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12 Tasks of Monk-ules
Complete 12 different Odysseys
~ BTD6 description

12 Tasks of Monk-ules is an Achievement in BTD6, introduced in the 20.0 update. To earn the achievement, the player must complete 12 unique Odysseys; collecting it grants 100 Monkey Money, a Super Monkey Storm, and a Time Stop. This achievement is a harder variant of Adventurer, while Modysseus Rises and Modysseus Forever are harder versions of this one.



Patiently grind out each Odyssey with diligence.


  • Only 1 difficulty of an Odyssey will count. Doing the easy, medium, and hard ones for 1 Odyssey does not count as 3 Odysseys for this achievement: it only counts as one.


  • The "12 Tasks of Monk-ules" is a reference to the 12 Tasks of Hercules, although sometimes it is referred to as the 12 Labors of Hercules instead.