way to complete this achievement is to play on any of the easiest maps (especially Logs) with any powerful relatively low-cost towers. These include, but are not limited to: 3-0-2 or 3-2-0 Sun Avatar, 2-0-5 The Tack Zone, 2-0-5 Sub Commander. Some towers with a higher pricetag can be utilized too, as they can be easily upgradable later in the game, including: 2-4-0 Tech Terror, 5-0-2 Apache Prime, 5-0-1 or 5-0-2 Sky Shredder, and 2-5-0 or 0-5-2 Perma Charge.
    • For the easiest 2MPCs possible, try 3-2-0 or 3-0-2 Sun Avatar, 5-0-2 Apache Prime, or 2-0-5 Sub Commander.
  • Useful support towers that do not cause stolen pops include: 0-1-3 or 0-2-3 MOAB Glue, 0-3-2 Glue Hose, x-3-x Monkey Intelligence Bureau, and x-x-2 Monkey Commerce (for discounting the prior mentioned towers).
  • Other useful support towers that can be used have the potential to steal pops from the key 2MP tower, but they can be safely moved away as far from the map as possible. These towers include: 0-4-0 Bloon Sabotage, 0-4-0 Overclock, and 4-x-x Stronger Stimulant. For Stronger Stimulant, ensure to place it as close enough to the key 2MP tower as possible while still being as far from the map as possible.
    • The upgrade of Bloon Sabotage, Grand Saboteur, while better at slowing down bloons, is not recommended for this achievement because its blimp damaging effect will add the reduced blimp health as damage count to itself (For example, when used on the B.A.D. at Round 100, the tower will instantly get 7,000 pops), stealing a lot of pops from rounds with heavy blimp rushes that is otherwise useful in other runs.
  • It is entirely plausible to complete this achievement by creating a Regrow Farm, but this is not a recommended way to earn this achievement.
  • All other towers' damage counts must add up to less that 42,693 total pops, assuming no bloons have regrown.



  • This achievement was based on a community challenge called "2 Million Pops CHIMPS", often abbreviated to 2MPC. The only difference is that the community version strictly prohibits Regrow Farming for achieving 2MPC.
    • If Regrow Farming was allowed, certain towers such as Ring of Fire and Spike Storm would theoretically be able to be on the community 2MPC list.
  • There are currently 72 2MPC unique towers that have been completed. Of those, a small number of them are by far the easiest.
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