2TC Achievement

2TC Achievement earned

Complete a game in CHIMPS Difficulty with only 2 monkey towers
~ BTD6

2TC is an achievement in BTD6, introduced in Version 12.0. It can be achieved by completing CHIMPS Mode with only two towers. Earning this achievement will reward 2 Monkey Knowledge Points and a 0-4-0 Wizard Monkey.


  • The community-made record of 2TC completions can be found here (see the first link in the page). It can be useful to refer to if attempting this challenge.
  • For the best results, always attempt this achievement on the map Logs. The sheer length of the map and the various wide corners make it very handy to catch bloons partway through the entire track. This is especially the case for Rounds 95, 98, and 99.
  • The easiest 2TC combo in a real CHIMPS game is 5-2-0 Apache Prime + 0-5-2 Wizard Lord Phoenix. Apache Prime will shred most of the bloons in the game quite easily, while Wizard Lord Phoenix can deal with any nasty blimp rushes or DDTs easily. The only difficult rounds include the transition from Round 98 to 99; be sure to have the Wizard Lord Phoenix ability recharged before fully completing Round 98.
    • 5-0-2 Archmage + 5-2-0 Apache Prime is another relatively easy 2TC combo, which is only difficult mostly only at the start of the game. Archmage and Apache Prime together are effective against DDTs, but the only very difficult round is Round 98; be sure to micromanage the Apache Prime to attack a small group of blimps at once, because neither tower can handle a huge hoard of descendant MOABs at once.


  • It used to be possible to complete the 2TC CHIMPS achievement by completing a Challenge Editor challenge with Round 1 to 1 CHIMPS Mode with only two towers. The same bug also affected other achievements that were released on Version 12.0. This bug was fixed in Version 12.1.
  • In version 12.1, there's a bug that prevents gaining this achievement by using a Wizard Lord Phoenix (x-5-x Wizard) as one of the 2 towers. This was fixed as of Version 17.0.
    • This bug was caused by the game registering the phoenix as a separate tower.


  • This achievement is based on a popular challenge on BTD6 reddit where players would only use two unique towers to beat CHIMPS mode, which is considered to be very hard as some combos need hours to complete which may require precise usage of ability and/or luck for the towers to hit the bloons.
  • The first recorded completion was 5-0-2 Energizer + 2-5-0 The Anti-Bloon in Version 2.1, when superceramics gave extra cash. It is not possible anymore due to the bugfix in 4.0.
    • The next recorded completion was in Version 8.0.
  • There are currently 51 completions recognised by the BTD6 Index, which is an unofficial spreadsheet that documents various information and challenges in BTD6.
    • Most completions involve the Wizard Monkey, Monkey Ace, or both.
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